10 New Ways to Showcase your Wedding Hashtag

Published by arnav

Wedding hash tags are not just cool phrases, but end up helping you find all your fun Instagram and Facebook pictures from the big day on one easily clickable place. Hash Tags are trending these days and don’t you think there should be a special plan for them! Here we are going to give you few creative ideas where you can add your tags to be the #ShaadiWithASwag.

  • Flaunt your love:

Have a big display of your hashtag, it should be visible to people sitting miles away, after all everyone should know you found the one.


  • Announcement on the entrance:

This is the best space to show your hash tags, because the very moment you enter the wedding, your picture taking session starts and they will start posting so obviously guests should know the tag.



  • Add with your decorations:

A wise Instagrammer once said that hashtags should be everywhere. Don’t miss any chance of promoting your #wedding, mix them with decoration and make them look sexy.



  • Trigger the table 😉

When you are caught up with the arrangements, your guests will be sitting on tables and chitchatting and they are going to take many group pictures, so you know what you have to do now.


  • Why leave the Tissues 😀

When your table has reminders, why leave that tissue alone! This will not only introduce tags but add an element of personalisation as well.



  • The Tagish Garden:

Gardens were invented for enjoyment, so when it’s all about fun why leave tags behind!



  • Mehendi is always the centre of attraction:

# Mehendi is a trend as well, so be trendy be stylish and Enjoy!!!!



  • Adding hash tags with the sign boards:

Weddings need a large area and guests need directions, with directions tell them the tag as well!!!!



  • Photo booths:

Don’t these pictures look cute! They will definitely be “trending”.



  • Mats

Many people may think Mats are not a good idea, because people are going to walk over it. Well, any space not used, is a space wasted!



Now you have seen many ideas; you can be more creative with the social media marketing of your wedding. 😉