5 Ultimate Proposal Ideas for your loved one to say yes

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Congratulations!! You are in love, and you have decided to take a big step ahead. Are you ready for it? Confused? Wondering if they are ready for it? Well, stop. Deep breaths, please! You love each other; it will be absolutely the best decision of your life. But, how are you going to do it? You must have seen in movies, would have thought of taking inspiration from some chick-flick and propose to your love in a similar way. So, dear Raj, don’t get worked up! Simran is forever yours and here are 5 ultimate ideas which will make sure you will get a “YES”.
However, we encourage the brave women out there, who believe in “ladies first”, even when it is about who puts the ring on it. So whoever you are, read the article and ask him/her.




  • Let the crowd manipulate her decision 😉

The more the merrier!

Hire dancers, have a flash mob setup, dance with the crowd, let your loved one be the centre of attraction and by the middle of the act, they would know what’s up. Keep the question for the end, and embrace that smile on their face.




    • Let the love reach the heights:

They say sky is the limit, make sure your love reaches beyond that limit!Sky written proposals are so special because your loved one will be mesmerized for the moment and will have one of the best experiences of their life and then what else will be the answer except a ‘yes’.




  • Something unique, something they love:

Let’s take the U turn, no main stream proposals.

Why always use a ring to propose, use something they love, they can never say no to. Like sweets, chocolates. Now how would someone ever say no to a chocolate?


  • Let the light ask the question:

Let the magic of lights do the talking.

Create a beautiful environment or use candles, fairy lights to ask the question, just make them feel special and create the most cherished light show of your loved one’s life.





  • Simply share your feelings and let them know how much you love them:


  • The dramatic one: Bring out your romantic best.

A fancy proposal is not necessary. At times people with a big diamonds and fancy places, also get a “NO”. The most important part is you should be able to tell them how much they matter to you or how badly you want them in your life. An emotional connection is necessary and if you find that, every proposal is perfect.