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7 kalira designs to know about.

“ मासी, बूआ, चाची और मामी कलीरे साथ रज रज देते दुआए

जुग जुग जीए तेरा माही
जब तक चांद-तारे रहे तब तक तुम दोनों का साथ
कभी तेरा माही ना छोड़े तेरा हाथ “

Punjabi brides wear Kaliras, and they are making their way into more and more weddings by the day. Kaliras are symbolic of the love and blessings a bride is showered with on her big day. The blushing bride-to-be wears a Kalira in a Ron bangle in each hand. It is believed that it keeps the negative energies away. After marriage, one Kalira stays with the bride; and the other is removed at a temple; as an offering to the Gods.

However, before both the Kaliras part their ways, Punjabis have a fun tradition. The bride goes around, clapping her hands, in an attempt to make the Kalira fall over one of the unmarried girls of the house. Yes, you guessed it! If the Kalira falls on a lady, it is said that she would be the next one getting married. So single girls out there…. Be careful.


Let’s check out the different types of Kaliras you can choose from!

Coconut Kaliras

Beautiful Kalire Designs, Coconut Kalira, Wedding Kalira Design

This is the most traditional Kalira. It has dried nuts and coconuts in it. The reason for wearing this Kalira is that there is a belief that the bride who wears this kalira will never have food scarcity in her married life. The foodies should go for it.


Kalira with red stones

Top Kalira Designs, Kalira with red stones, Wedding Kalire Design

Red symbolises love, strength and commitment. Therefore, these red stoned Kaliras give a beautiful meaning to your wedding, and they go well with your Lehenga too.


● Tassel Kalire:

Best Kalira Designs, Tassel Kalire, Best Kalira Design

Usually, Kaliras are quite heavy due to the semi-precious stones, gold or silver. But these tassel Kaliras spare our brides some relief and look cute at the same time. It can be single or multicoloured, and each one has its beauty. Right for the “breezy, no – fuss” bride!


● 2 tier Gold Kalire:

Ultimate Kalire Designs, 2 Tier Gold Kalire, Top Kalira Design

Gold is an auspicious metal, and across various civilisations; the metal has been symbolic of wealth and prosperity. These golden Kaliras will give a rather traditional yet regal look to your Mehendi decorated hands, and gold can never go wrong with heavy attires.


Stone encrusted silver Kaliras

Beautiful Kalire Designs, Stone Encrusted Silver Kaliras, Wedding Kaliras Designs

Much like gold, silver is also a precious metal. Choose whichever one you like better.
After all, it’s your wedding!


Kalira with colourful hangings

Top Kalira Designs, Kalira With Colourful Hangings, Wedding Kalire Designs

Some brides love heavy work, and weddings are always the right time to be a little extra. People should not be able to get their eyes off you, and your kaliras will make sure they only see the bride.


Floral Kalira

Top Kalira Designs, Floral Kalira, Best Kalire Design

Initially, only precious stones and noble metals were used to create Kaliras, but now flowers have brought a refreshing version of the traditional Kaliras. These trendy ones give a different look to your attire. They are lightweight and unique, therefore providing a special touch.

Kaliras is all about the blessings. We hope you were able to find the best kalira in town, and there are tons of kaliras available to choose from. We wish you the best and hope that your Kalira rocks your wedding look for the perfect kickstart to a happily married life


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