250+ Latest and Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs of 2020 for Weddings

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria


Arabic mehndi designs also referred to as Mughlai Mehndi Design, is evidently characterised by its recurrent use of paisleys and leafy vines. Started off with Arabian countries, this has taken over the Asian countries as well, especially India and Pakistan. This is the most preferable mehndi design which consists of simple lines, dots, flowers, leaves, filled patterns. Just have fun with your creativity.  And to do this you need not be a professional too. 


 Fun Fact: Some Indian women believe that darker the colour of the mehndi, more loving will be the about-to-be husband and the in-laws.


Are you excited about the upcoming weddings, but very confused about the designs and where to choose them from? If you don’t want to go for those traditional full hand mehndi designs which cover all your hand, Let me tell you, you’ve landed at the right place. This blog is gonna be a hub for you with umpteen Arabic mehndi designs. Here I present you with 250+ Arabic mehndi designs which are quite awe-inspiring and easy to make. 


Are you Looking for New Arabic Mehndi Designs of 2020 for The Upcoming Occasion?


Well, we’ve curated a lookbook for you with some of the spectacular and beautiful new Arabic mehndi designs!



Table of Contents

1. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs
2. Full Arabic Mehndi Designs
3. Grid Arabic Mehndi Designs
4. Arabic Mehndi Designs for Feet


1. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs


1. Minimalist Mehndi Design with Lines and Spirals 

Arabic Mehendi Designs

A simple Arabic mehndi design which looks quite, easy to master with the leaves, net and small mandalas in it. Practice it on a paper twice or thrice, and there you see yourself mastering it like a legend!


2. Mandala Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehandi Designs for hand

This is a basic mehndi design with simple motifs including mandalas, paisleys, with repetitive strokes which make it easy to draw.


3. Mehndi Design for Hands with an Overdose of Spirals 

Best Arabic Mehendi Design

This Arabic pattern is a perfect combination of net and florals patterns. The dots and teardrops at the end of some patterns give it a proper finishing.


4. Floral Arabic Mehndi Design

floral Arabic Mehendi Design

An amazing mehndi design, topped with tiny florals all over the hands. The paisleys and half mandalas give the design a look which is catchy at the same time pleasant to the eyes.


6. Minimalist Side Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Hands

This is a unique mehndi design as it’s for the people who are not really fond of a mehndi, still, apply it because of the occasion. This mehndi is beautifully designed with mandalas and a few straight lines.


7. Paisleys Arabic Mehndi Design

simple Arabic Mehendi Designs

This is a simple mehndi design made by grouping many chakras and paisleys together in a beautiful manner.


8. Floral Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehndi Design

How can we ever leave flowers behind when it comes to mehndi designs? Flowers can easily enhance your mehndi just by drawing a couple of them in it and connecting them with lines and vines.


10. Floral Mehndi Design Floral arabic henna design

This is a minimalist style of mehndi design which has multiple large flowers with shaded petals. On the fingertips, we can see small spirals which give it a filled-up look.


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11. Paisley Mehndi Designarabic mehndi with motif

Very charming Arabic Mehndi Design with flower motifs, the design is beautified by paisleys as well. The fingers are covered with small leafy vines, which make it look classy!


12. Mandala Arabic Mehndi Design 

Mandala Mehndi designs

This mehndi design is basically stuffed with mandalas of all sizes, which gives it a charming look; also the spirals, in the end, give a perfect finishing which gives out a calm effect.


13. Rose and leafy vines mehndi design

Rose pattern mehndi design

A minimalistic mehndi design which is quite simple to draw. And nothing is as easy to draw as the leafy vines. In addition, the rose at the end gives a perfect closure to the whole design.


14. Gorgeous Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Full Hands

This Arabic Mehndi Design is mostly dominated by mandalas on the palm as well as the wrist, which makes it look very eye-pleasing. The grid pattern in the centre makes the whole design a little bit spacious, which is amazing!


15. Intriguing Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands

This design features a big trail that starts from the two fingers and ends at the upper-side of the wrist. The paisleys are beautifully curved into peacock faces. The prominent detailing here and there is perfect for the occasion.


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16. Trails Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandala Mehndi pattern for hands

Amazing piece of art with Arabic trails on the hand and mandalas on the fingertips. The huge flower in the ending of the design gives the whole design a classic perfection.



17. Chakras Mehndi Design

Unique Arabic Mehandi Designs

Very charismatic mehndi design which is simple in its own ways but also, brings out decency in the design. The chakras are essential for any design because of the sole reason that they are considered to be pretty and elegant.


18. An overdose of Concentric Circles

rose pattern mehndi design

This minimalist mehndi design is patterned by a large and a circle decorated with dots and spirals in its borders. The vines on the fingertips give the design a perfect finishing.


19. Flowers and Net Mehndi Design 

Jaali Arabic Mehandi Design for back hand

This is a light mehndi design decorated by flowers and net design. The leaves after every pattern give it a perfect finishing.


20. Simple Mehndi designs with spirals and paisleys 

Simple Arabic Design of mehndi

The flower and spirals in this mehndi design create a perfect combination. the minor dots provide a perfect detailing to the design. This minimalist design, topped with small hearts is a great design for you to try on this occasion.


21. Spirals and circles Mehndi Designmehndi design with motif pattern

This mehndi design is enhanced by combining multiple spirals and curved lines together. This Arabic design is an example of minimalist mehndi with a couple of dots here and there.

22. Design with an overdose of mandalas

Beautiful arabic Mehendi Design for hands

The whole mehndi design is beautified with the help of mandalas from small sizes to bigger ones. Every pattern is enhanced by some circles and straight lines, which make it look gorgeous.


23. Floral Paisley Mehndi Design

Simple Arabic Design for hands

This is an adorable mehndi design stuffed with multiple paisleys patterns ina the centre as well as on the fingertips. The hanging mandalas at the ending provide the design with unique features.


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24. Handcuffed floral mehndi design

beautiful Arabic mehndi Design for back hand

This is a minimalist mehndi designed in the form of handcuffs, which are connected with the centre mandala through dots, along with decorating the fingers with straight-line patterns.


Even a simple design can turn out to do wonders, just like this one. The design is charming in its own way wherein two flowers are simply connected by leafy vines.


26. Mandala Centered Arabic Mehndi Designs 

Top Arabic Mehendi Design for back hand

The Mandalas with intricate patterns present in the centre of the palm and the fingers gives the most prominent look to the design. The same round designs in a smaller size on the fingers look great.


27. Butterfly Floral Mehndi Design

mehndi design with butterfly

This backhand mehndi design is unique because of its combination of the florals and a big butterfly in the centre. The butterfly perfectly fits into the design and gives out a charming effect.


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28. Backhand Arabic Mehndi Design 

Arabic mehndi design for hands

This is a basic and simple backhand mehndi design with a couple of net patterns. Both the net patterns are then joined with a mandala in between, which is forming a perfect treat to the eyes.


29. Arabic Backhand Mehndi Design

backhand Arabic Mehndi Design

A light and simple mehndi design with florals and paisleys. The whole pattern ends at the index finger with small spirals. Very easy to draw; this design is the most suitable for any occasion.


30. Back Hand Arabic Mehndi Design 

best Arabic Mehendi Designs

The florals in this mehndi design make it stand out and gives a minimalist look at the same time. Flowers cannot be left behind and are an essential part of every mehndi design.


31. Paisleys Pattern Mehndi Design

paisley mehndi design

This Arabic mehndi design is beautified with paisley patterns in the centre and a few Arabic patterns on the fingertips to give it a finishing. The intriguing design accompanying the paisleys enhances the whole design.


32. Basic Mandala Backhand Mehndi Design

beautiful mehndi design for back hand

This is a simple yet very beautiful mehndi design. The centre is covered with a detailed mandala, the design on the wrist is giving an effect of a bracelet, and at last, the fingertips are designed with adorable circles and vines.


33. The Game of the Mandalas Backhand Mehndi Design

unique arabic mehndi design

Amazingly stuffed Mehndi Design with mandalas all around the main design enhances the main design. The centre of the palm is beautifully designed with paisleys and floral patterns. The complete design is adorably complementing the red nail paint.


34. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehandi Designs for hands

Very basic mehndi design with a lot of spaces between the patterns. The whole pattern is featured with different kinds of motifs, be it, net patterns, flowers, spirals.


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2. Full Arabic Mehndi Designs


1. Neat and Heavy Full Hand Mehndi Design

Why are full hand mehndi so attractive? Because they are made so neatly. The neatness in the design itself gives a charming look to it. This design barely has any spacing, which makes it very pleasing to the eyes.


2. Identical Heavy Mehndi Design

new arabic mehndi design

Very beautifully designed mehndi will make you stop and stare because of it being so prominently identical to each other. The mandalas on the top of the design to the leaves on the fingertips, every pattern is complementing each other in some way or the other.


3.  Full Hand Netted Mehndi Design

beautiful arabic mehendi designs

Undoubtedly this peace will make you go and get a mehndi done right away. The detailing makes it look nicely done, with shaded paisley as well as patterned ones. Paisleys are said to be an essential part of any mehndi design.


4. Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehandi Designs for hands

Pleasant mehndi design with floral and mandala designs all over the palms and forearm. the fingertips are also beautifully covered with Arabic vines, like a cherry on the top.


5. Full Heavy Hand Mehndi Design

Arabic mehendi design for hands

This is a heavy mehndi design with rose motifs with multiple spirals, mandalas, net patterns and other multiple designs. Stuffed with multiple patterns, the design looks heavy, covering the full hand.


6. Aesthetic Arabic Mehndi Design

Floral arabic mehndi design for hands

This Mehndi Design will make you want to get a mehndi right away due to all the right reasons. This design is evenly spaced with featured paisleys and mandalas, which make it very authenticated. Not forgetting to mention the leafy vines coming out of every pattern is another level of beauty.


7. Lotus Arabic Mehendi Design

Lotus mehndi design

This is an intriguing mehndi design, enhanced with an attractive lotus on the top as well as in the centre of the hand. the shaded net patterns are also bringing out a very eye-catching look.


8. Perfectionist Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs for hands

Every pattern in this design is perfectly divided by a straight spacing, which is giving it a professional look. patterns are mostly fitted with paisleys. the uniqueness of this design is that the fingers are just covered with a bunch of dots, which makes it look good.


9. Full Hand Mehndi Design 

Arabic Mehndi Design for hands

A very breathtaking mehndi design filled with multiple patterns of mandalas, paisleys, leafy vines, net patterns and what not!


10. Netted and shaded Mehndi Design

This intrigue mehndi design as all the capability of leaving you with aww as it is filled with netted patterns and other sorts of mandala patterns. The peacock on the top of one hand is perfectly complementing the design.



11. Floral and Pegion Mehndi Design

Rose mehendi design

This mesmerising art piece is very different from other mehndi designs because this one is featured with a beautiful flower and pegion. The fingertips are very cleanly covered with leaf designs and netted patterns.


12. A Gorgeous Full of Mandalas Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs for hands

Chakras can do wonders to your hand, especially when joined together in a perfect manner, adjacent to each other. I love it how every pattern used in this design is drawn carefully and by highlighting the most prominent features of it.

13. Perfectionist Mehndi Design

floral Arabc mehndi design for backhand

I am calling this a perfectionist mehndi design because of the clarity in the patterns. The floral designs with a perfect finishing make it look like its printed.


14.  The flower power Mehndi Design

Floral Arabic Mehendi Designs For Full Hands

This is a basic yet amazing mehndi design because it’s decorated only by flowers and nothing else. As it is visible, every flower is surrounded by many mandalas, that enhance the whole elegance of the design.


15. Bridal Full Hand Arabic Mehndi Design

portrait bridal Arabic Mehndi Designs

This is a jaw-dropping Bridal Mehndi Design, best suited for you with the bride and groom figures in the centre, surrounded by a pattern. The fingers are beautifully covered with adjacent mandalas. The forearm is very attractive because of the chakras and grid patterns.


16. Bels with the Mandalas Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehandi Designs

Mesmerising Mehndi Design with perfectly fitting chakras on the fingertips and sets of dark trails here and there on the forearm and palm. The dark trails give the design a perfect tinge of heavy as well as light design.

17. Full Hand Arabic Mehndi Design

Bridal mehandi design for hands

An intricate mehndi design with multiple sorts of patterns makes this design very attractive and breath-taking. Grid patterns, chakras, paisleys and flowers are perfectly combined with each other.


18. Floral Full Hand Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Full Hands

Very creative mehndi design with minute features, including the florals surrounded by the shaded region. A peacock on the forearm is giving a perfect look to the mehndi. Grid pattern here and there gives a light look to the heavy design.


19. Paisleys Floral Mehndi Design

new arabic mehndi design for weddings

An attractive piece of mehndi that catches your attention through its prominent features like the paisleys with the spiralled ending, complemented by chakras here and there.


20. Sun Bracelet Mehndi Design

trending arabic mehendi design

The design in the centre looks like a beautiful sun as the mandala is accompanied by paisleys on its outline. The heavy design around the wrist gives a look of an eye-catchy bracelet.


21. Drop-Dead Gorgeous Mehndi Design

Arabic mehandi design for hands

This Arabic Design will definitely get you hooked on it because of its mesmerising features. The design fully covers the hand with a genuine spacing between the patterns. Identical Half mandalas are covering the fingers, which are enhancing the design more.


22. Floral Arabic  Mehndi DesignTop Arabic Mehendi Design

Every Mehndi Design is incomplete without some floral, just like this design. The florals have simply converted the design into an appealing one. The grid patterns around the centre and the fingertips are noticeable ina one glance.


23. Rose and Leavy Vines Mehndi Design

floral mehandi design for hands

Rose motifs designs carved out so well on hands, just enough to steal everyone’s attention.


16. Charming Leafy mofits Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi design for hands

This unique mehndi design has all the ability to mesmerise your mind with its peacock with beautiful feathers. The minute detailing of the feathers just beautifies the whole design more.


17. A full back hand mehndi design
arabic mehndi design for back hand

A simple mehndi design for the back of your full hand with beautiful motifs like mandalas, spirals and circles, which form an elegant looking mehndi perfect for any occasion.


18. Heavy Floral Motifsarabic back hand mehendi design

This unique mehndi design has all the ability to mesmerise your mind with its floral motifs with beautiful spirals. The minute detailing of the feathers just beautifies the whole design more.



Minimalist Paisley and Floral Mehndi Design

Minimalist paisley mehndi design

This is a simple yet pretty mehndi design which covers hand till arms. It is a mixture of multiple paisley motifs and some flowers.


Paisley with Grid Mehndi Design paisley mehandi designsarabic mehandi design



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3. Grid Arabic Mehndi Designs


1. Floral Net Mehndi Design 

Top Arabic Mehndi Designs in jaali pattern

This beautiful mehndi design is adorned by connected flowers and net structures, beautified with small-sized mandalas on the fingertips. Easy to master, perfect for any occasion!


2. Paisleys Pattern Mehndi Design

Simple Arabic Designs, Mehendi Designs, Arabic Mehenndi Designs

This is a heavy mehndi design featured with intrigue patters on one side and paisley pattern on the other side. Both are beautifully separated with a straight-lined design. The peacock motifs made from the paisleys enhances the beauty of the whole design.


3. Charming Grids Mehndi Design

Mehendi Designs for weddings

The most peculiar feature of this Arabic Mehndi Design is that every pattern is separated by a grid pattern that makes it easy for us to differentiate between the patterns.


4. Heavy Full Hand Arabic Mehndi

This amazing design is a perfect match of grid-like patterns and mandalas, especially for the girls who want to apply modern mehndi but do not want to leave the traditional roots. The genuine spacing provides some contemporary look as well.


5. Charming Grid Pattern Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehendi Designs

The shaded grid patterns are beautiful and neat, which makes this design look very captivating. The patterns are dominated by spirals and circles nicely adjacent to each other.


6. Breathtaking Mehndi Design

Bridal Arabic Mehendi Design grid pattern

Very unique and breathtaking mehndi design because the grid pattern on the forearms just catches your glance and doesn’t let it slip off. The floral patterns on the fingertips and the wrist also give it a perfect elegant look.


Minimalistic Grid Mehndi DesignJaali mehndi design

This is a basic yet amazing mehndi design because it’s decorated only by the grid and nothing else.  Giving grace to your full hand indeed.


Leavy Grid backhand Mehndi Design

jali mehndi design for back hand The leavy love enhances the whole elegance of the grid design on the bride’s backhand.


Rose Grid Mehndi Design

Small rose pattern mehndi design for hands

A minimalist grid mehndi design with multiple roses and leafy vines on the full backhand.


Arabic Mehndi Design for Wrist

Foral jali mehndi for wrist

An Arabic grid mehndi design with a minimal grid on the wrist with an eye-pleasing floral motif.


Intricate Arabic Grid Mehndi Design

rose pattern mehendi design


Breathtaking Arabic Grid MehndiDesign

Partially grid and Floral mehndi design

arabic mehndi design for back hand


Backhand Arabic Mehndi Design

floral arabic mehndi design for back hand

Lotus Arabic Mehndi Design

Floral and Leafy Motifs Mehndi Design

amazing floral arabic mehndi design for back hand


Leavy Grid Backhand Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi design for hands


Grid with Mandla Arabic Mehndi DesignBridal Mehendi design for back hand with motif

4. Feet Arabic Mehndi Designs


1. Floral Bell Feet Mehndi Design Arabic Mehendi Designs For Feet

Multiple bels or leafy vines come out of each pattern, making it impossible for us not to notice it. Even the florals on the lining of the feet also make it look worthy of the stares.


2. Minimalist Arabic Mehndi Design

Feet mehandi designs new Yet another amazing piece of art with florals and paisleys, topped with detailed dotted lines. Also, the leafy vines provide a perfect ending to this gorgeous mehndi design.


3. Grid Pattern Feet Mehndi Design

beautiful mehandi design for feet This is an example of a perfect combo of floral and grid pattern, which beautify this Arabic design. The spacing between the patterns, provide it with a contemporary look.


4. Simple Arabic Feet Mehndi Design Top Arabic Mehendi Designs for feet

A beautiful mehndi for the women who do not like applying mehndi, but have to. This mehndi design for legs is mainly featured with florals and paisleys, making it simplistic and attractive.


5. Side Feet Arabic Mehndi Design

unique side feet mehandi design

This legs mehendi design is a simple yet detailed one with the florals, grid patterns, dotted connected lines and leafy vines as well.


6. Basic Feet Arabic Mehndi Design

feet henna art

This exquisite mehndi design for your feet is proof that a mehndi can be basic and yet look so amazing. The design has genuine spacing with florals spread equally, paired with leaves.


7. Floral Feet Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehndi Designs for feet

This mehndi design is a simplistic example with nothing but a beautiful flower in the centre with tiny designs all around it. The details on the toes, make the design very delightful.


8. Arabic Feet Mehndi Design

bridal Arabic Mehandi Designs for feet

This is an Arabic Mehndi Design for legs which is beautifully decorated by florals and paisleys. The grid-like patterns make the design more delightful.


9. Spiral Feet Mehndi Design

Mehndi design for legs

Very eye-pleasing beautifully designed mehndi, with details of spirals, dots, lines and of course, floral motifs.


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10. Minimalist Mehndi Design

unique henna design for feet

This is a minimalist yet detailed mehndi design with beautiful mandalas swirling around. The design has a perfect finishing on the ends, which makes it a graceful piece of art.


11. Simple Floral Feet Mehndi Design rose mehndi design for feet

A very appealing mehndi design with just floral patterns and shaded outlines. The design looks stunning with the lines that go along on the side of the feet.


12. Peacock Floral Feet Mehndi Design

peacock mehndi design for feet

This is a glamorous mehndi design with a beautiful peacock in it. The peacock starts from the heel and ends at the toe with all its feathers covering the centre of the feet. A very creative design with floral patterns in the end.


13. Gorgeous Heavy Hand and Feet Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehendi Designs for feet and hands

An alluring hand and feet mehndi design, which just captures your sight and does not let it slip off. The combo features many designs inclusive of grid patterns, leafy vines, mandalas and what not!


14. Simple Feet Mehndi Design

Mehndi tattoo for feet

In this design, a single trail goes across the feet, which looks very beautiful. The trail is featured with a few connected paisleys and vines.



15. Arabic Peacock Feet Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehndi Designs with peacock

This mesmerising mehndi design for feet has all the rights to steal our attention with its detailed patterns. AMost of the design is made of floral patterns which look very delightful.


16. Floral Chained Feet Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehandi Design floral for feet

A very basic mehndi design for feet with floral patterns all around looks just stunning. The connected dots form three chains that bring out a classic look of the design.


17. Paisleys driven mehndi design

Paisley mehandi art for legs This mehndi design is mostly dominated by paisleys and the leafy vines leading out of the main pattern, complements the whole design. The bunch of florals looks pretty in their own way.


18. Bordered Feet Mehndi Design

Feet henna designs A captivating mehndi design, with basic features but a perfect arrangement of the elements. The elements complement each other and the design as a whole, which makes it a ready-to-go design! Not missing out on the border, itas beautifully decorated with dots and shades.


19. Floral Feet Mehndi Design

Best Arabic Mehendi Designs for feet What a great piece of art here! Rather than jumping on the main design, I would like to compliment the vines on the border, and it looks stunning. As said, designs are incomplete without flowers; hence, the florals complete the whole design.


20. Paisleys Feet Mehndi Design

This piece of art is absolutely stunning with paisleys od all sizes spread around. the centre of the feet is a beautiful mandalas captivated inside two lines. The half mandala looks pretty in its own way!


21. Full Feet Mehndi Design

Best bridal mehandi design for feet This ravishing design is drawn out of so much professionalism, clearly visible in the patterns. The design beautifully loaded with all sorts of designs including paisleys, grid patterns, mandalas and what not!


22. Heavy Feet Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Feet This design is exclusively pretty because of its grid pattern accompanied with florals in between them. Topped with paisleys, the design has a mesmerising effect on the viewer’s eyes!


23. Monument Feet Mehndi Design

Bridal Arabic Mehendi Designs For Feet The USP of this design is the unique elements that have been used in the design like the monuments, lotus, leaves, well-aligned lines and what not!


24. Full Feet Mehndi Design

Top Arabic Mehandi Design for legs Very attractive mehndi design with best elements featured in it including leafy trails, paisleys, mandalas, straight lines, spirals which make the design look breath-taking. I’m sure all these design ideas would have inspired you to get a mehndi for yourself or at least apply it on your closed ones.


Best henna patterns for legs

mehndi for feet


How many mehndi designs did you save for yourself?


So these are the best arabic mehndi designs you can select for the upcoming wedding season. If you are the bride select these mehendi designs for your pre and post-wedding ceremonies. Have a happy Mehndi.


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