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Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Are you tired of scrolling for endless wedding decor themes? Here’s the one you missed out!

Check out our beautiful white-blue wedding decor inspiration to see for yourself. Get inspired and save what you love.

Blue and white are very vibrant bright colours and having them at your wedding decoration can do wonders for your wedding. We have brought a wide range of white flowers to feature your wedding. While going through this gallery, kindly have an eye for every detail. Check this white and blue decor ideas here:

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Beautiful wedding entrance, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration

Flawless entrances are a must!

Beautiful wedding entrance, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


Here we have a beautiful dome-like web structure created by white hydrangeas on the entrance of the wedding to catch the attention of your guests right away!


Beautiful wedding entrance, white flowers, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


We have black decorated masking as a background with a tree-like design on it. Also, decorated with some huge florals.


white vase, photo area, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


As you go ahead, you will see a photo area decorated for you. The white vases on either side stuffed with large white chrysanthemums with carnations. Accompanying them are white orchids and dry sticks which give the whole setting a perfectly rustic look.


centre chandelier, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


As you’ll move closer, you will come across the lounge area with perfectly set white sofas.


white orchids, beautiful chandelier, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


Lighting up the whole lounge, we have a beautiful chandelier in the centre with cherry blossom flowers drooping from it. Also, white asteria and white orchids are hanged on the borders to give it a complete look. The threads-like structures put around the chandelier are used to decorate the whole setup.


candle lit tables, vase centerpiece, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


In the lounge area, we have centre tables decorated with a vase as a centrepiece. The jar contains white roses to create an oozing fragrance. Bar candles also create a candle-lit dinner experience.



In between the ground, we have some cherry blossom stuffed in a candle stand with candles lighted upon it.



Moreover, the candle votives at the centre are giving a finishing-look to the centre table with the vase as the centrepiece.


white tufted wall, white curtain, lounge area, white blue wedding decor, decor inspiration


Also, we have a second lounge area that features a white tufted leatherette wall. Complementing this wall, we have curtain made of butterfly-shaped plastic figures that give a see-through look to the lounge. 



In addition, we have an entertainment stage set up for the band performance or maybe some dance performances.


white orchids, white roses, centre piece vase, bar candles, white blue wedding decor, wedding decor inspiration

This beautiful dining area will twinkle up your eyes with its beauty. The centrepiece of the table has a vase containing a wholesome combination of white orchids, chrysanthemums and white roses which gives a fantastic floral touch to the setup.

I’m sure this gallery would’ve helped you get a great idea about the whole decor, and I’m confident that you’re going to try it too!

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