11+ Back-To-Office Outfit Ideas For Working Brides
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11+ Back-To-Office Outfit Ideas For Working Brides

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 07 August, 2020

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Workaholic brides if your office is back to being operational, then it is a perfect time to flip your wardrobe. Get caught up with trends and enter the corporate world with style. This season’s hottest fashion awaits you as you scroll through to check out 11+ Back-To-Office Outfit Ideas For Working Brides. Steal these outfit ideas and glam up your regular work wear.

1. Light Oversized Kurta


Image Source: Just The Design - Tumblr

Grab an oversized and lightweight kurta that holds multiple slits. The light fabric will make sure that your body does not heat up quickly, and the slits will bring a gorgeous flow in your attire.

2. Pastel Solid Top and Trousers


Image Source: Camila Coelho 

A cotton top and trousers in solid pastel is the trend-forward outfit of 2020. The colour, design and comfort of this outfit are very appealing. So shake hands with the elegance because this suits all work environments. 

3. Straight Cut Bottoms


Image Source: Ammara Khan

Straight-cut bottoms can be your next alternative to formal trousers. They vary in fabric and details so you can stock many at once. Its ideal cut can suit Kurta and elongated blouses. If you are petite, then we recommend ankle length to allude extended legs. 

4. Waist-belt On Blouse


Image Source: Shein

Well-designed blouses can be fused with a waist-belt to appear slimmer from the belly area while following the corporate dress code. As work wear is all about formal suits and elegance, one belt accessory can turn any casual top into formal wear. Try it yourself!

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5. A Comfortable Midi - Dress


Image Source: Indiaspopup

If you wish to skip trousers and blazers, then a midi dress will do wonders in the workplace. Shift dresses and A-line dresses are always the best picks for corporate professionals. It makes the movement smooth and this comfortable dress comes in various variety of colours, designs, embroidery, etc. 

6. Printed Short Kurti


Image Source: Khaadi Lawn 

The first thing that hits us when speaking of summer is floral prints. Yes, grab Jaipuri block printed short Kurti or any floral prints you desire as an office outfit. They can be matched up with a boot-cut bottom or pencil trousers for the best look.

7. Slim-Fit Kurta


Image Source: Agha Noor

Kurta is the most chosen garment for working brides in India. Therefore, this season you can look forward to trying powder blue or soft hues in a slim fit kurta. These colours are soothing and look harmonious with cotton and georgette fabric.

8. The Modern-Day Fusion Wear


Image Source: Shiza Hassan

Modern brides may prefer fusion wear to maintain the balance between Indian and western wear at work. So, pair up the contemporary patterns in traditional fabric and embroidery. For instance, a straight-cut bottom and bell-sleeved top can make an exciting combo.

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9. The Classic Pencil Skirt


Image Source: EP Style

Pencil skirts never go out of style and exist in a mass range of designs that can be considered as regular professional wear. A classic black pencil skirt can be paired up with round and v-neck tops. If black or other solid colours are too mainstream for you, then you may consider picking lacy fabrics with lining when purchasing your next pencil skirt.

10. Shacket (Shirt + Jacket)


Image Source: Boohoo

Shacket is trending as a new combination of shirt and jacket. The relaxed nature of the design merged with a weightless fabric can be all you need this summer. A shacket can be worn with denim jeans and almost all kinds of bottom wear. This is totally a must-have for 2020.

11. The Funk Twist of A Boho Shrug


Image Source: Ragga

A boho shrug completes any outfit of solid colours, giving it a fair twist of prints and colours. Co-ordination of monochrome outfits may seem casual at office, so finish your look with a boho touch. An additional shrug can make an avant-garde attire for urban office culture!

12. A Tailored Blazer


Image Source: Cultura Colectiva

A tailored blazer gives outfits an accurate fit, great comfort and a stylish structure. This garment is much desired in the work culture as it has a long product life along with its evergreen pattern. You can top-up your blazer look with a handbag and linen shirts of your choice to never be out of style.

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