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11 Wonderful DIY Bridal Entry Ideas Trending in 2021

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 19 April, 2021

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

There is always a way to cut costs when you organize your wedding to save up for other decor elements. Especially when basic rituals could be worked in a DIY method, we believe that your income of hard work must be invested in worthy accounts. When the arrival of the bride takes place on a grand day, all that is required is to keep close relatives to escort you. Therefore, here is a list of 11 Interesting DIY Ideas that Team Bride could arrange for the wedding gala and still manage to step up the game.

1. Groovy Entry Of the Bride

Brides, you are the star of the night so leave all the worries at home and dance when you make an entry. Why should the groom team have it all when our bride has moves to flaunt?


Image Source: The Wedding Crasher Official

2. Slay With The Bride Team

Oh, it is sweet heaven to see beautiful women walking down the aisle with the prettiest bride in the lead. Let the bride team takeover and set their foot with grace.


Image Source: Picture Perfect India

3. Walk With Balloons

Balloons are easily accessible as a bunch, so if you wish to make your moment lovely, then you can go for an entrance with you and your relatives holding lots of balloons.


Image Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik

4. The Scooty Bride

Pick up your scooter and wheel along the aisle as you enter. Brides can also pick their favourite flowers to decorate their scooter while they are on the go to this pick. If you want to do something out of the box, then this stunt could be pulled off at the wedding.


Image Source: Wedding Nama Photography

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5. Fancy Dupatta as a Chaadar

Gota or any other embellished chaadar could be held over the bride when she arrives. This choice is achievable and affordable if you wish to toss over the costs of expensive props that go in this particular tradition.  


Image Source: Foto Walle

6. Enter With Parents

Walk along with your parents, who never hesitated to support you in life and make the entrance meaningful as a bride. These gestures portray the family ties, that a bride is rooted in showing how important family is to a daughter. 


Image Source: Picsurely

7. Royally Hold Pink or Red Umbrellas

Red and Pink are considered to be bridal colours; therefore, a bride can enter under the umbrella of these colours with floral elements on it. They appear pretty, and as escorted by family members, it also feels special. So bring along your coven and walk together at your wedding.


Image Source: The Cheesecake Project

8. Classy Bride & Groom Couple Entry

It is classy to enter with the love of your life at your wedding together, eagerly waiting to unite for a lifelong era. You may even be twinning or maybe not, but your duo will light up the love in the hearts of surrounding people while they gaze at that sight.


Image Source: Artcapture Productions

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9. Step On The Red Carpet 

A red carpet entry like a star or a walk on rose petals is momentous, so as a bride you could choose to make an entrance differently. You can decide to walk with the bride tribe, bridesmaids, parents, or whoever you wish to get escorted with.


Image Source: Arjun Kartha Photography

10. Boat Your Way To The Mandap

If you are thinking about being wedded by the lakeside, then try the boat entry all the way to the mandap with soft background music. It will be the most charismatic moment for you and your guests. A must try idea for brides.


Image Source: Ajit Singh Photography

11. Rent A Rickshaw or Car For A Thrilling Entry

If thrill is on your mind and you cannot resist adding funk at your wedding then rent a rickshaw that will ride you down the walkway. You can be the shocker bride with a high spirit being driven in a purple or pink rickshaw.


Image Source: DM Creation

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All the listed ideas are DIY and Affordable, which one would you choose? Tell us in the comment section.