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27 Gorgeous Bridal Hair Brooch Designs for 2021 Brides

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Updated on 19 April, 2021

Hair brooches have come a long way from the simple, traditional designs. Have a look for yourself. 

When it comes to your big day, each detail is of paramount importance. But often, in all the hullabaloo regarding the lehenga and jewellery, you may not be able to spend enough time deciding your hairstyle and hair accessories. Using the right accessory immediately makes the hairdo look more elegant. And to make your lives a tad bit simpler, we bring you the latest designs in hair brooches. 


Bilai Hair Brooch

The Bilai is a traditional design which is a nine-piece hair brooch that is placed along the plait. Traditionally, a Bilai has coloured stones in a golden frame, but the design of the Bilai has varied over the ages. You can also pair it with flowers of your choice.



 Flower Shaped Kemp Brooch

If you want a variation from the traditional circular kemp design, then worry not. They are now available in several shapes, and one such model is the floral shape shown here.

flower shaped bridal hair brooch design


Central Pin With Hair Net

If you need more support to keep your hair in place, then go for a brooch which has an attached hair net. 



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Elaborate Brooches With Temple Motifs

Commonly used by South Indian brides, this is one of the most ornate and multi brooch designs available. 


unique style elaborate motif hair brooch design with temple jewellery


Multi-stringed Brooch

Here, the bride has chosen to cover the entire bun in delicate strands, and we have never seen anything so majestic. 


bridal multi stinged hair brooch design

Pearl Stranded Hair Brooch

The tiny pearl strands on the brooch are matched with more elaborate ones surrounding the bun to give a classy, elegant look. 

white pearl strained hair brooch design for brides

Personalised Hair Brooches

Something personalised and quirky, which makes for smashing photos. 


designer personalised hair brooches for brides


Brooches With Fancy Motifs

You can go for brooches with a motif of your choice, and it could be a rose or your favourite deity, the choice is yours. 


beautiful bridal hair brooch design with fancy motifs


Vine Hair Brooches

If you love baby’s breath but do not want to have real flowers on your hairstyle for some reason, then vine brooches are the way to go. 


simple vine hair brooches style for design

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Multi-coloured Floral Brooch

There are endless ways to play with flower brooches, starting from the colour of the flowers to the shape of the brooches. It works best with embroidered and embellished outfits. 


multi coloured floral hair brooch design for brides


White Floral Brooch

Often when you want to have a white coloured brooch, brides opt for crystals or pearls but you can also design a hair brooch in jasmine, lilies and baby breath. 

bridal white floral hair brooch design

Brooch With Artificial Flowers

If you find that having real flowers is tiresome, then this is the way to go. 

bridal hair brooch design with artificial flowers 

Diamond Shaped Stone Studded Brooch

Steer away from the usual shapes and opt for something more exotic. The radial chains only increase the charm. 


unique style diamond shaped bridal hair brooch design


Golden Beaded Brooch

A simple side brooch with golden beads to give you a neat and classy look. 


beautiful golden beaded bridal hair brooch design


Unique Hair Brooch Design

This unique brooch is from Anita Dongre’s jewellery collection and looks stunning. 

unique hair brooch design for brides 

Floral Hairpins

You can replace one large brooch with multiple hairpins. This works best on a bun hairstyle.


bridal hair brooch design with floral pins

 Differently Shaped Brooches

This elaborate hair brooch has waterfall strings which the bride has cleverly matched with her maang tikka. 

differently shaped hair brooch design for brides

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Elaborate Multi-stranded Brooches

This cascading brooch connected by strands looks exquisite on an open hairstyle.


best bridal hair brooch design

Combination Of Hair Veni And Brooch

Match the hair veni over your bun with the central brooch that you are using.


long hair veni and brooch design for brides 

Brooch With Jhumka Adornment

Match those jhumkas on your ears with similar designs in your hair accessories.



Rakodi Hair Brooch

A traditional South Indian design, this is placed in the centre of a bun to hold it in place. Usually, it is studded with precious stones such as emerald, ruby and polki. Combine this with your choice of flowers on the circumference of the bun to complete the look. 

rakodi bridal brooch design


Simple Juda Pin 

This is the North Indian equivalent of the previously mentioned Rakodi. It is usually inlaid with precious gems and also features Kundan work. 

simple juda pin bridal hair brooch design  

Elaborate Juda Pin

If you want something more ornate, then you can go for a Juda pin which has droplets, beads or even intricate chains. 


elaborate juda pin hair brooch design for brides


Moggu Bridal Hair Pin

Yet another traditional design, this semicircular shaped brooch sports jasmine motifs. It is usually placed at the top of the bun. 


bridal hair brooch design with moggu hair pin

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In White Stones

A simple yet elegantly designed brooch set in white stones is perfect for any white wedding. 


white stones bridal hair brooch design

 Pearl Hair Brooch

White pearls on dark hair make for an ethereal combination. 




Golden Kemp Brooch

This antique design goes along really with a Kanjivaram or Banarasi silk sari. 




We hope that we have been able to give you some excellent options to choose from!