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31+ Elegant & Quirky Wedding Cake Designs of 2021

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Updated on 12 May, 2021

Are you looking for some tempting wedding cakes ideas?

With western trends barging in, we’ve curated a list of mouth-watering wedding cake designs and you are surely gonna love it!


Talking about trends, earlier there wasn’t any tradition of cakes, only sweets a& desserts is what we were aware of. Just a couple of years back, India was just a baby at making appealing and creative wedding cakes. While in other countries, families spend a fortune on cakes and leave no stone unturned. However, starting from simple round cakes to now 4-5 tiered wedding cakes, the baking industry has taken a boom in creativity and imagination and risen up to a new level.


Nowadays, cakes have special personalised cake toppers with a miniature of couples, name initials of the bridegroom, a favourite thing of the bride and the groom or simply their wedding hashtag or names.

Be it reception or wedding day, couples are having well-thought cakes for themselves or are gifted with well-thought cakes. To ease your wedding planning and decision making, we present you with some exquisite wedding cakes designs :


1. Tangy Tangerine Wedding Cake


A tasty tangerine wedding cake with 7 tier and three divisions, looks amazing. The cake exhibits some faux florals that give a bloomy touch.




2. The skeleton lovers


A quirky wedding cake design for the couples who love to go out of the way in their choices. Here, we have a Halloween inspired wedding cake with ghost miniature couple as cake toppers.




3. Overdose of patterns


A 4 tier cake with golden artistic patterns all over the cake. Also, the cake is then topped with a bunch of edible florals looking pretty as a picture.



4. The garden of love


A simplistic wedding cake design with an overdose of florals flowing from the top to bottom. Moreover, to add more detail to it, the baker has also made butterflies around the flowers.



5. Elephant idol for the happiness


Lord Ganesh as always is considered to bring happiness, why not reflect it on our cakes by putting a miniature of elephant as cake-toppers. In addition, for creating tiers, the artist has added tiers as cushions and we are loving this imagination.


6. A colourful patterned paisleys


Some couples love to stick to the basics, yet are willing to keep up with trends. For them, we have this beautiful multi-hued cake with an overdose of paisley patterns.



7. Aqua Blue multi-tiered cake


An elegant wedding cake with 4 tiers and some intricate golden patterns spread all around the cake. Moreover, to enhance the beauty more, the cake is completely surrounded to car candles and its gonna look lovely when lighted.




8. The bliss of blush pink


A cutesy wedding cake in blush pink hue looks very lovely. Also, the golden sprays around the cake and pink rose motifs level up the beauty of the cake.




9. The Elephant Couples


Two miniature elephants as cake toppers look very cute and depict the love of the couple as well. That’s why, I think it would be a perfect wedding cake for the newlyweds.


10. A spectacular sky blue cake


A phenomenal fusion of blue base and golden patterns, this cake looks like an amazing creation. Also, the intricate floral patterns all around the cake beautify the cake and make it look more appealing.


 sky blue cake

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11. The dholak wedding cake


A personalised wedding cake with a quote named with the surnames of the two families looks very traditional. The use of beautiful Indian details on the dholak gives it a contemporary touch.





12. Bride’s Dupatta Wedding cake


A gorgeous cake for the mehndi of the bride featuring a blue dupatta of the bride and the bride’s name for the personalised effect. In addition, the pleats detail make the cake so thorough.


13. Layers of colours


A fantastic 5 tier wedding cake with different colours on every layer, makes it look very colourful. Also, the artistic golden details and patterns prettify the cake more.


14. Dulha-dulhan Wedding Cake


This is one of the cutest creation because of the miniature of bridegroom on the top. In addition, the dupatta of the bride miniature is going down until the bottom of the cake and gives an detail to the cake.



15. For all the Christian lovebirds


For the couples who are getting married in a church, nothing can be a better cake apart from this. The baker has given every possible element of the wedding venue starting from the stairway to the beautiful palace in the cake to make it look stunning.



16. One with a metallic cake topper


A jaw-dropping wedding cake design with 4 tiers looks lovely along with the tassels and elephant motifs. Also, the metallic name-initial cake topper adds up to the charm of the cake.




17. A beguiling elephant cake topper


The baker has topped the wedding cake with a realistic elephant miniature which looks phenomenal. Moreover, the tiers made in the form of cushions add to unique details and looks very glorifying.




18. Overdose of colourful flowers


A simple multi-tiered wedding cake with an overdose of colourful flowers in all sizes. Also, the colourful flowers give a rainbow effect to the cake and make it look lovely.




19. Abundance of potlis


A unique wedding cake design with layers of edible potli bags motifs. However, the potlis are kept in such a way that each potli can be picked and given to individuals. There you go, you have gifts for all the chirpy kids!




20. The dreamy decked up squares


A yummy wedding cake which looks elegant with the use of white hued squares in decreasing sizes. Also, to level it up the golden patterns drawn all around the cake gives a dreamy touch to it.



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21. An adorable elephant top


The wedding cake looks heavenly with the elephant miniature top and cushioned layers. In addition, the cushions are designed with the utmost relevance and details along with the tassels, and all of it combined looks flawless.

elephant top Wedding-Cake-20 

22. Drooping florals


A simple & elegant wedding cake that displays golden vines around the top and edible floral designs drooping on the sides. In my opinion, the blend of white and golden looks lovely.


dropping floral Wedding-Cake-21

23. Ganesh Idol for Shubhaarambh


Traditional Lord Ganesh carries a lot of importance in our culture and is worshipped in the very beginning. Likewise, to give a cultural touch, the cake is topped with Ganesh miniature and it looks mind-blowing.



24. A rainbow-inspired wedding cake


A wedding cake full of colours looks very cute and as pretty as a picture. Here, the wedding cake exhibits many potlis and edible multi-hued flowers for a colourful touch.




25. A wedding cake inspired by the mosque


Wedding cakes that depict temples or mosques, give a cultural touch to the whole designs. Likewise, in this one as well, the baker has baked a beautiful mosque with minute details and it looks divine.




26. A personalised wedding cake with names


It’s your big day, isn’t your name supposed to be everywhere? W ell a personalised wedding cake with names as cake-toppers can be a great idea. Also, to level up the prettiness, the addition of tangerine flowers would be amazing!




27. A minimalistic wedding cake


Some couples who love to go for the basic designs can go for this one. In this wedding cake, the white tiers are simply beautified with golden patterns making it look more appealing.



28. Cake for the bachelorette party


Cakes for the bachelor’s party are simple because obviously they will be smashed on your faces! Then why not go for a simple & minimal design? Here’s a beautiful pink cake with tiny beads like details.




29. The breathtaking shimmer


A spectacular wedding cake with golden glitters all over the cake for adding the shimmer to it looks awesome for the sangeet ceremony. Moreover, the other golden details are simply complementing the blue base and cake-toppers.



30. A shiny wedding cake


Because of the golden layering, the cake looks metallic and attractive. Also, the intricate details of the cake add a glamorous touch to it and we cannot stop crushing on it.



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31. Believer of Haathi Mere Saathi 


After dogs, I find elephants to be the sweetest animals because their delicate behaviour is visible on their faces and we cannot resist but say ‘Aww, so cute!’. A wedding cake with an elephant miniature looks amazing and the best.




32. A maroon gold wedding cake


Sometimes, a cake is simple yet very detailed, just like this one. Here, the 5-tiered maroon wedding cake looks simple because it lacks any motifs, but the golden patterns drawn all around it, add up to the details.




33. The classic Red Cake


A classy wedding cake in the shade of blood-red along with golden decorative detailing looks exquisite and we are loving it. Moreover, the patterns also show faux pearls that are edible.




All these mouth-watering & mind-blowing wedding cake ideas would have given you numerous ideas! What are you waiting for, go decide the perfect cake for the perfect day.