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35+ Best Matha-Patti Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 28 August, 2020

Image Source: Alain Martinez

Jewellery sets incorporate fabulous pieces like Matha-Patti for a fuller look. As it is a head-accessory, it tends to define the area making you look like a royalty. Not that it is new in fashion, but is increasingly being worn since women have been keeping an individualistic personal styling approach. This blog of 35+ Trending Matha-Patti designs will help you select design inspirations according to hairstyles and outfits. It will be a bonus if you know what style complements your facial shape. To view our exceptional Matha-Patti selection, scroll right away. 

Modern Pushed Back Matha-Patti

A modern pushed back style Matha-Patti is tucked in the middle area of the head and can be chosen by women who have a round face or wish to stick to a clean look. The styles you will see are full of intricate craftwork with accent colours. They are carved to perfection.

Gorgeous Matha-Patti in powder blue accent that fits the summer of 2020. Had me drooling over the subtle Gold and Pearl finishing.


Image Source: Sunita Shekhawat

A delicate Kundan Matha-Patti that’s chained with Gold and Beads. The square-shaped golden chip detailing is magnificent. 


Image Source: Sunita Shekhawat

Headband inspired modern Matha-Patti design with a floral motif at focus at the centre.


Image Source: Anita Dongre

Crescent Tikka Matha-Patti combined with studded Kundan, Pearls, Beads and floral motifs in a fragile chain.


Image Source: Sunita Shekhawat

Bridal pushed back Matha-Patti in double strands bursting with golden details.


Image Source: Poonam Hair & Makeup Artist

Emphasized half-moon Tikka in gold with a slight appearance of Red Kundan between Polki detail.


Image Source: Maria B

Rajasthani Borla Fusion Matha-Patti

Rajasthani Borla style Matha-Patti has a focal point at the centre of the forehead with a special detail. The detail is known as a Shish-Phool which is ideally adorned by women in Rajasthan. Dive into the traditional Jaipuri spirit with these design ideas below.

Single-stringed Borla Matha-Patti designed for smaller faces.


Image Source: Aniket Mazumdar Photography

Precious diamond Borla with gold Matha-Patti. It has a looped design of smile-like motif and bead drops.


Image Source: Makeup Artist Tamanna

Double-stringed vintage Matha-Patti Borla studded with red and clear Kundan. The real Rajwada taste.


Image Source: Makeup By Shriya Pardal

A new-age Borla Matha Patti that brings freshness to Rajasthani Jewellery and slaying in Kundan-Polki work.


Image Source: Sabyasachi

Multi-string and triple motif Rajputi Borla Matha-Patti composed of mixed metals.


Image Source: Jag Thandi

Chand-Bali Tikka and Borla fused Matha-Patti design with white beads and Kundan. A fashionable TRIO!


Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

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Unique Matha-Patti For Contemporary Taste

Millennials are absolutely going to fall in love with the Matha-Pattis which are of contemporary style. Each pattern is unique in its own way and you will not be able to stop yourself from crushing on it. These designs can be paired with Indo-Western clothing too so unveil these miraculous inspirations.

A chic piece of Matha-Patti for your Silver jewellery collection. Ideal for ethnic outfits and can be styled with open hairdo for an admirable look. 


Image Source: Outfit Trends

Matha-Patti with a slight bohemian touch merged with contemporary fashion. Its extraordinary details will have you lovestruck everytime you gaze at it.


Image Source: Raabta By Rahul

This wide Matha-Patti in pearls and Kundan floral motif is a composition of multi strings which is charming. Pair this up with pastel hued attires.


Image Source: Badal Raja Company

A semi-precious Matha-Patti for oval-shaped face in triple bands with demuline tikka at the centre.


Image Source: Raabta By Rahul

Gold Matha-Patti designed for those who adore a vintage touch and pearl drops. It will add the right proportion to women with a wide forehead.


Image Source: Nirjons Photography

This Mughal inspired Matha-Patti in Kundan and big fat pearls will look regal when ornamented.


Image Source: Neha Prasad, Instagram

Multi-Tier Matha-Patti To Treasure

Assembled with more than one string in a single jewellery piece, the Multi-Tier Matha-Patti is rooted from South Indian fashion that is adapted in North-Indian culture. Keep scrolling to find out the styles that are So In!

Jadau Matha-Patti with double-tier and a drop tikka that speaks the language of elegance.


Image Source: Rolling Canvas Presentations

A romantic Multi-Tier Matha-Patti in gold and white beads that is finished with jhumka bell drops.


Image Source: RJS Company

Broad Matha-Patti chained to Kundan filled arc in pink accent. Ideal for gold, white and fuchsia tinted outfits.


Image Source: The Wedding Fairytale

Sophisticated gold Matha-Patti with minimal Kundan work in a multi-tier string.


Image Source: Saaja

Double multi-tier Matha-Patti designed for ladies who have a soft corner for hot pink.


Image Source: Rakesh Prakash Photography

Triple stranded Matha-Patti with soft beading focusing on the half moon cut tikka.


Image Source: MnM Photography

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Royal Authentic Matha-Patti Designs

Go over your jewellery checklist again because these awe striking Matha-Patti designs speak royalty. The absolute Maharani influenced variants for your regal needs that match up to big events you wish to walk into soon. The patterns will suit almost all face shapes and hairstyles.

Glam up with Kundan drop Matha-Patti created in a gold base. This is an investment as it can complement many silhouettes.


Image Source: Deo Studios

Gift your ivory-coloured ethnic garments a Matha-Patti with a massive drop at the centre.


Image Source: Andigraphy

Accessorise your forehead using a Jadau Matha-Patti with an antique design. It is apt for dressy sort of days setting out Queen Jodha vibes.


Image Source: Glimour.co.uk

Heavenly fusion of ruby and kundan in a Matha-Patti banded to the temples for a true Indian fashion flavour. 


Image Source: Tarun Khiwal, Sabyasachi

Jewel up the gold Matha-Patti with your emerald coloured saree because the green beads peeking from the front will match up with it perfectly. The intricate kundan work is undeniably catchy.


Image Source: Shithil Rahman

Jazz up your pretty hair bun with a set of fab Matha-Patti that is beaded along with semi-precious stones.


Image Source: Janki Bodiwala

Slender Matha-Patti Designs

Looking for innovative Matha-Patti designs that are not too loud, then unleash the real beauties that we have listed for you. The style inspirations might whisper closely to you if slender is what is being searched on your end. We have phenomenal ideas to help you jewel up that fine hairline of yours.

A legendary white & golden Matha-Patti in beads that will fill up your hairstyle’s middle partition with utmost grace.


Image Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

An incredible band that is combined with double gem-drops in gold with green stones dripping from the centre motif.


Image Source: Romesh Dhamija Productions

Matha-Patti for Boho taste in slender rustic golden strings that hold precious stones in them.


Image Source: Louise Taylor Porter

Clear plum-shaded gemstone focused in a gold Matha-Patti with an antique design. This piece is timeless.


Image Source: Oragraphy

Ace your minimal jewellery game with this Matha-Patti in semi-precious stones and ready yourself effortlessly for occasions as you wear it.


Image Source: Dot Dusk Studios

A remarkable Kundan leafed stem-string Matha-Patti hooked to crescent at the front. The tweak of green and rose pink are interestingly submerged in this design.


Image Source: Morvi Images

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If you are left mind-boggled with our fresh Matha-Patti designs ideas then do let us know of your likings in the comment section below.