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41 Trending Photobooth Ideas for Wedding Functions In 2021

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Updated on 19 April, 2021


With time, as the Millenials have started putting more and more efforts in their wedding planning, even quirky wedding photobooth decorations have taken a hype! Without a doubt, fun and spice are also essential at the wedding ceremonies. And for that, photo booths are the best elements! Moreover, along with adding the fun, these also add a tremendous amount of colours to the wedding decor. Starting from as minimal as hanging vintage frames to the bark of the trees to completely decorated auto rickshaws or a wall overloaded with colourful flowers, everything adds an amount of entertainment to the wedding mood. Apart from all this, even a decorated spot at the wedding venue can act as a wedding photobooth for us, right?


However, to ease your pain, we’ve curated a fabulous list of photo booth ideas from which you can take an ample amount of inspiration :


1. Sasural Genda Phool


Wedding decor is incomplete without the marigold flowers! These flowers add vibrant colours to the whole set-up and prettify it to a new level. Also, accompanying this marigold ceiling decoration, you can choose to have a colourful backdrop with circular patterns for your wedding photobooth.


Photobooth Idea by flower decoration


2. The Colorful Paradise


Simply adding colours beautifies the place to a whole new level. Likewise, this wedding photo booth design looks phenomenal because of its use of vibrant eye-catchy colours. Also, add some fancy elements to give the decor a funky look.


Colourful Paradise Photobooth Idea


3. A rickshaw with the puppets


A wedding photo booth doesn’t usually involve a lot of efforts. You can place a rickshaw either decorated with flowers or painted in a fancy way. Along with that, hang a few Rajasthani puppets and tassels around the rickshaw or on the tree, and your set-up is ready.


Rickshaw with Puppets Photobooth Idea 


4. A Colourful Wreath Seating


Floral Wreaths look very dreamy and are worth crushing upon. Also, these make an excellent photo booth prop! Place this on the stage area and find all your guest jumping around it, having fun clicking pictures.


Colourful Wreath Seating Photobooth Idea


5. Garlands of Marigold


Marigolds are beautiful flowers, often used in traditional decoration. But did you know, these can be used in the photo booth decoration as well? You can entirely cover a simple rickshaw with garlands of tangerine and off-white marigolds and change its entire look. Moreover, on top of a simple plain white backdrop, place colourful Rajasthani embroidered umbrellas and your set-up will be good to go.


Photobooth Idea with use of garlands of marigold


6. Rustic Frames


Vintage and rustic Frames look amazing when hung to the bark of the trees. It also makes an excellent photo booth for your friends and family to get clicked while posing with the frames.


Rustic Frames Photobooth Idea

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7. A Colourful Backdrop


Colourful tassels, along with vibrantly coloured paper rosettes make an excellent backdrop for the photo booth. This is a minimal design idea but looks impressive when put up at the venue.


Colourful Backdrop Photobooth Idea


8. Artistic Frame Hangings


Vintage & Rustic Frames look great, but artistic patterned frames look equally amazing. Also, the floral additions add a gorgeous creative touch to the structures, which will surely beautify your pictures even more.


Artistic Frame Hangings Photobooth Idea


9. Origami Backdrops


Origami isn’t limited to your childhood craft activities anymore; these can be used for your attractive photobooth backdrops as well. Colourful tissue pom-poms and rosettes stuffed together makes a great origami backdrop.


Origami Backdrop Photobooth Idea


10. Drapes with Frames


Drapes look beautiful all by themselves, but patterned frames put up against them beautify it even more. Moreover, the use of colourful lanterns makes it look prettier.


Drapes with Frames Photobooth Idea


11. Floral Hangings


Squares and circles covered with orange marigold flowers make amazing hanging combinations — the green drapes in the background complement well with the hot pink boundaries and the yellow hangings.


Floral Hangings Wedding Photobooth Idea


12. Kites & Umbrellas


Rajasthani colourful umbrellas and kites, look amazing as a photo booth backdrop for weddings. Also, to top it add floral boundaries with beautiful white and yellow flowers.


Kites and Umbrellas Wedding Photobooth Idea


13. Scooter for the swag


Scooters are outdated, but they can be used as a very interesting wedding photo booth prop. Also, pink drapes along with yellow marigold garlands make a fantastic backdrop for the photo booth.


Wedding Photobooth Idea with Scooter Swag


14. A dreamy golden backdrop


The beautiful combination of yellow drapes and golden birdcages looks stunning for a photo booth backdrop. Also, another unique element of this decoration is the standee with open old books pasted on it. This photo booth seems perfect for the book lovers and vintage decor lovers.


Dreamy Golden backdrop Wedding Photobooth Idea


15. Wooden Crates


Colourful wooden crates look gorgeous as a photo booth backdrop. Moreover, it doesn’t need much of efforts, you need to place them one above the other and decorate it with florals, and your photo booth is ready!


Wooden crates Wedding Photobooth Idea


Wooden crates Wedding Photobooth Idea


16. The Disco Effect


A wall completely covered with colourful and glittery pom-poms gives a disco effect to the photobooth backdrop. Also, the bulb ceiling brightens the whole area and will provide your pictures with great lighting.


Disco Effect Wedding Photobooth Idea


17. Artificial Bottles Backdrop


A white backdrop with a colourful bottle hangings makes a fantastic pair. Also, other elements accompanying the context like the floral, dried tree, umbrella standee and colourful earthen pots greatly enhance the beauty of the set-up.


artificial bottles Backdrop Wedding Photobooth Idea


18. A Personalized Backdrop


It’s your wedding, then why not make it unique with personalized backdrops? For your the photo booth, place a floral standee with the bride and grooms’ name initials and find all the guests clicking pictures with it.


Personalised Backdrop Wedding Photobooth Idea


19. A sassy backdrop


Another unique idea for the photo booth backdrop design would be this one. On the entrance of the venue, place two standees with funky male and female faces that are painted beautifully.


Sassy backdrop Wedding Photobooth Idea

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20. A Majestic Floral Wall


Floral walls look very divine because of their natural beauty and colourfulness. For a simple photo booth backdrop, place a gorgeous floral wall with flowers of different colours. 


Majestic Floral Wall Wedding Photobooth Idea


21. Let’s Socialize


White coloured stand with a personalized frame-like hanging which has the bride and groom names and wedding dates printed on it. You can choose to give funny poses with your better half and friends & family.


Photobooth Idea for Weddings by Socilization


22. Rajasthani Puppets and Umbrellas


Rajasthan is famous for its artistically embroidered umbrellas and puppets. Both of them can be beautifully used for photo booth decorations, just like this one. Also, marigold garlands are essential anyway!


Rajasthani Puppets and Umbrellas Photobooth Idea for Weddings


23. Truck for the swag


Place a board cut out in the shape of a truck, and that’ll give you a quirky backdrop. All these backdrops do not involve a lot of efforts and are easier to set-up.


Photobooth Idea for Weddings by Truck


24. A backdrop full of colours


A unique backdrop full of various colours and marigold flowers looks very pretty for a backdrop. If not a photo booth, these can be used as a background for the mandap.


Colourful Backdrop Photobooth Idea for Weddings


25. Painted Wheels


Creativity comes with imagination, and this idea certainly proves that. Painted Car Wheels and colourful bottles hung to ropes look very pretty and makes a beautiful spot at the wedding venue.


Painted Wheels Photobooth Idea for Weddings

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26. Golden Rustic Frames


Patterned Frames painted into golden colour give a rustic effect and looks fab. Hang such frames to white ropes along with flowers drooping, and your photo booth will be ready to provide you with remarkable effect.


Golden Rustic Frames Photobooth Idea for Weddings


27. Frames and Pinwheels


Patterned Frames and Origami Pinwheels in bright shades look very attractive. So for a photobooth backdrop hang these elements with laces and photography section is good to go.


Frames and Pinwheels for Photobooth Idea for Weddings


28. Earthen pots pouring flowers


A fabulous and creative idea for a backdrop would be to place colourful earthen pots in such a way that marigold garlands seem to be pouring out of the containers. Moreover, for beautifying the area, even more, arrange sets of colourful wooden crates.


earthern Pots Photobooth Idea for Weddings


29. Funky Photobooth with desi elements


A fully Bollywood inspired photo booth would be perfect for your desi guests. A doodled auto-rickshaw along with various kinds of origami tassel hangings makes a fun corner for your friends.


Funky Photobooth Idea for Weddings


30. Decorated Kites


Kites beautified with golden decorations and pasted on the backdrop looks very pretty for a photobooth.







Photobooths are simply a fun element which can keep all the guests engaged in an interesting manner and make bunch of memories together!

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