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7 DIY Signage Ideas For Your Wedding From Home

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 05 October, 2020

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Let your Wedding Decor echo its glory, and charm the invitees at the same time. With the current trend of Weddings taking place at home, we've seen people making modifications to personal spaces while decorating. Along with the private space, comes the team effort put together by the family to organise nuptial events and we will introduce you to some DIY ideas that could come in handy when you are at it. A Fam that works together, stays together as the saying goes! Signage is one of the trending elements of decor that is being experimented with these days, as to guide the guests during ceremonies, so explore the ideas which can be pocket-friendly when planning your BIG-DAY! Scroll and check out 7 DIY Signage Ideas For Your Home Wedding.

1. Point Your Way


Image Source: Rachel Hayton Photography

You can always find wooden boards from scrap to create signage without any hassle. Therefore, if you are running out of time or working with a budget, nail together a couple of pointed wooden boards and add in the directions with white paint. Easy-peezy!

2. Personalised Quotes


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Give your guests a visual treat by writing your favourite quotes at any suitable area of the ceremony, be it at the bar station or next to the wedding favour display. You can also choose to add in the quirky and humorous text if you desire. Use signage for more than directions while making your friends and family smile. It gives a personal touch to your wedding.

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3. Chalkboard on Wooden Easel


Image Source: Kali M Photos

If your trouble is to find the coolest welcome board, then fear not because grabbing a wooden easel will ease you out. All you've got to do is to get a piece of chalk and write a message for your guests. Place lights, flowers, lanterns or other props on and around the board to have a perfectly decorated welcome board. 

4. Simplicity At Its Best


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You may be the one with a subtle taste, so simple props will bring you more joy! Here you can find ply-boards/scrap wooden boards that could be glued up or nailed together as one. Ready to be the signage you can add to your favourite corner and write in white as it will look clean. 

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5. Paint It For A Rustic Touch


Image Source: Etsy

Vintage frames are no waste because they absolutely fit a rustic themed wedding. Paint it thoroughly with the theme palette and it is ready to go. If you wish to get creative, then feel free to frame the print out with an intended message. Install the frame on the ground or on a stand, depending on the availability of materials.

6. Elongated Plywood Banner


Image Source: Junebug Weddings

Discarded ply-boards can be found lying around and can be repainted and reuse. Therefore, we suggest that you find an elongated ply-board which can fit multiple signs or a wordy text and work as signage. White or Silver markers can then be used to write on the long board and save you from installing additional signage. Decorate this as per your wedding theme.

7. Framed Chalkboard


Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Frame the chalkboard with garden grass to save time while exhibiting your artistic skills. It is insane that these chalkboards are found in any desirable size at the least amount you could imagine to spend. Money-saver! Do portray some calligraphy on these boards for brownie points.

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