7 Answers To Why Should You Have RSVP At Big Events?


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7 Answers To Why Should You Have RSVP At Big Events?

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 17 August, 2020

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We know that an event is a success when its executions are smooth, which only occurs if it is planned well. One of the factors that make all the wedding arrangements simple is RSVP. It means, please respond and has abbreviated from the French expression, Répondez S’il Vous Plaît. The concept of RSVP makes it easier for a host to keep a count of the guests as they respond digitally so that the arrangements can be made according to the number of visitors. It is a huge money saver, and it should become a part of wedding planning in no time. To know why keep a close eye on what we have to share with you in this blog, 7 Answers to why should you have RSVP At Big Events?

1. Post RSVP response keeps the calculation right for the physical Invitation card printing.


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As soon as your guests reply to you whether they will be able to make it or not, you receive the kickstarting number and work up the calculations in regards to your physical invitations. Once the total number of the guests is obtained, you can proceed to get the invitation cards printed in time.

2. To maintain accuracy in the guest list.


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If you decide to coordinate with the guest list, RSVP confirmation will help you not only with the count of it but also who is attending your event. So no strangers will be lurking around and disturb your youthful ceremony.

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3. Food arrangements based on the guest number.


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As soon as your friends and family confirm to attend the big day, you can pass on the number of guests to the caterers. It will save you from the horrors of any kind of food wastage, and it will avoid any shortage of food supplies. This trick will assist you in planning your entire arrangements for the event.

4. To order the correct number of Gift Hampers.


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Let us not overlook the gift courtesy for those who spare their time to attend your wedding ceremony. With the RSVPs that are confirmed, you will be able to pass on an accurate number of gift hampers to the vendor. You may even get a couple more of them when you are working with the number of guests.

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5. Seating can be sorted once the RSVP is confirmed.


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It is wise to keep a balance between too many seats and least of them because it might either leave your guests standing or make the event look dead. So if you get the correct guest number, plus or minus, it will help you to assort the seating likewise. Also, it will save you from angry relatives.  

6. To avoid wastage or shortage.


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In a big event to be hosted, nobody wants to fall short of anything and displease their guests. To maintain the hospitality of the ceremony, one must avoid wastage or shortage, be it in terms of Food, Liquor, Gifts, Seating, Decoration etc. It is always safe to have the number of guests handy while booking the vendors of any service. 

7. A beneficial way to keep the event organised.


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With the RSVP concept that one must have in their wedding or any other event, things are more likely to fall in place. In this manner, the event stays organised, smooth and intact. This is how the majority of weddings turn out to be successful as they are well planned.

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