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Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore for Weddings in 2021

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Updated on 16 September, 2021

This is the type of wedding photography has recently become increasingly popular among couples. So, now couples are especially hiring only one photographer for only their formal shots and also another to click different styles photos which focus more on behind the scenes which are often missed by couples as their so engrossed in the ceremony and celebration.

Bangalore is blessed to have photographers only specialise in candid who do a marvellous job at both candid and also the traditional type of photography. They are offering they’re a game to bridal couples. Then, these photographers know exactly how to capture the raw emotions in their unique style.

Take a look at some of the favourites picks whose work is absolute magic!


Arvind Shenoy Photography


One of the most talented and trusted candid wedding photographers in Bangalore, Arvind Shenoy is your man for capturing timeless wedding photographs. Having a unique way of capturing little emotion of couples in a photojournalistic style makes his every click stand out. He also specialises in traditional and bridal portrait photography. In addition to candid wedding photography.

Groom shoot by Arvind-Shenoy-Photography


wedding couple shoot by arvind shenoy photography

best bridal candid shoot by arvind shenoy photography

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1plus1 Studio


With having a bulk of experience in this field, if you want your pictures to tell some story. They will not just tell your love tale but will add a warm perspective and dash of personal touch to it. Having specialised in fashion photography and candid wedding photography, many candid as well as destination weddings photography is included.

best candid couple shoot by 1plus1 Studio

wedding couple photography by 1plus1 Studio



Manan Photography


Having love to capture moments in wedding pushed Manan Upadhaya to form mannan Photography. He is known to be one of the best candid wedding photographers in Bangalore who also specialise in traditional photography. Whether it is any celebration, wedding, pre-wedding, or any family function. If you want timeless and different styles of photographs captured in their true essence, you’ve found your match.

best bridal candid shot by Manan Photography


wedding couple shot by Manan Photography

Bridal Safari Pvt. Ltd.


The team in Bangalore known for unique, candid wedding photography. Their team in Bangalore is deeply passionate for each wedding they capture. They want to tell the bridal couples to love tale most distinctively and capturing the sheer beauty in its most natural form of every event. They will make every click of theirs is a priceless moment for them. A tiny, but energetic team, Bridal Safari works wonders in capturing raw emotions without you even noticing their presence.

wedding couple shoot on pheras by Bridal Safari Pvt. Ltd.


couple pre wedding shoot by Bridal Safari Pvt. Ltd.

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Bosco’s Photography


If quirky fun with some naughtiness is in your way to celebrating, they will add some more zing to their photography. They are one of the most sought candid wedding photographers in Bangalore, Bosco adds a fun twist with lots of happiness and memorable to the mundane style of photography with his out-of-the-box thinking making each picture tell a happy story. The magical wedding album that he creates for you will cause you to come back in time and again go back to it to relive the happiest moments of your life.


pre wedding couple shot by Bosco’s Photography

wedding couple shot by Bosco’s Photography