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11 Tips For Hair Care Before Your Wedding

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Updated on 17 May, 2021

“The wedding day is around the corner!” This is something that you as a bride would be telling your entire family all day around. It is a dream of every bride to look best on their special day and for this, she has to focus on all the things related to her wedding. But, in the middle of all the wedding chaos, some of the smallest details are missed out by the brides. And, one of these is the proper care of the hair.

It gets difficult for the brides to give proper attention to their hair before the beginning of their wedding ceremonies. 

From hair fall to dandruff, there are a lot many problems which are to be faced by the bride because of the wedding stress. It is important to take care of all these problems to flaunt your healthy and shiny hair on the wedding day. So, to help you out, we have come up with our best hair care tips for you to follow before your wedding. Scroll down and pin the tip that is essential for you. 

Stay Hydrated 

Like your skin and body, your beautiful hair also needs to be adequately hydrated. Aim to drink about 8 glasses or 3 litres of water every day to strengthen your hair. Drinking a lot of water will encourage your hair to grow faster. You can even go for weekly spas before your wedding to keep hair hydrated. 

 Stay Hydrated --best-tips-for-haircare-before-your-wedding

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Go For the Right Hair Products 

If you love using different products for your hair, then opt for the right hair products that suit your hair. Pick up those hair products which are ideal for your hair growth. Choose natural products to nourish your hair properly. These natural products are suitable for your hair and will make your hair look flawless. 

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Give Proper Conditioning to Your Hair

The very essential tip to get properly nourished hair is to never skip conditioner after shampooing your hair. Give proper conditioning to your hair twice a week as it seals the hair back and protects it from breakage. Use of conditioner will make your hair look glossy and shiny. Give Proper Conditioning to Your Hair

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Follow A Balanced Diet

Some of the brides feel that their hair is undernourished during the wedding days. This is because of the lack in Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, fatty acids in their diet. So, to give proper nourishment to your hair, it is crucial to include fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables in your food. Vitamin C and E are also to be included which is essential for hair growth. 

 Follow A Balanced Diet

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Say No To Heat Treatments 

Avoid applying excessive heat to your hair, through heating supplements like curlers, dryers or straighteners. Use of heat treatments damage your hair all the more. If needed, first use a heat protecting serum before such supplements. For instance, if you are using a hairdryer to dry your hair, skip it. Rather use a towel to dry your hair after shampooing.   

Say No To Heat Treatments

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Make Oil Therapy A Must 

Make oiling your hair a habit. The oil will nourish your hair and will make your hair shinier and softer. If you are left with one month before your wedding, oil your hair thrice a week overnight with coconut oil or olive oil. Oil therapy is a proven method of getting thick, black hair.


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Exercise To Avoid Stress

Some of the brides stress out before their wedding. And sometimes, this stressing out leads to hair loss. Hair growth exercises will work correctly for you. The exercises increase the blood flow to the scalp and help in increasing hair growth. Go for elementary exercises like jogging, get a scalp massage or get some neck exercises. 

Exercise To Avoid Stress

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Always Use a Wooden Comb

Wide-tooth wooden combs are your friend. Detangle your hair with a wooden comb always. If you have damaged strands which are prone to breakage as well as tangles, look for a wooden comb with a wide-tooth to get your hair detangled. 

 Always Use a Wooden Comb

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Go For Natural Products 

Choose natural colouring techniques such as herbal henna etc. to colour your hair. Say no to harsh colours or bleaches as they can damage your hair and lead to allergic reactions to your hair.

If you are planning to use hair colours, we recommend you to do a patch test at least 24 hours before colouring.

 Go For Natural Products

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Keep Your Hair Away From Direct Sunlight 

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as it can harm your hair. When you wish to go out for some work related to your wedding, use a scarf or a wide hat to let your hairs stay away from sunlight.  

 Keep Your Hair Away From Direct Sunlight

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Reduce Shampooing 

For the brides who want to dye their hair, the easiest way to save your hair colour is to reduce the number of times you wash it. Too much shampooing your hair will fade the colour. Shampoo your hair for 2 times a week with proper conditioning. 


These are some go-to tips to keep in mind to give the best care to your hair and get properly nourished tresses for your wedding ceremonies and flaunt it the way you want.