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31+ Bridal Necklace Ideas For Every Bride Out There!

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Updated on 15 April, 2020

The one thing that makes a bride look stellar is the elegant neckpieces. No matter what’s your personality type is, there’s always a trick of layering that works for you. So, don’t let it go smoothly. Think about it and explore options before you find the ultimate look. Don’t end with the stunning dress. Deck it up with your distinct style, your custom necklaces. Here, take a look at these bridal necklaces, and you will understand. The styling does matter!


The Long Stringed Rani Haar

A long stringed polky or Kundan necklaces makes you look like a royal bride. 




A Center Floral Satlada

A traditional seven-lined necklace made of pearls. It can be made into five layers panchlada or three layers teenlada.

You can add diamonds silvers and other elements to give it a contemporary look.




Polky Emerald Choker

A multilayered polky choker studded with emerald is a stunner. 




Kundan Sapphire Choker Set

 Kundan jewellery with sapphires completes a bridal look.




Chunky Neckpiece with stones

Go for the Sabyasachi look with a chunky choker and stringed necklaces beautifully studded with stones




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Satlada with added elements

Take the satlada for a ride. Keep the strings minimal but add elements to it in between. 





Stone, Kundan, Polky Set

Combine the best of both worlds. Use a black gold stone-studded Kundan necklace with a polky setting. 




Floral Kundan Rani Haar

Twist the enchanting Rani Haar and make it look chic and stylish. Go for a floral patterned Kundan Rani Haar with emeralds. 




Classic Kundan Set

A classic from time immemorial. Try the simple Kundan set for your wedding and look like a diva.



The Navratan

A necklace with many elements, a navratan is a total stunner. It has pearls, emeralds, corals, ruby, sapphire – blue & yellow, diamond, hessonite, and cat’s eye. What more can you ask for!






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The Princess Necklace

A bridal necklace that extends up to 19 inches, ending below your collarbone. Known as Gulband, it’s a typical princess wear neckpiece and goes well with sarees and suits. It can have droppings and hangings. 






A Stellar Collar Necklace

This layers of the collar necklace attached with sickle-shaped hangings is a magnificent style statement




Pink Tourmalines Jadau Collar

Take a look at this stunning Kundan jadau collar with pink tourmalines attachments.




The Ethereal Maharani Look

This is perfect for a matured Maharani like the look. This Kundan studded with pearls necklace does it! 




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A Golden Delight With Little Red

Who doesn’t want Gold jewellery at their wedding? It’s auspicious and trendy. So, wear this gold necklace studded with rubies and sea pearl danglers along with polkis.




Gold Choker Princess Necklace

Combining the elegance of a princess necklace with a golden choker and emerald droppings.




An Astonishing Maharani Haar

This maharani Haar is one of its kind. Designed intricately with neat details; these gold layers are superb.




A Bulky Rani Haar With Pearls

Changing the Rani Haar into something dynamic yet again. This bulky Rani Haar has polky choker and pearl droppings to add more depth. 




 Bib Necklace

Named after toddler’s bib, these are huge necklaces that come attached with beautiful droppings.  

This one is enough for bridal jewellery. You don’t need any other neckpieces. These are meant to replace smaller neckpieces. 




A Crescent Moon Collar Necklace

A beautiful collar necklace with crescent moon droppings is enough to steal the show.



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Emerald Dropping Choker

A golden choker set layered with a diagonal sapphire string, and emerald droppings is an excellent choice.





Aadh Necklace

The Rajputi Aadh Necklace is a modern elongated choker set having rubies, pearls, emeralds, and other stones. It’s known as a Rajasthani choker and is a unique choice for brides.






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A Lazer Cut Floral Wonder

A Lazer cut modern bridal necklace with floral textures that stand out.




Blue Polki Pearl Necklace

A soothing combination of blue Polki and pearls in this enamel coloured necklace.




Multilayered Kundan With Rani Haar Collar

A different Rani Haar is having a multilayered Kundan collar set with precious studded gemstones.




Onyx Gemstone Kundan

Quite an ethnic looking traditional Neckpiece, this green onyx gemstone studded Kundan set is a classic choice.




Black Enamel Earring Pattern Dropping

Considered to be a modern classic, this black enamel with earring patterned droppings is a refreshing choice.




Polki Necklace Huge Pendant Look

This one is a stunner. An intricately curved Polki necklace with a single large pendant at the centre.




Antique Portrait Kundan Set

A rarely used Neckpiece but an antique one. This Kundan set with centre portrait hanging is one of a kind.




Royal Blue Pink Embossed Necklace

This embossed necklace having royal blue and pink enamel imparts a soothing aura to your personality.




Inverted Triangle Polki-Pearl Choker

This choker design is quite refreshing. An inverted triangular look is having a mixture of Polki and Pearls.




Chandbali Kundan Choker

An often used one but no less charming. Use a chandbali Kundan Choker with beautiful pearl droppings to enhance your look. 




A Bulky Rani Haar With Jhumka Droppings

This looks so magical. A calm is composing bulky rani haar having jhumka like droppings and pearls. There you go some stellar choices to complete your wedding styling. Look through them, and you will know how to do your styling. Remember, a necklace is your fashion statement.





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