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Six Amazing Hair Bun Styles For This Wedding Season | Bridal Hairstyles

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Updated on 17 April, 2020

Hairstyle complements a woman’s dress and is a big thing when it comes to dressing up for events. Hair requires extra attention on your wedding day, with brides and bridesmaid who opt for hair spa and all kinds of exotic treatments to flaunt their look on the D-day. In India, the bun is a universal hairstyle for the women’s’ hair. Because bun hairstyle provides support to the heavy dupattas with which the bride covered their heads. It is something that complements your wedding outfit.

Amazing Bun Hair Styles for Brides and Bridesmaid for This Wedding Season


If you have the beauty of long beautiful hair, we have the best braids and bun hairstyle collection for you for this wedding season.

1. Regular Bun Hairstyle

This is a standard bridal hairstyle that is used in nearly all Indian weddings, particularly the ones in the northern region. For this updo, all the hair are gathered together and wrapped around to make a high bun. The bun hairdo for a wedding is then ornamented with flowers (usually Jasmine), other roses, jewellery or additional accessories to make it more detailed.

Beautiful bun hairstyles

2. Soft Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

Messy or sweet bun hairstyle for your wedding day, contrary to tight buns, have been hot for a while now, and are made in distinct varieties & volumes. The good thing with relaxed bun hairstyles for a wedding is that they emit a delicate and pleasing look; it can be tied a little lower than the regular bun and add flowers for creativity. You may flaunt this look for other functions like mehndi, sangeet etc. Bridesmaids can do this hairstyle on the wedding eve too.

Soft Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

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3. Side Bun Hairstyle for Stylish Wedding Look

This hairdo is another variety of the traditional bun. In this style, rather than arranging the bun high on the head, it is pushed to the side. For this hairstyle, blow-dry entirely the hair, brush it straight and draw it into a low puffed up bun, upon one of the parties. This hairstyle will look fabulous on brides who possess well-defined cheekbones or big prominent eyes as it highlights these facial features. This hairstyle gives a subtle look. It is a good option for bridesmaid too for a post-wedding function like reception etc..


4. Messy Bun Hairstyle With a Twist

This is an added variety of the regular updo which is distinct but not unusual. In this hairstyle, separate sections of hair are curled and fastened up. The curls collectively are given the form of a bun. This is a more fashionable take on a traditional bun and will go well with sarees, and this could be done as an alternative for brides who do want to don a messy bun. A good hairdo option for the bridesmaid as well. They can do it for the wedding day with their heavily embellished lehengas.

amazing twist hairstyles

5. Spanish Up Do Hairstyle

This hairdo is intended for brides who want to go for a fancier updo. It works great with thick and long hair. For this hairstyle, hair is blow-dried to give it some bulk and is then parted front ways. The upper section of the hair is done up with refined curls while the other is dropped to flow down the back. The hairstyle is then ornamented with flowers, gems and even bows. Round-faced brides can suitably wear this bun hairdo. Another great option for the bride for her wedding day.

 Amazing Hair Bun Styles  Wedding Season

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6. Stylish Braided Bun for Weddings

This one works for women having thick hair, whether long or short. One can start making a braid from the front section and keep braiding until they reach the top of the head. Gather the rest of the hair loosely and tie them up in a bun. Remember to fasten the bun since it has been made in a slightly complicated manner. Also, when braiding, keep it loose so that it does not flip on the hair. You can also decorate the braid with small embellished pins. Brides, do it for your pre-wedding functions like mehndi and haldi to look flawlessly beautiful.

 Amazing Hair Bun Styles

A Couple of Things to Ponder

To add charm to these wedding bun hairdos, one can use tiaras or other such accessories that complement your wedding hairstyle. This can include embellishing beads and jewels that coordinate with the colour scheme of the attire. Indian brides like to ornament their hair with flowers. Rather than sticking in jasmine flowers twirled across your hair as tradition calls for, one can test with various types of flowers like fresh orchids, roses or frangipanis. The stress of the appearance must, of course, be upon integrity – the wedding hairdo should not be burdened down with too much jewellery or other accessories.

Hairstyling is a priority. A traditional wedding that has functions spread over five days will give you the chance to try them all, get started with practising these amazing bun hairstyles for this wedding season!

Image Credits: Mansi Siddhpura Photography, Archana Rautela