10 Best Cake Shops in Bangalore make drool-worthy cakes


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10 Best Cake Shops in Bangalore make drool-worthy cakes

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Updated on 16 April, 2020


If you guys aren’t celebrating with a cake then is your wedding function complete? You want to go with the new trend and surprise your partner; we have found ten best cake shops in your city, Bangalore that can surprise you with customised designer cakes. The dessert memories are the best ones, and you can’t get over them. The colourful lovely fondant isn’t enough for the appetite; the taste and quality go in hand. Choosing the perfect maker isn’t easy; an artist palates his inner sweetness in the form of the soft bread and cream. We have tried to make an effort to make this decision easy for you. These cake artists have proved their passion over the period.


1. The Cake Lady


Sounds good, right! Not just that; her cakes taste better. Neeta is the initiator and a great cake artist. These people can draw your imagination on the plate. You can get the best cakes here; they’ll not let you down on the taste. She has expertise in designing great 3D cakes, photo cakes, sugar-free, eggless cakes, & chocolate bouquets.

beautiful pink colour cake by cake lady


2. Miras Dial a Cake


How about decorating the cake table with cupcakes? These cake makers yearn to make your special event more special. These people specialise in cupcakes and cakes. You can also order your designer cake online.

beautiful wedding cake by Miras Dial A Cake


3. Butter Side Up


These passionate cake makers aren’t buttery, but their cakes are smooth as butter. They specialise in custom made wedding cakes. If you focus on detailing then they are your people, they focus on minute details until you get the fuller satisfaction.

white color wedding cake by Butter Side Up

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4. Chef Baker’s


These Baker’s have the fastest service in Bangalore. They even deliver cakes in just 3 hours at your doorstep. There serve you with fresh flavours.

Floral wedding cake by chef bakers

5. Cake Zone


This is a modern online bakery store. Their packages are also very fancy. They have a very unique and standardised procedure to bake the cakes, plus these people use fresh and seasonal ingredients to serve you.



6. Floured – baked with love


Perfect decoration and frosting is their art. They have a separate R&D department who keep inventing new cakes. Till now, they have served more than 200000 customers.

red rose design colourful cake by floured

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7. Cakes all the way


These cake makers make incredible combos, their timings and ingredients do the magic. Some of their known dominating flavours include the taste of Pistachio with white chocolate mousse. Their unusual combinations make them different from their competitors.



8. Sinful slices


If you are looking for simple 2 or 3 or more tiers wedding cake, then these are the reliable team to go with. They are exclusively known in the city for their wedding cakes.



9. Just bake


They not only serve you with the tastiest cakes, but they also assure you to make your day memorable. These chefs have adopted a beautiful way to make their customers happy; they write designer messages on the cakes and decorate them creatively.

Creative wedding cake by Just bake


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10. Just bake BTM layout


If you are searching for a fantastic collection of cakes, then this is the right place. These people have unlimited designs and 3D shape cakes.

yummy chocolate cake by just baked BTM Layout

If this hasn’t got your taste buds going for good, let us remind you that a wedding is a feast for the guests. Are you worried about your catering? Let us help you, call us anytime, and WeddingsOnly will pick up.