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31+ Most Amazing Entrance Decor Ideas for Wedding Functions

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Updated on 16 April, 2020

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter a wedding venue?


It’s the entrance decoration! Here are the trending ways to decorate your wedding entrance!


We understand that choosing the right venue and accompanying decorations is one of the most confusing decisions that you have to take while planning your wedding. And, often in all this hustle, you forget about the wedding entrance, which is the first that the arriving guests see, and often where the first selfie is taken and Instagrammed. It is not just an entrance but also where the entire wedding experience starts. So you do not want them to see the same old flowery entry as they have seen in a multitude of other weddings.


Everyone tries to keep up with the trends and makes sure that their decor looks as attractive as it can. Wedding decorators and couples have started putting a lot of creativity in their wedding decor, starting from the entrance to the bar to even the table setting. So, to help you out here, we have compiled the top trending ideas for the wedding entrance decor, everything from floral to rustic, in one place. Scroll down and get ready to save the images.


Mehndi & Haldi Entrance Decor


The first two functions set the tone of your entire wedding, so it is essential to set it right. If you want it to be fun, classy, dramatic, or unconventional, this is the place where to set the tone. Another characteristic of these two events is that they give you the maximum scope to play around with colours, so utilise it to the hilt.


1. Yellow never goes wrong


Nothing signals, happiness, joy, like bright yellow. So it is not surprising that it is the most favoured colour theme for this function. But you can put on your twist even while going with yellow.


Haldi entrance  decor ideas


2. A little quirkiness always adds to the fun


Haldi and Mehendi are the events where you can let that quirky and unique part of you free. Decorate and accessorize in a way that you find pleasing.


Beautiful wedding decor ideas


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3. Mix it up with reds and pinks


There is nothing like too much colour in a Mehendi function. Add more vibrant colours like dashes of red and pink to bring the arena alive.


mahendi Entrance decor ideas


4. Ribbons


Ribbons always add a playful element to any occasion. Satin ribbons in multiple colours and breadths can be intermixed to create a good look. If you are looking for more shine and sparkle, you can mix it up with some glass ornaments.

Ribbons style wedding decor  

5. Bohemian themes


If you are looking for what is trending right now, then you have found your answer here. A boho themed entrance is sure to get you trending on social media.

   boho themed entrance decor


 boho themed entrance decor



6. Arches of Marigold Flowers 


Well, let us accept the fact that the primary purpose of attending the wedding, almost on a par with good food, is to take good photos. And such beautifully decorated entrances give you the perfect spots for an ample amount of amazing pictures. 


Marigold-Flowers haldi decor  

7. Tassels and Twirls


Tassels are not only for your lehengas but also for your decor. Use the tassels to dazzle the audience.


Tassels and Twirls decor inspirations

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8. Genda Phools are always in


If you are looking for a beautiful yet foolproof way to make the entryway look beautiful, then look no further.


Trending decor ideas


9. Variety of florals


Instead of using the same flowers, a variety of flowers can be used to decorate the entrance. Also, even huge sized flower pots can be used with abstract patterns printed on it. 


Floral wedding entrance decor


10. Jazz it up!


There is nothing like too much bling. Does that strike a chord? Then this is for you.


lightning wedding decor


Wedding Entrance Decor


Ah, nothing more important than the D-Day, is there? Take your time to ensure that you get it right. We hope that the following ideas will help to make that choice just a little bit easier and also hopefully expose you to some new trends and ideas.


1. Flower Shower


Real flowers are expensive, right, but the beauty you can create with them is quite unparalleled.


Beautiful floral wedding decor ideas


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2. Drape it up!


Long, flowy shawls wrapped across pillars, ceilings, and whatnot. Sounds dreamy. Looks even dreamier.


shawls wrapped pillars


3. Rustic Entrance


A match made in heaven between an enchanted forest and a fairytale experience.


Best wedding decor inspirations

 wedding decor ideas

4. Why not an actual door?


Choose the door of your choice, it could be the traditional wooden ones, or you can go for a fancier pastel colour. Add some flower arrangements on top, and you are all set.


pastel colour wedding decor


Beautiful wedding inspirations


5. Fairy lights twinkling away


Are you one of those girls with fairy lights twirled around curtain rods and stuffed into mason jars? Well, why not make it a part of your big day?




6. Not just an entrance, an experience


beautiful Decor ideas


Pink wedding  decor inspirations


7. Keep it simple


Are you finding the options too over the top for your taste? Well, these pictures might interest you.


Simple entrance decor ideas


8. Keep it traditional


Traditional styles have survived over the years for a reason, as is very clear from these pictures.


Traditional wedding decor ideas


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9. For the forest dweller


Amp up the greens, tone down the flowers. Dust in a few petals, and bring alive your enchanted forest.


10. Pillars of Support


Some strong and sturdy pillars immediately add to the grandeur. Drape them, light them; they will look grandiose. 


Elegant decor inspirations


11. Monochrome is not always Monotonous


It is magnificent when styled appropriately.




Reception & Sangeet decor ideas


1. Do it like a Diva


You are the hero/ heroine of the event. Might as well feel like one.

 Reception & Sangeet decor ideas

2. Lights, lights and more lights 


There can never be too many lights, especially for a night time function. So have fun with it.


decor for night function


3. Cascading Arches


The trick is to get the number of arches right. Too little, and it loses its effect. Too many and you tire your guests. Around 8-15 is a good number to have.




4. Moroccan Magic


To make your wedding elegant and classic, use laser cut archways in a Moroccan style. This is also a fresh style that hasn’t become mainstream yet.


Moroccan style wedding decor



5. Tunnelled Archways


Semicircular, interconnected archways adorned with flowers or intertwined with lights, which makes the guests feel that they are entering a new world, your world.



Arch wedding ideas

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6. Personalise! Personalise!


Why not add your touch? Love for machines and engineering, decorate it with gears!


Beautiful wedding decor


7. Hallway Entryway


A hall of mirrors or a hall of flowers, this is especially good if you are having one of those big, fat Indian weddings.


Flower wedding decor theme


8. Say it out Loud

Say it in block letters. It could be a simple Mr. & Mrs. or your initials or your customised hashtag. 


personalise decor theme


9. Recreate your favourite scene


Another way to personalise is to recreate a favourite scene from your show/ movie/ book. You can even have props to make it feel more real.




10. Bring on the Drama Quotient


Are you a Drama Queen of the group? Then definitely use your wedding to make a statement.


Out of the Box decor Ideas

11. Out of the Box Ideas


It is your day; go all out, go bonkers. Do it exactly the way you want to.



I’m sure all these entrance decors would’ve given you an ample amount of ideas! Choose your favourites wisely!

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