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Beautiful Golden Wedding Decor Ideas for Wedding Function

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Updated on 14 April, 2020

This or that! I’m sure it’s always a confusing choice on what decor to choose.Choosing a decor for your wedding is an important and a tough choice to make!


So here’s a beautiful golden decor for your wedding which you will admire. The golden arches, drapery, florals and other detailed motifs make the decor very eye-pleasing. A correctly done drape is essential and can grab attention in one go. This theme features draperies in many areas of the decor. 

Best Golden Wedding Decor Ideas

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As I describe every detail to you, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that entrances are supposed to be the most beautiful they tend to create the first impression of any decor on the guests. The door defines a graceful arch with sculptures of a golden banyan tree on either side.


pathway decorated with golden colors


As you move closer, you will see that a unique style of drapery defines used in this decor. Drapes are wrapped in a criss-cross manner, to make it look like a star. Moreover, the chandelier in the centre is beautified with white and pink flowers, which gives it a gentle floral look. Also, as you can notice, both the sides of the wall exhibits tiny mogra flowers tied to a thin thread which goes in a cross way manner on to the roof as well.


golden decorated pathway at wedding function


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As you will move ahead, you’ll spot a bit different kind of drapery. Peach curtains draped in the form of a swagged panel which looks stunning. Also, the damask print carpet looks gorgeous. 


golden color lighted decoration


The chandelier looks very beautiful. The speciality of this chandelier are the fairy lights hanging from it in many numbers. Also, white, red and pink roses are used to decorate the sides of the walkway. 

beautiful chandlier with golden decoration

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This floor touching chandelier looks gorgeous. 

beautiful floor touching chandliers

A lounge area is a happening place where friends and family can sit and relax and have a little bit chat with each other. Moreover, the matching colour od the sofas and the drapes are giving a significant effect to the hall.

lounge area with golden decoration

The roof of this lounge looks beautiful with the fairy lights and the rajnigandha flowers hanging from it. The pillars are installed with lights in them to give a glowy effect to the whole setup. The patterns on the posts come out pretty because of the light.

beautiful interior golden decorated area 

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Beautiful tiffany chairs used in the dining area give a royal look. The tables decorated with floral centrepieces, mainly with white and red roses which look fantastic. Also, the golden and red damask printed carpet is gracefully complementing the decor.


tiffny chairs with golden decoration



Here the chairs are covered with white tissue along with blue frills shaped in the form of a spiral giving it a contrasted look. 


golden decoration at wedding function



Table decorations kept in the hall are a great way to use up the empty spaces. These tables decorated with cherry blossoms and daisies for giving it a smooth, gentle view to the decor. 




I’m sure looking at the gallery of this beautiful golden decor was a treat to the eyes. So, don’t hold back and save up the ideas that you loved!


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