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Gorgeous Pink Decor Ideas for Weddings | Decor Ideas

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Updated on 18 April, 2020


Are you confused about the decor for your wedding? Have too many themes on your plate to choose from? Don’t worry, here’s a perfect blog that’ll put an end to your scepticism.


Pink is a gorgeous colour to decorate your wedding and one of the best decisions if chosen to do so!


If you wanted to implement pink to your wedding but clueless on how to do so, I’ve got you covered with some very stylish inspiration! Keep reading to see how pink decor and florals are going to turn your wedding into a fairyland.


Dive deep and enjoy these jaw-dropping pictures of a pink decor themed wedding. Don’t forget to pin these images to your Pinterest boards for later.


Beautiful entrance arches gates and pathway decor


Appealing Entrances are a must!


Entrances are supposed to be on-point as they create the very first impression on any guest and a lasting impression too. Here’s a perfect look for your pink-themed entrance with white lilies and pink roses. Let’s not ignore the ceiling decorated beautifully in the shape of an arch.


Beautiful entrance arches gates


Love the detailing done along with the entrance decoration, the small tables on the sides under every dome, topped with a glass containing pink roses give it a perfect floral look.

Beautiful pink decor ideas


Minute details and you are good to go with your pink wedding theme!


Beautiful entrance decor designs


Pink and white orchids are gracefully beautifying the chandelier, while the misty rose curtain is complementing it. Also, don’t let the white and pink roses decoration in the corner go unnoticed; they are simply making it look splendid.


gorgeous pink floral decor


Grid Patterns have their charm; hence, this pattern is usable at your wedding, which is going gorgeously with the pink and white theme. Moreover, the white garlands hanging from the ceiling looks alluring.

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Gorgeous stage decor ideas for your wedding


The blush pink will make her blush!


The blush pink decor


Stages are supposed to have the catchiest look because obviously, all eyes are on it! The metallic sofas with misty rose, old rose and pale-pink coloured cushions are making the stage look an absolute gem. Artificial grass covering the background wall, along with the white coloured grid-patterned door and white flowers put in the shape of a semi-circle has a mesmerising look on the whole setting.


The blush pink decor theme


Following the stage are cute little tables, having different kinds of florals kept on them in various sorts of containers from tiny pots to white cages.


Pretty Pink Photobooth


Prettiest backdrops for the lovely ladies!


Pretty Pink Photobooth  ideas


A unique photo corner for the bride and groom on their big day is a must. Different colours including white, misty rose, ruby, cerise, apple-green and a tinge of yellow make the place gorgeous for photographs. Also, a perfect selfie spot for friends and family!

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Floral consoles, floating petals and bird cages for decor


 Elements enhancing the look of the stage include white cages, topped with pink roses. Again, the combination of white and pink roses are beautifying the pots and bottles.


best wedding decor idea


Pink roses, baby’s breath, white coloured button chrysanthemums and white orchids make a great group of blooms. Besides the beautiful roses, the tiny white budded flowers allure the whole decor. Some orchids here and there have a fantastic effect on the entire setting.


Pink wedding decor 

I have been talking a lot about the pink and white roses, but the white daisies in the set-up are also adding up to the beauty. All these florals in a transparent vase look adorable.


I’m sure these ideas have enlightened you with some of your creative ideas. But hey, how many these ideas did you save?