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21+ Latest Gota Patti Jewellery Designs trending on Pinterest & Instagram

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Updated on 16 April, 2020


Ditch the floral jewellery because Gota Patti Jewellery is all the rage this wedding season!

With the Rajasthani culture taking over, Gota Patti work has started trending not only in jewellery designs but also in lehengas and wedding favours. You will be happy to know that, even the Gota Patti Work has up-ed its game, and now it’s prettier and more intricate. Starting from ghungroo attachments to small pearls, the craftsmen and designers try their best to make you look like a queen on your big day with these awesome Gota Patti jewellery designs. 


Gota Patti Jewellery looks beautiful and is low on pocket as well. These gorgeous mehndi jewellery sets can be reused and are high on style. Gota Jewellery comes in different colours and combinations and totally works! 

Without further ado, check out these fantastic and unique Gota Patti Jewellery Designs for your mehndi and haldi ceremony : 


Gota Patti Jewellery Sets Designs


An incredible Gota Patti Jewellery Set matching with your mehndi or haldi outfits can do wonders to your look. A complete set consists of a Gota Patti necklace, earrings, matha-Patti, rings, anklets, and bracelets. Browse through these jewellery sets and save the ones that will perfectly go with your ceremony outfit!


 1. Gorgeous Emerald Green Gota Patti Jewellery Set


Emerald Green is a vibrant colour which is quite eye-catchy. A Gota Patti jewellery set in this shade can beautify your look to a whole new level. This jewellery set looks apt for your mehndi function. Moreover, the ghungroo attachments make it more charming. 


Gota Patti Jewellery Sets Designs


2. A combination of beautiful vibrant colours


A unique Gota Patti jewellery set with the use of vibrant colours like fuschia pink and yellow, making a gorgeous set. Moreover, the ghungroo attachments also make the jewellery set look more glamorous


 unique Gota Patti jewellery set


3. A classic combo of golden and black 


Golden and black are two contrasting colours. Therefore their combination will look classy. Go for this Gota Patti Jewellery set, and no one can stop you from stealing the show. 


Bridal jewelry inspirations


4. Dazzling yellow gota Patti jewellery for haldi


A yellow jewellery set is usually associated with the haldi function. You should also try this perfect combo of hot pink and yellow in a Gota Patti jewellery set and see how many heads turn towards you. 



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5. The magic of pearls 


Another way to beautify the jewellery set more is by adding pearl attachments to it. This Gota Patti Jewellery set can be apt for your mehndi function with a perfect combination of green, pink, and golden. 


Bridal jewelry inspirations


6. Classic white pearls attached Gota Patti Jewellery Set

Fushia Pink tiny roses and white pearls go well together, and this Gota Patti jewellery set clearly shows it. The design looks subtle, yet very pretty. You can match it with your outfit, and the appearance will be quite commendable. 


Gota Patti Jewellery Set


7. Happy bride in an artificial rose work Gota Patti Jewellery


This one is quite different from other Gota Patti jewellery designs because of its mini artificial roses attachments in a blush pink shade. Also, match the jewellery with your outfit to bring out its best look. 


Best gotta patti jewelry design


8. An overdose of pearls


A unique Gota Patti jewellery set with elegant use of pearls and ghungroos makes the set a perfect one for your haldi function. Also, don’t miss out on the different colours of beads used in the creation.


elegant pearls bridal jewelry designs


9. A colourful Gota Patti Jewellery Set 


If you are unlikely to settle to a specific colour, then you can choose to go for this colourful jewellery set. The set combines a Maang tikka, earrings, a necklace, and a ring. 


A colourful Gota Patti Jewellery Set


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10. Ghungroos do the talking


This Gota Patti Jewellery set features an overdose of ghungroos. Moreover, the use of different colours in the jewellery also looks great and perfect for the function.


Trending gotapatti designs for brides


11. Hot Pink Gota Patti Jewellery Set matching the outfit

Instead of a simple Gota Patti maang tikka, you can go for a Gota Patti Matha Patti, which will give you a more appealing look for the function. 


 simple Gota patti designs


12. Beautiful Pink Gota Patti Jewellery Set


Gorgeous jewellery set with an exquisite Matha-Patti piece, which features golden chains with tiny attachments making the bride look the prettiest. Also, the jewellery set matches the multi-colour attire, which looks terrific. 


 Beautiful Pink Gota Patti bridal jewelry



Gota Patti Latkan


You couldn’t have even thought of it, but Gota Patti work can be used in the lehenga latkans as well. Opt for such latkans for your haldi or mehndi function for adding stars to the outfit. 

Gota Patti Latkan   designs


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Gota Patti Necklaces


Necklaces come in variations, either they are free ones or the chokers. Moreover, unique work added to it is the use of mirror work and intricate pattern beading work. Explore these Gota Patti Necklaces to know what your type is.


 1. Minimalist Mirror Work in Gota Patti Necklace


A gorgeous piece of necklace with Gota Patti work for your mehndi function. Also, the touch of hot pink with the golden work gives the part a vibrant effect. 


 Mirror Work in Gota Patti Necklace


2. A combo of pearls and dry florals


A breathtaking piece of necklace with embellishments of pearls intricately stitched together in a web pattern. The artificial rose attachments beautify the jewellery piece even more. 


Amazing gotapatti jewelery inspirations


3. Gota Patti Neckpiece for a modern look


Who knew that Gota Patti jewellery could be worn in a modern look as well. Also, the combo of big and small beads have an astonishing effect on the whole set. 


Bridal accessories designs


Gota Patti Ring 


You can get yourself some pretty Gota Patti rings as well for matching your outfits. Moreover, having a gem-studded in the center can beautify the jewellery piece and can level it up in a significant way.


pretty Gota Patti ring designs


Gota Patti Earrings


Another essential element in a jewellery set is an earring. You can either choose to have studs in the form of jhumka or tiny earpieces. Match it with your outfit, and you will charmingly slay the function. 


 1. Heavy Gota Patti earrings with pearl tassels


You can wear Gota Patti earrings matching your gota Patti lehenga, and you can slay at your mehndi function. Moreover, the blush pink and golden shades excellently complement each other.

Gota Patti Earrings designs

2. Simple mirror work earrings with artificial yellow florals 


Minimal designs have their own charm and beauty, and this gota Patti earrings clearly prove that. A beautiful combination of mirror work and yellow artificial mini roses looks beguiling for your haldi function. 


 mirror work earrings


3. Orange Gota Patti Earrings with pearls


Gorgeous and unique orange Gota Patti earrings with minimal use of mirror work and pearls. Moreover, the hanging pearls details have a charming and traditional effect on the jewellery piece.


Bridal jewelry inspirations


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4. Gota Patti Earrings with Mirror Work


A unique colourful gota Patti earrings with colourful thread work and mirror work. Also, the pearl tassels enrich the design, even more, making it a gorgeous art piece. 


unique colourful gota Patti earrings


Gota Patti Haathphool Design


Haathphool, along with ghungroo attachments, makes a great jewellery piece. Moreover, the pearls attached in the form of a pattern also look terrific. 


Gota Patti Haathphool Design


I’m sure all these Gota Patti Jewellery designs would have left you mesmerised. Save the ideas you loved!

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