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11+Best Fashion Designers to Buy Gota Patti Lehengas from

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Updated on 18 April, 2020

Are you wondering about places you can buy intricate Gota Patti Lehengas from?


We have handpicked some of the best designers who have a skilful hand at Gota Patti work and have a gorgeous collection of Gota Patti Lehengas!


Gota Patti work is a unique kind of embroidery work which looks phenomenal when done with the utmost professionalism and polished manner. Originated from Rajasthan, this work reflects traditional vibes, apt for all the contemporary brides. No matter what is the colour of the fabric, be it pastel colours or vibrant colours, Gota Patti work manages to beautify anything and everything. There are some of the best fashion designers in the Indian fashion industry who expertise in this kind of lehengas, and we have listed down their names as well as few of the designs from their collection. Check them out!


 1. Abhinav Mishra


Known for his immense love towards art and aesthetics, Abhinav Mishra aims to design clothes for modern women who are still connected to their roots in some in away. His artistic imagination does wonders to the traditional Gota Patti Lehengas as well. Although the label celebrates the vibrant crafts of India, it also tries to modernise the designs by using pastel colour fabrics instead of the traditional colours. Explore some of the Gota Patti Lehengas designed by him and place an order online if you adored his collection.


Most Amazing Designers of Gota Patti Lehengas


beautiful gotta patti lehenga  designers


Abhinav-Mishra-Design outifits


beautiful wedding lehenga


Latest gota patti designers




2. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


Popularly known as ‘The Boys’, the classic duo stepped into the fashion industry using architectural art deco-inspired motifs in their designs for a red carpet dress. Their signature style is to use enticing light shades with intricate any kind of embroidery. Moreover, you can witness in these mentioned designs, the use of light shades and also sheer fabric. Their approach towards designing is unabashedly Indian, which is reflected in their plans. With a long list of famous clients, the label presents the bestest of all models, and you should explore their designs if you are willing to look like a diva on your important day.

  Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla designs

best gotta pati designers


wedding lehenga inspirations




3. Anita Dongre


Inspired by Rajasthan’s old grandeur and craft traditions, the designer showcases bespoke Gota Patti lehengas, and handwoven Benarasi creations are coveted all over the globe. Her label features the most intricate Gota Patti work in the most natural manner. With clients from across Bollywood, her designs are liked by all. Moreover, her avant-garde designs always push people to explore and give a try to her creations. Check out her collection online, and I’m sure you can’t stop yourself from ordering any.


beautigul designs by anita dongre


Anita-Dongre-Design for bridal lehengas

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4. Anushree Reddy


Already established designer, Anushree Reddy, her designs speak for her label. Pure fabrics, fresh colours and elegant silhouettes fused with subtle prints, surprising embellishments and passionate attention to detail, make the label’s design wardrobe worthy. Her choice for vibrant colours and wise colour combinations make her designs quite attention-grabbing and unique in their ways. Her collection at Bridal Asia Delhi 2019, features numerous Gota Patti Lehengas and we cannot wait to see the complete collection. 


bridal lehenga Design for wedding


Gotta pati lehenga designs


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5. Devanagari


Unleash the ‘Devnaagri women’ in you. Devanagari is the brainchild of Kavita Jain and Priyanka Jain, who themselves exemplify the true spirit of a ‘Devnaagri woman’. The label is a subtle blend of design and craftsmanship, echoing delicate sophistication. Not only the choice of bright colours but the intricate Gota Patti work reflect the brand name. The budding label stands nowhere less than the renowned brands as her designs are entirely professional in a subtle natural manner. Check out the plans online and grab the one that attracted you the most.


Best gota pati designers


Devnaagri bridal lehenga Design


6. Hansa Khatwani


A budding designer from Jaipur features the most elegant collection which is old-fashioned but at the same time quirky and modern. The designer creatively inserts Gota Patti work in her every creation and leaves us astonished in surprising ways. Her innate thinking and experimentation with colours and fabrics call for a try!


unique bridal lehenga designers


7. Nidhi Tholia


A Jaipur-based designer who will leave you stunned with her choice of vibrant colours and intricate Gota Patti work. Moreover, because the embroidery is originally from Rajasthan, her designs naturally bring out the best job in her creation. As the designer is still growing, her plans are quite affordable compared to the premium designers. Check out her ideas and shop as you like.


Jaipur-based designer


8. Preeti S Kapoor


Preeti S Kapoor, a NIFT New Delhi graduate, launched her label in 2002. Specialising in occasion wear, the designer combines traditional embroideries and textiles with a contemporary treatment to create a beautiful, feminine aesthetic. Her collection features intricate Gota Patti work along with bright colours to have a perfect blend of contemporary and modern kinds. 



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9. Shyam Narayan Prasad


An eclectic and original use of traditional Indian crafts together with simple shapes for maximum wearability is what makes Shyam’s pieces instantly recognisable. He draws his inspiration from conventional ‘block printing’ of Rajasthan, using myriad colour combinations. The award-winning fashion designer has an eye for details, and we cannot stop adorning his collection of Gota Patti Lehengas.

Beautiful wedding lehenga designs  

10. Sukriti and Aakriti


Diverse in design and eclectic in taste. Sukriti&Aakriti, the label is an endeavour undertaken by Creative Heads, Sukriti Grover and Aakriti Grover. The Grover sisters carry a style quotient themselves which is quite commendable. Moreover, their collection on Gota Patti Lehengas has a different fanbase because of their mixture of imagination and creation. 


Sukriti---Aakriti- lehega designs


best designer lehenga


11. Swati Oberoi


Swati Ubroi designs are for a well-travelled modern woman who looks at traditional Indian craft for her festive and bridal requirements. She likes to pick the best of our country and blend it in her sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyle. The uniqueness about the designer is that she does the Gota Patti work in an old-fashioned way which brings out the intrinsic style in her designs and which is why most of the brides love to wear her creation.


gota pati lehenga designers


Bridal lehenga designers


12. Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor


The renowned fashion designer is one of the most liked ones amongst all because of her unique creation and way of embroidery. Showcasing her latest designs in Bridal Asia Delhi 2019, the designer makes an adorable collection with the pastel shades and pure fabrics. Moreover, her Gota Patti work in pastel colours is loved the most by us and is worth trying. 


beautiful lehenga designs




13. Vandana Sethi


Vandana Sethi is a fashion designer based in Delhi who specialises in Indian ethnic wear. She began her design career in 1995 and has been a massive presence in the festive and bridal clothing market. Her designs are always feminine and flowy, and she blends a lot of different colours and shades to create a stunning and ethereal ensemble. Her intrinsic Gota Patti work is reflected in her Gota Patti Lehengas collection, which is quite a wardrobe worthy. 


Vandana-Seth-Design for bridal lehenga


All the designs and collections by these famous fashion designers are unique in their ways! Which is the designer you are going to choose for your Gota Patti Lehenga?

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