25+ Best Gota Patti Wedding Favour Ideas for Your Wedding Guests
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25+ Best Gota Patti Wedding Favour Ideas for Your Wedding Guests

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Updated on 15 April, 2020


Wouldn’t you love to have some unique wedding favours for your guests? Gota Patti Wedding Favours is the answer which will make them the happiest! 

With new trends being introduced into the Indian wedding industry now and then, even the wedding favours have taken a turn. People choose to make their guests the happiest by selecting the wedding favours for them after deep thinking and shortlisting one option from many. Moreover, the wedding favours are simply a token of love for your guests and who doesn’t want to have the best blessings on their important day?


You might be aware of the trends barging in? Gota Patti is one of them. We’re witnessing the use of Gota in almost everything, be it jewellery or Lehenga or even Wedding Favours. Gota Patti Wedding Favours have a traditional touch to them and Indian guests love them. From Gota Patti Potli bags to even Gota Patti sunglasses covers, we have everything for you. After the in-depth research through the web, we have handpicked 35+ Gota Patti Wedding Favours for you. Scroll down to explore them:


 1. Gota Patti Clutches

All the ladies at your wedding ceremony will be the happiest to see a Gota Patti Clutch as a wedding favour. And to be honest, who isn’t fond of unique types of clutches. Clutches beautifully embroidered in Gota Patti looks traditional and apt for the traditional outfits.


Gota Patti Wedding Favors



2. Gota Patti Sunglass Cover

A unisex Wedding Favour would be a Gota Patti Sunglass Cover. With the use of vibrant colours, these sunglass covers look phenomenal. Also, with the use of thick gota borders, these covers have all the rights to steal your heart.


 Gota Patti Sunglass Cover


3. Gota Patti Hand Bags

A gota Patti handbag is useful wedding favour for all your wedding guests. Gift it to them, and you will see them already using it all through the wedding. Also, more than being beautiful, a gift should be useful, isn’t it?.


Trending wedding favour


4. Gota Patti Purse 

For all the modern girls at your wedding ceremony, this would be an apt gift for them. Moreover, along with the Gota Patti embroidery on the purse section, the handle features chains of tiny beads that beautify the overall look of the wedding favour.


Modern gota patti purse designs


5. Gota Patti Wallets

Another Gota Patti Wedding Favours for your ladies are these Gota Patti Wallets which look pretty in their vibrant as well as the light shades of colours. The gota not just enhances the overall look, but gives a traditional touch to it.


Gota Patti Wedding Favours


6. Gota Patti Potli Sling Bag

Gota Patti Potli Sling bag looks the prettiest in its Gota embroidery and mirror work on the velvet fabric. Also, the bag features round drawstrings that make it look unique.


Gota Patti Sling Bag


7. Heavy Gota Work Potli Bag

Some Gota Patti Potli bags feature heavy Gota work which gives it a traditional look. Moreover, the pearl bead strings attached to it makes the bag look different from the other kinds.


Best wedding favours


8. Gota Patti Round Clutches

This Gota Patti Wedding favour features Gota Patti work in intricate vein-like patterns. Moreover, the use of vibrant coloured fabrics makes the gift look more beautiful and remarks to make all the ladies very happy.


Beautiful Round Clutches



9. Gota Patti Carry Bags

Unique wedding favour would be Gota Patti Carry Bags; these bags tend to be quite useful in these functions and would go with all your traditional outfits. Also, the tassels attached to it enhances its overall look.


Unique Indian  wedding favour


10. Gota Patti Maang Tikka

For all the girls present at your wedding ceremony, these would be a perfect return gift. Not only does it look beautiful because of the Gota work but also the pearl beads attached as a string towards the top.


Gota Patti Maang Tikka


11. Gota Patti Leheriya Dupatta

Leheriya Dupattas have a separate fanbase and having these as wedding favour would make all the ladies more excited. You can gift it to them at your haldi or mehndi function, and witness all the bomb pictures being clicked all around.


Famous leheriya dupatta


12. Gota Patti Bangles

With Gota wrapped around the bangles, these Gota Patti Wedding Favours looking very charming and attractive. Moreover, the pearl details attached to each bracelet prettify it even more.

Gota patti wedding inspirations


 13. Gota Patti Rings

Unique wedding favour would be these Gota Patti Rings for your female guests. Ask the guests to pick their favourite ring matching their outfits, and you will be good-to-go. Also, attach pearls or ghungroos on the top to enhance it even more.


Amazing Indian wedding favour


Gota patti wedding favours


14. Gota Patti Shagun

If Shagun Envelopes are too cliche for you, then try these Gota Patti Wedding Favour, and you will leave all your guests surprised and stunned.


Gota Patti Wedding Favour


15. Gota Patti Jewellery Boxes

Beautiful Gota Patti Jewellery Boxes can be an excellent choice for Gota Patti Wedding Favours as it stands out and looks quite different. Also, Gota Patti work along with some pearl attachments can make the box look prettier.


Gota Patti Jewellery Boxes


16. Vibrant Gota Patti Bangles

This Wedding Favour can be an excellent choice for all the ladies at your wedding. Pack a set of 5-10 bangles for your guests, and they will love this return gift.



Trending Gota Patti Bangles

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17. Gota Patti Bangle Bolster

Another useful Wedding Favour can be Gota Patti Bangle Bolsters. A unique return gist with beautiful Gota Patti work on the corners looks pretty and elegant. Also, for an add-on, you can even gift some bangles along with these.


 beautiful Gota Patti work favour


18. Gota Patti Chocolate Packets

For all the kids, you can separately gift them these pretty Gota Patti packets full of chocolates. This wedding favour is not only apt for the kids but all the adults too.


Gota Patti Chocolate Packets


19. Gota Patti Decorative Sticks 

One of the complimentary wedding favours could be these Gota Patti decorative sticks, which when kept in a hollow pen-stand looks pretty and can be used as a decorative element.


Gota patti gifts ideas


20. Bangles with Gota Patti Kalires


Best gota patti  kalire designs  

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21. Gota Patti Rings and earrings

Another beautiful Gota Patti Wedding Favour could be these rings and earrings. Gift these at your mehndi or haldi function and get yourself clicked with bomb pictures and memories.


Gota Patti Rings and earrings  

22. Gota Patti Bangles with pearl kalires


 Gota Patti Bangles wedding favours


23. Gota Patti Potli Bags

Famous among the fashion industry is the Gota Patti Potli bags of different types and styles. Either with heavy Gota work or minor, these tend to look quite traditional and beautiful. Also, to beautify it more, you can attach some pretty tassels or latkans.










Indian wedding inspirations



 Gota Patti Wedding Favours are traditional gifts for all the guests. Select the wedding favours wisely and make everyone the happiest!


Image Source: Mpire, Jeet Happiness by Vasudha, Crafthaat, Traditionally Yours