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The Ultimate Groom Accessories Checklist for the Wedding Day

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Updated on 18 April, 2020

Detailed groom accessories are something that’ll surely help you make a statement at your wedding!


If you think only the brides need to put so much effort into choosing their outfits and accessorising, then probably you’re wrong. On the wedding day, the grooms put an equal amount of thoughts into deciding what they will wear and how are they going to top up the outfits with the accessories. The right safa colour, right pattern, right kalingi etcetera other groom accessories, can make or break your wedding look and we don’t want you to look any less of a show-stopper than you are.


Accessories for grooms can do wonders to improve the look of a groom and offer the extra touch of royalty and glamour. Here, we have curated the list of the must-have groom accessories, scroll through the list to steal away the ideas you loved : 


Bows & Tie


If you’re going for the formal look, then bow ties or regular ties are an essential element for the outfit. Varying from solid shades to quirky or floral prints, ties do have an effect on the all over appearance of the set. One fantastic idea would be matching the bow tie & the pocket square, giving it a classy look.


Trendy Floral printed tie for the groom




A double-duty bow tie in solid & metallic shades of champagne


double duty bow tie for groom

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Brooches for the groom


A stunning jewel brooch turns your plain sherwani into a royal outfit and gives you a very classy look. Whether it’s a tuxedo or Nehru jacket or even a sherwani, rare brooches can level up the whole look of the groom. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple brooch or a multi-chained substantial brooch, it won’t go unnoticed, and you can see people giving attention to it. So don’t forget to put this on your list.  


A unique natural bouquet-like brooch


unique style brooches for groom


Majestic Multi-chained brooch for the groom


majestic multi chaind brooches for groom 

Royal Brooch featuring tiger motifs and feather


royal brooches for groom on white sherwani


Quintessential brooch with an overdose of pearls

beautiful brooches with overdose of pearls for groom


Bronze Vintage Brooch with tassel details

bronze vinatge brooches with tassels for groom  

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I’m sure you might be thinking cufflinks barely make any difference, but believe me they do in an excellent manner. As I’ve always said, small details matter, similarly cufflinks buttoned to your sherwani or tux, grab the attention of the guests who have an eye for details. Also, another plus point is that cufflinks can be personalised in many ways, you’ll see that below :


Personalised cufflinks with name initials of bride & groom


personlised name printed groom cufflinks


Romantic vintage cufflinks


romantic vintage cufflinks for groom


Gem studded cufflinks & customised cufflinks with the wedding date.






Also known as Kalgi, these are mainly a turban or safa accessory. Starting from diamond detailed kalangi to multi-chained ones, these accessories enhance the overall beauty of the safa. Moreover, if you have chosen to go for the simple solid coloured safa, then a kalangi can act like exquisite decoration for it. We have listed our favourite Kalangis for you; they might leave you confused because all of them are so good :


Diamond-studded & multi-chained kalangi for solid coloured pink turban


diamond stuuded and multi chained kalangi


Side Kalangi with beautiful diamond studs and hanging chains


side kalangi and diamond stud in it for groom


Beguiling Diamond-studded Kalangi with hanging gem tassels


diamond studded kalangi with tassels for groom


A royal fusion of red diamonds and feather in kalangi

a royal fusion of red kalangi for groom


Paisley shaped Kalangi studded with diamonds and topped with a feather.


paisley shaped kalangi for grooms


Pearl chained Kalangi with floral motifs.


pearl chained kalangi with pearls for groom


Captivating Kalangi design with an overdose of diamonds


beautiful kalangi styles for grooms


A beautiful groom kalangi featuring a fusion of tassel and feather


grooms's kalangi is fusion of tassels and feather


Diamond-studded Kalangi with an arresting red diamond in the centre



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Mojris in Groom’s Footwear


Although footwear is not accessories, then they have to be on your checklist. Indian Groomwear without saying comes with the traditional shoe, i.e. mojris or jutis. These footwears also come with some winsome floral embroideries or other intricate embroideries. Here, you can choose whether you want to go for classic leather ones or the fabricated ones which come in various colours to coordinate with your outfit.


Blush Pink Mojris with embroidery at the centre


blush pink mojris for groom


Vintage brown leather Mojri for the groom


vintage brown leather mojris for groom


Red Velvet Mojri with intricate golden embroidery and dazzling front


red velvet mojris for groom to wear


Beige Mojri for Groom



Neckpieces for Groom


Who said necklaces are a feminine ornament, groom’s these days accessorise with neckpieces and boy! They’re pulling off the look well. I’m sure a lot of grooms love to stick to the basics, for them a simple multiple pearl chains necklace would be the best. However, for others, you can go for some royal mix and match of multi-hued pearls and gems for adding the dazzling effect to the outfit. Moreover, another fantastic idea for enhancing the appearance would be matching the necklace with the kalangi. Scroll through these fantastic neckpieces and decide upon which one you found to be the best :


A blissful fusion of turquoise stones and diamond studs


turquoise neckpieces for groom


A royal neckpiece with a combo of large pearl and sea-green stones


a royal neckpiece with seagreen pearls


Multi-chained necklace with an overdose of pearls


multi chained necklace with pearls


A classy neckpiece with multiple chains of pearls and substantial red gems


classy neckpiece with multiple chains ans red gems


Majestic Green Necklace for the groom with overloaded green stones

majestic green necklace for grooms


A fascinating groom Kundan necklace


a fascinating kundan necklace from groom


A long necklace with pearl beads and substantial diamond motifs on either side




Pocket Squares


No matter how much you neglect the small details, in the end, those are the details that enhance your appearance. Let’s jump on to another tiny essential accessory for the groom, which is pocket squares. Pocket squares complete the outfit, and we all agree with this. Pocket Squares matching with the tie makes a classy ensemble and gives a handsome look to the attire. Also, if you’re wearing a sherwani or Nehru jacket. Then you can coordinate the pocket square with the outfit as well. Listed below are some unique ideas on how you can style your pocket square on your wedding day :


A stunning patterned aqua blue pocket square coordinated with the tie



A fabulous tangerine pocket square for the green Nehru jacket


fabulous tangerine pocket square with sea green sherwani


A metallic golden pocket square for the glam


metallic golden pocket square for grooms


A simple yet elegant pink square matching with the safa


simple pink pocket square on white sherwani for grooms




If there gorgeous veils for the bride, then there are classy, artistic sehras for the groom. Grooms are no less in keeping up with the trends, and so we’ve handpicked some trendy Sehras for you to choose from. Under this, you can also choose from whether you want floral Sehra or the one with pearls and faux diamonds. Without further ado, let’s browse through the ideas given below :


Sehra with Pearls and Mogras




A minimalistic Sehra with pearl tassels


minimilistic sehra with pearl tassels for groom


Anaesthetic floral Shera with a fusion of white florals and pink roses


floral sehra with roses for groom




A shawl acts like an inevitable part of sherwani that cannot be missed upon. Indian grooms usually wear shawls along with sherwani and styled by wearing it around the neck or draped around the shoulders. Moreover, these come in different colour combinations and patterns, go through the gallery below to make your best choice :


A floral embroidered black shawl with a floral Nehru jacket


floral embroidered shawl for groom


A beautiful ethnic shawl colour coordinated with the off-white sherwani.

beautiful coordinated ethnic shawl on white sherwani


A dreamy shawl with intricate floral print adding a captivating look to the attire


dreamy printed shawl for groom


A royal navy blue shawl with detailed floral embroidery


royal navy blue shawl for grooms


I’m sure this groom’s accessories checklist and different ideas with it would’ve given you ample amount of views, how many of them did you save?