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15 Groom Poses That You Must Have On Your Wedding Day!

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Updated on 15 April, 2020


Making it work on the wedding is a dream for all. It’s not about the bride but the groom as well. After all, it's his day too!


So, grooms aren't far behind in looking for a picture-perfect self depiction. They want to look their best on the wedding albums and videos. Well, that creates an enormous pressure on the groom to be to look their best. While they can easily select the most beautiful attires, the one thing they struggle - is the poses. If you are out of depth and unaware, take a look here. 

Let's check out the groom poses that unleash your personality. Pose your way to the aisle.


The Arrival Pose

Often missed and disregarded by people. The arrival pose sets the mood for the wedding. It's the beginning of your story. So, a firm entrance with a sharp look is all you desire.


The arrival groom poses




The Preparing Look

While you get prepared for your wedding day, your best mood is highlighted. The finishing touches of getting ready. Buttoning your cuffs, adjusting your turban - these are the poses that showcase your personality.


The Preparing Look for groom


The Upright Pose

Often the most used one is the best one. The straight upright pose where you stand in elan shows your physique. It enables you to get a full picture of your attire and look.


groom wedding photography


Looking into the mirror

Reflections always tell a personal tale. It reflects how you look at yourself. How you personify your moods. This pose is a personal favourite for both brides and grooms.



The One With the Father

Weddings are a bonding time for the family. It's the ideal time when a father-son moment is realised. The moment when the father checks out his son. Gives him a hug and maybe a pep talk. That gleeful pose highlights the true you. Your transition to the man of the house. 


Father groom wedding poses

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Walking side by side

It's the moment of reckoning. The moment you start walking side by side with your partner. Whether you are walking towards or away from the mandap, this moment reflects your features well.


Best wedding photography


Flaunting your style

This pose is the one to showcase yourself. Flaunt your style, your personality. Give an exciting, oh my god pose with your friends.


Trending pose for groom


The Candid Celebratory Fun Pose

This is the one to show your happy and fun pose. Clicked best in candid moments when you are having fun - laughing and dancing with your loved ones. 


best candid moments photography

The One With the Rituals

When it comes to rituals, people concentrate on the bride. The groom too has his moments here. It's the time when they look their best - happy and reflective. 


The One With the Rituals


The Quirky Pose

Bring out your inner eccentricities and pose. Use the elements in your surroundings, your attire and strike a quirky fun pose.


Best groom photography


The One With the Self

As much as it is about the bride looking and admiring herself, it is also for the groom. This is a single solo pose where the groom admires himself and looks sharp. 


Stunning single groom pose

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The One With the Groomsmen & the Bridesmaids

Though a group picture yet this is the time that captures your happiness. With your partner and your friends striking a comfortable, happy pose


Pose with Groomsmen & the Bridesmaids


The Pensive 'Into the Future' Look

Amidst the fun and celebration, comes a pensive where you think of the future. Somewhat happy, somewhat thoughtful, this is the moment you prepare yourself. That look shows your personality.


Groom wedding photography

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Enjoying with the groomsmen

When it comes to celebration, it's the bonding between the groom and his friends which makes it memorable. Your fun moments of interactions with the groomsmen show that you're enjoying the day.


Pose with groom friends



The One With the Bride

The penultimate one is your moment with your partner. The moment of looking at each other is your best profile. 


The One With the Bride




 There are many such moments when you become yourself. The personality becomes visible in your happiness and sense of fulfilment. It's these moments that you want to reflect in your wedding pictures. 

Remember what Judith McNaught wrote in 'A Kingdom of Dreams' - 

“The groom always smiles proudly because he's convinced he's accomplished something quite wonderful.” 


The happiness of accomplishment

So, showcase your accomplishment. Be yourself and flaunt your moments. Maybe the man you're becoming is hidden in these poses, in these moments!