50 Trending Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi & Mehndi
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50 Trending Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi & Mehndi

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Updated on 14 April, 2020


Hair is something which can totally make or break the whole look. Issues with your bridal outfit – it is fixable, absence of jewellery can – ignorable, but a lousy hairstyle – unpardonable. A bad hair day can ruin your bridal look. Do you want to ruin your look on your wedding day? I did not think so. I have curated a list of all the trending yet easy hairstyles. Believe me; you would look stunning girl!

Since we all have different choices and tastes, we have come up with the most fashionable hairstyles from all the styles/ type.

The 3 most amazing hairstyles for your wedding

Open hair hairstyles

Plaited hairstyles

Bun hairstyles

The Best ‘open hair’ Hairstyles for Brides – Open hair


Now, as per your outfit, open haired hairstyles are going to suit you. So, nowadays there are many kinds of open haired hairstyles from which you can select anyone you want. There are few hairstyles with flowers pinned in your head. There are others with different beads are pinned up to your hairs. And there’s this last one where your hair is distributed in proper proportions, and then it is followed by curls.


Beautiful criss-cross hairstyle with pink mini roses


Open hairstyle for brides

Gorgeous open hair braid and faux diamond studs

hairstyle for mehendi functions


Open hairstyle with twisted braids and small flower hair bouquet


Open hairstyle with twisted braids


Side Hair bouquet made of baby’s breath flowers and powder blue mini roses

 Trending Indian Bridal Hairstyles


A dreamy open hair hairstyle braided in roses and studded with tiny florals 

 Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi


A breathtaking half-tie hairstyle beautified with lilac and yellow blooms

Bridal Hairstyles for  Mehndi


A jaw-dropping half-tie hairstyle studded with mini peach roses



An elegant hairstyle made with twisted hair and hair-puff and a diamond hair accessory 

open hair styles

Open-hairstyle for  brides

Half-tied hairstyle enhances with a touch of baby’s breath and mini roses 

Half-tied hairstyle for wedding


Beautiful partially tied hairstyle with mini peach roses


Beautiful partially tied hairstyle


A classy hairstyle with a variety of florals bouquet


classy hairstyle for ceremony


A lovely swirl patterned half tie hairdo for the engagement function


 half tie hairdo for the engagement function


A beautiful mogra bouquet for open hair hairstyle


open hair hairstyle for weddings

An exquisite hairstyle with an overdose of baby’s breath 

Best bridal hairstyles


A quintessential flower crown for open hair hairstyle


flower crown for open hair hairstyle


A simple yet elegant hairstyle with tiny yellow flowers


elegant hairstyle for mehendi

A gorgeous hairstyle made with a fusion of faux diamonds and white florals

gorgeous hairstyle for brides


Hairstyle made of romantic roses and golden beads

Hairstyle made of romantic roses

A terrific hairstyle with substantial peach roses and white florals


beautiful bridal hairstyles

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The best-plaited hairdos for the chic bride – Plaited hairstyles For Mehndi

There are some dresses on which plaited hairstyles look so amazing. So, we have searched and found out the best-braided hairstyles which are trending right now. Most of that hairstyles include putting flowers in the plaits but, the pleats can be changed. There are different types of braids which include regular three-strand braid, fishtail braid, upside-down braid, the dutch braid, the milkmaid braid, the four-strand braid, etc

A waterfall hair braiding with red roses and baby’s breath flowers


waterfall hair braids for wedding

 A messy hair braid topped with baby’s breath flowers

Plaited-Hairsyles for mehendi functions 


An appealing fish braid hairstyle beautified with hair accessory


trending hairstyle for brides


A criss-cross braiding with a touch of mini peach roses and baby’s breath flowers


best bridal hairstyles for wedding


A splendid plaited hairstyle with messy braid and variety of florals


 hairstyle with messy braid

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Loosely tied hair braiding beautified with golden hair accessory


Loosely tied  beautiful hair


An appealing hairdo with loose braid and diamond studs


beautiful hairstyle for wedding

A tightly braided hairstyle with an overdose of mogra flowers for south Indian effect


hairstyles with mogra flowers

A loose braid hairstyle with matching floral jewellery and hair accessory

gorgeous hairstyles for haldi ceremony

 Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi & Mehndi


A simple yet elegant loose hair braiding apt for a mehndi function


Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi & Mehndi

 Hairstyles for Haldi & Mehndi


A mid-parted loose braid with golden beads accessory


 Bridal Hairstyles for Haldi ceremony


An admirable bridal hairstyle prettified with pink roses


pink roses bridal hairstyles

Beautiful bridal hair do


Purple orchids and golden artificial flowers for the combo


golden artificial flowers hairstyles

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Loose braid made with the twirling of hair and topped with pink & white flower

Loose braid with flowers 

A glamorous hairstyle made with a pretty flower hair crown


A glamorous hairstyle

A beauteous hairstyle combined with tiny peach flowers


Best trending hairstyles for wedding

Best of bridal buns in 2020 – Bun hairstyles


A beautiful hair bun inspired by rose

best bridal hairstyle


An exquisite hairstyle featuring a gorgeous flower bouquet


gorgeous flower bouquet

best bridal hairstyle

A tight bun hairstyle for a wedding function

tight bun hairstyle for wedding


A neatly made hair bun topped with mogra flowers

bun with mogra flowers


An eye-popping loose hair bun beautified with upturned flower crown


Trending bridal hair bun

A magnificent loose hair bun looking simple yet elegant


 loose hair bun for brides


Baby’s breath flowers and rose petals combination in a hair flower bouquet


flowers and rose petals hairstyles


A neat hair bun prettified with an overdose of baby’s breath flowers


wedding hairstyles for brides


A gorgeous hairbun made with strands of hair giving it a web effect


gorgeous hairbun for brides

A tightly made hair bun topped with an exquisite mogra flower hairband


best bridal wedding hairstyles

A dreamy white hair bouquet put around the hair bun


trending hairstyles

beautiful hair bun for brides


A fusion of hair bun and hair braid enhanced with small beads and flowers


fusion of hair bun and hair braid

An enticing hair bun with beautiful pink flowers for a bridal hairstyle


 pink flowers for a bridal hairstyle


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Bun hairstyles are overly used whenever traditional dress is worn, so, it is a little clichéd and done to death. That’s what we thought! And then we came across these people who have not lost their creativity.

Many hair-stylists have come up with various amazing ideas to innovate bun hairstyles over time. The trendiest hairstyle with a closed bun is the one that covers the whole bun with flowers. The flowers can be good quality artificial flowers as well as real-flower garlands and buds.

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