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11+ Ideas To Honour Your Original Wedding Date If You Have Postponed

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 10 August, 2020

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Wedding celebrations bring so much positivity and the vibe of unity that cannot be skipped at any point. However, due to the Coronavirus hit, many couples had to postpone their wedding celebrations for safety reasons. The marked date of a wedding means a greater deal to every couple and it can still be glorified in multiple ways from home or virtually. Therefore if you are one of them, then do not wait up because we have 11+ Ideas To Honour Your Original Wedding Date If You Have Postponed. Scroll down to explore the ideas and get inspired to make it happen!

1. The Commitment Ceremony Hosting


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You may not have had a chance to announce the news of your wedding. Or maybe looking forward to celebrating the marital union with relatives as a tribute to the wedding. If so, then you can host a commitment ceremony virtually from home along with your dear one. Share your tale of love over a video call!

2. Minimony With Social Distancing


Image Source: The Wedding Files

Minimony is a mini ceremony or matrimony that occurs with a minimum of ten guests who are mostly close relatives and friends. This intimate affair can be organised by the couple to respectfully share the most precious moment of their life with people they value the most. Of course, while prioritising social distancing!

3. Let Your Relatives Swing By Following The Safety Measures


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If you wish to get greeted by your relatives, then call them over on multiple days and get your blessings. In this way, you can avoid meeting a larger group of people at once. It is essential to follow the safety measures, so do not forget to keep everything sanitised and make use of the masks.

4. Unwrap The Gifts That Have Been Sent To You


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You must have had a collection of gifts being sent to you and occupying a room, so open them up and film it if you desire. Alternatively, you can have your friends and family video conferencing while unwrapping the presents. This is a great way to celebrate your wedding, so don’t forget to make a Thank You list!

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5. Fine Dine At Home


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The couple can also celebrate their date of the wedding in a private space. So put together a fancy dinner date and fine dining at home to share a wonderful moment of love and union.

6. Host A Virtual Cocktail Party


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No problem if you missed your cocktail party because now you can throw a virtual one by inviting every guest on a video call. Pour yourself a great glass of wine and spill your beans all the way. Share laughter along with couple stories and spend meaningful time with your family and friends.

7. Bake Cupcakes Or Cakes At Home


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Can’t buy cakes on the day of you need? Don't you worry! Browse on Youtube for a cake recipe to stir up some sweetness in your life. You can bake mug cakes together and share the celebratory moment as newly married couples. What’s a party without dessert?

8. Take Your Vows


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In case you are interested to honour the wedding date or thinking of marrying from home, then take your vows together. During the time of it, you could share a live stream or pictures from this event with your close ones. Sweet!

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9. Put On Your Wedding Outfits


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Wedding outfits can be very dear to some couples and you may be one of them. So you might love the idea of getting dressed exactly how you picturised yourself at your wedding. This is a great way to relive the moment with respect to the matrimony. Let your friends and family get the pictures or see you virtually.

10. Try At Home Photo Shoot


Image Source: Deepika Ghose

If you have skipped your wedding or pre-wedding shoot, it is not too late to pose at home and recreate the blissful memories. Make your cameras or phones useful, and do your best to create a couple album. What a duo spirit!

11. Host A Virtual Sangeet Night


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Whether your Sangeet night clashed with dates of the lockdown or you are willing to organise a musical evening as part of the wedding celebration. You can smoothly create a virtual event by adding in your guests, share live videos of their dance and request every relative to perform on a soundtrack. Make the most of this session and call as many guests as you like to join your virtual Sangeet Night.

12. Share Your First Couple Dance


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Share a dance in your romantic territory as newlyweds or to-be-wedded couple. This one is our favourite because it is an adorable idea of celebration and every relative or a friend would like to get the sneak-peek of it. Yes! Posting this on social media will have your audience go aww!

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Share in the comment box how you managed to celebrate your wedding after postponing it.