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27+ Most Trending Wedding Favours Ideas for Indian Weddings

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Updated on 15 April, 2020

Are you looking for some unique favours to surprise your guests?

Giving away wedding favours is not an option anymore, but a humble gesture towards the guests for their welcome and also to thank them for being a part of the big day. I’m sure you want all the arrangements related to the wedding and the ceremonies that come with it to be as perfect as it can be. Therefore, for making your guests the happiest and the day more memorable, we have some handpicked favour options for you. 


Also, guess what? We have even mentioned the price of some of the items that will surely be pocket-friendly and pretty too! 


Right away let’s dive in and explore some of the best and unique ideas for your wedding favours : 

Awesome! We present you with some fantastic wedding favours for haldi, mehndi, sangeet and wedding function! 


Haldi & Mehndi Favour Ideas


 1. Jewellery Trinket Boxes 


You can find various types of trinket boxes or jewellery boxes online; these are perfect for all the ladies in your guest list. Moreover, these can be customised as well according to your tastes and budgets.


Price: INR 799


2. Mehndi Themed Cookies


A unique way to add sweetness, with colour and design intricacies is by giving your guests mehndi themed cookies. Also, this can be a fantastic wedding favour for all the people with a sweet tooth out there. 



3. Packed Marshmello Waffle Cones


Another sweet idea would be the packaged marshmallow cones for all the kids at your haldi or mehndi ceremony. With all the kids happy around you, the function will be filled with happy vibes. 

a full packet of marshmallow cones for Haldi and Mehndi Favours 

4. Pre-filled Sweet Cones


Another sweet packet idea is to have pre-filled delicious cones as wedding favours. Also, these can apt for the sweetening of the mouth after the snacks or food in the ceremony. 

yummy pre filled sweet cones for Haldi and Mehndi Favours


5. Leheriya Pouches


Leheriya Pouches are traditional pouches that look pretty with their vibrant colours. Therefore, have these as Indian wedding favours and see all your ladies happy and twirling around with it. 


 Price: INR 350 


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6. Vibrant wristlets with traditional prints


These traditional printed wristlets in vibrant colours are the perfect wedding favour for all the ladies and girls at your ceremony. Not only it’ll make them happy, but you will see them start using it as well. 


colourful wristlets for Haldi and Mehndi Favours

Price: INR 220 onward


7. Bangles


Giving bangles as a wedding favour has been into action since the old times. However, we have also seen that no matter how many bracelets the ladies own, they would want more to match it with other outfits. 


Price: INR 599 (Pack of 120)


8. Leheriya or Bandhani Dupatta


Often used as a wedding favour, colourful leheriya dupattas ranks to be an essential return gist for the ladies. Moreover, it looks fabulous in photos too! 

leheriya or bandhani dupatta for Haldi and Mehndi Favours

Price: INR 499 onwards


9. Leheriya Photo Frames


Leheriya Photo Frames are a unique wedding favour idea, but as pretty as they look, these can make all your guests happy. Also, you can choose to add customisation by adding their pictures in the frame. 


colourful leheriya photo frames for Haldi and Mehndi Favours

 Price: INR 499


10. Fancy Clutches


If going traditional is not your thing, then you can go the fancy way by giving embroidered or diamond-studded clutches. Not only will these wedding favours make the ladies happy, but also you can see start using it there and then.




Sangeet Function Favour Ideas


 1. Brocade Sunglass Covers 


Unique wedding favour would be to gift a brocade sunglass cover in vibrant colours. These covers, along with looking pretty, are entirely usable and affordable. 

brocade sunglasses cover for Sangeet Function Favour

Price: INR 350 – 450 each for bulk orders 


2. Tiny Favour Baskets


Readymade favour boxes filled with some goodies can be a great wedding favour. Moreover, you can also make different baskets for the men and the women at the ceremony.

small size favour baskets for Sangeet Function Favour

 Price: 499 onwards


3. Customised Wedding Cupcake Toppers


Such sweet-tasting wedding cupcake toppers can be a fantastic wedding favour as it’ll taste option and make your guests happy. Also, to add customisation, you can put the name of the bride and groom on the topper. 

customized wedding cupcake toppers for Sangeet Function Favour

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4. Party Invites


You can also send goodies along with invitations this way for your guests. Also, attach name tags along with it to avoid confusion between the invites. 



5. Tea Bag Favours


For all the Tea or coffee lovers, you can give a jute bag filled with flavoured tea bags and coffee pouches. This can be a remarkable wedding favour as its unique and unexpected.


small tea bags as Sangeet Function Favour

6. Brocade Clutches


The vibrant colours of brocade clutches can be a great wedding favour. Not only will these wedding favours make the ladies happy, but also you can see start using it there and then. 

colourful brocade clutches to guest as Sangeet Function Favour

 Price: INR 899


7. Potli Bags 


Potli Bags look very pretty and match with the traditional clothes at any wedding ceremony. Therefore, these can be n good wedding favour and will make all the ladies the happiest. 



 Price: Rs 349 per bag


8. Tic-Tac Wedding Favour Labels


Who doesn’t like to eat tic-tac? But, you can use these as fabulous wedding favours by labelling them in your way. You can paste labels on them saying the date of the wedding and the names of the bridegroom. 

tic tac to wedding guests as Sangeet Function Favour


9. Miniature Whisky Bottles


For all your drink mates you can send the miniature bottles of their favourite drinks. This wedding favour will make them the happiest and will be a memorable gift.

small whiskey bottles to guests as Sangeet Function Favour




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Wedding Favour Ideas


 1. Customised Coin as Wedding Favour


You can choose to send out coins as wedding favours or wedding invites. All you have to do is, stick a coin on the customised printed paper with the wedding date and name of the bridegroom on it. 

customized gold coin as a Wedding Favour 


Price: Under $1


2. Mini Lauhala Boxes


Mini Lauhala Boxes or Bamboo Boxes containing some goodies can be counted as a fantastic wedding favour. Also, to add customisation, you can attach a slip with the bridegroom names on it. 

mini lauhala boxes as Wedding Favour to guests

 Price: INR 50 per box


3. Mini lucky elephant tea light holders


These elephant tea light folders can be used as wedding favours as well by placing chocolate on the holder and pasting a place card on it.

mini lucky elephant holders to guests as a Wedding Favour

 Price: INR 199


4. Mini Plants


Mini Lucky Plants attached with place cards can be an excellent wedding favour. Also, you can add some customised flaps with wedding dates written on it. 

mini plants as a Wedding Favour to guests 

5. Customized Coffee Mugs


Coffee Mugs with the name of the guest printed on it count as a great wedding favour. Not only it is a likeable gift but also a memorable one. 



Price: INR 299 onwards


6. Small Sweet Boxes 


Sweet boxes with some of the most-liked sweets can be an adorable wedding favour. Moreover, you can attach name cards to it to give some customisation. 


small sweet boxes as a Wedding Favour

7. Honey Vintage Wedding Favour


Another sweet gesture can be, giving away mini honey jars along with the name tags. Not only does this count as a sweet one but also vintage wedding favour.


8. Lollipops or Chocolates as Wedding Favours


Everyone is fond of chocolates, why not use this weakness in your wedding favour gift. Moreover, to add a customised twist, you can also paste the chocolates on a paper with wedding dates and name of the bridegroom. 

lollipop or chocolates as a Wedding Favour



 Price: INR 70


I’m sure these wedding favours would have given you loads of ideas for your wedding ceremonies! Go and make it a memorable gift. 

Image Credits: Binita Patel Photography, Fenlong Photography, Mpire, DK Designs, Studio Uma