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29+ Exciting Games for Couple & Guests in 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 15 April, 2020

Wouldn’t you love to hear bursts of laughter at your wedding? Well, wedding games will surely help you have that!

Indians are not just famous for their Rasmein (rituals) but also for the fun wedding games that they play. The games and activities arranged for guests by the couples are a great way to lighten the mood and to increase the bonding between the families. Be it a haldi ceremony or mehndi function, pool party or sangeet after-party, all these quirky games fit in any wedding ceremony and double its fun.

But then choosing the right games for the guests is a tough deal too. Choosing games that will be suitable for all age groups involves a lot of thinking. But don't you worry, we’ve put together the most fun wedding games for your friends and family. These games will be perfect for an ice-breaking ceremony. Go through these wedding games and make notes for yourself!

  1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a fun game that is included in most of the weddings these days. All you've got to do is, make the ping-pong ball bounce on the table and land in one of the beer glasses. The one who does it in a fine manner gets to have a beer. Known to be one of the most popular drinking games, this one is mostly played at pool parties, sangeet after-parties, or beach parties.

beer pong for wedding guests

2. Fish the Ring

This game has been in our culture for ages now. Fish the ring involves just the bride and groom wherein they have to find the ring which is thrown in a container full of milk. Also, there is a belief that goes with this game, that one who wins maximum times rules over the other. It’s an entertaining game for friends and family too!

fish the ring for bride and groom


3. Hula Hoop

A well-known game amongst the kids, Hula Hoop, involves the young participants to keep them busy. But, for double the fun, you can make every guest shake a little with the hula-hoop. To spice up the things a little, you can also have some gifts and prizes for the ones who win the competition.

hula hoop games for haldi and sangeet function

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4. Kite Flying

Kite flying is undoubtedly famous and played by every adult as well as all the children! A very liberating game where the participants in teams compete with each other on who cuts the maximum kites! A slang which is very famous and you might be aware of “Kai Po Che!“ is often used when one cuts the other person's kite. Oh, what a feeling it’ll be while cutting kites and screaming the slang!

kite flying at sangeet function


5. Limbo

A classic dance game for Indian Weddings in which you have to bend backward and cross a horizontal pole without touching it. Here’s a fun tip, try playing the game after being down with a few drinks, it will surely double your fun.

limbo at various wedding functions

6. Marriage wishes for couples

Giving out positive vibes and wishes never gets old! Writing down best wishes for the couple will not just make them happy but make you feel good too. Also, having an installation where the guests can hang the scribbled wishes is a great idea.

marriage wishes for wedding couples

7. Shoe Game

This game is not just famous in India but foreign countries too, while the bride and groom are the ones playing, it is quite an entertainment for the guests who are watching it. In this game, the couple is asked to sit back-to-back with each other and then answer questions related to their relationship. They have to hold one of their shoes in one hand, and their partner’s shoe in another. When asked a question, they have to lift one of the shoes, depending upon what their answer is.

shoe game for bride and groom


8. Giant Snakes & Ladders

A game played since we were kids is this one, but the only difference being, this is not on a small board! Roll down the big size snakes & ladders game and let your guests enjoy playing it. Roll the dice while taking turns with your friends and climb the ladders or get bitten by snakes.

giant snake and ladders for whole family


9. Tarot Card Reader

Having a tarot card reader at your wedding can be quite engaging for your guests because who isn’t curious about knowing their future? Other than that, a talking parrot will add more fun, I guess.

tarot card reader at wedding function

10. Tic-Tac-Toe

We’ve always played tic-tac-toe on paper, why not try it on a large board this time! Playing it with large boxes can be quite engaging and exciting. A personalized touch to the game could be instead of having naughts and crosses, go for the initials of the bride and the groom, and make your side win!

tic tac toe for wedding guests

11. Tug of War

“Dum Laga Ke Haisha” You would’ve heard this slang numerous times in your life. But the use of this slang is at max when playing tug of war. Two teams on either side of the rope, pull from their side and the team which is successful in making the other team fall on the ground, wins! Double the fun by adding punishments for losing teams and prizes for the winning ones.

tug of war for bride and groom family members


12. Untying the knot

Untying a knot is one task that is easier said than done! You can have this fun game at your wedding and see how much patience and tactics your guests portray. Also, to add some crisp, arrange for a few gifts for the winning people.


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13. Volleyball

If the wedding venue offers you some lawn or beach, then you should surely organize a volleyball game between two teams. Also, have a bunch of funny punishments for the losing side and gifts for the winning ones.

volleyball match for wedding guests

14. Wedding Karaoke

I’m sure a lot of your relatives love to sing, and you would find them humming every now and then. Here is a fun game for them, wedding karaoke! Just make two teams and make everyone sing like a face-off. This is a perfect game for having a gala time with your family and have a bonding session.

wedding karaoke for families at sangeet function


15. Wheel of Fun

Putting someone in funny situations or giving dares can be a pretty fun game, right? This wedding game will help you do that. The wheel of fun is a game where there are dares written on the wheel, and the wheel is spun. Wherever the mark stops, the person has to do the dare. This is one of the gripping games with loads of laughter and fun involved.

wheel of fun for wedding guests


16. BlackJack

A blackJack game in the list of games will surely turn heads of all those casino lovers! A perfect game for the pool parties and after-parties, which keep your guests super indulged and busy.

blackjack of various wedding functions


17. Giant Jenga

Jenga is a super fun game that keeps you on your toes all through the game. A minor distraction can make the whole Jenga tower fall on the ground. Also, having a funny punishment for the breaker will add spice to the game. Go for it!

giant jenga for wedding guests

18. Cricket Match

Be it an indoor or outdoor wedding game, no game can beat the hype of a cricket match! Keep a cricket match in your list of games and see your guests having an ultimate face off against each other.


19. Saree Tying

It is easy for the ladies to tie a saree, but the real deal comes when the men have to tie one for themselves! Have bursts of laughter at your wedding by keeping this wedding game on your list. Also, having a fun photo shoot after that is like a cherry on the top!

saree tying for haldi and sangeet function

20. Trampoline

A fun game that’ll keep the kids rolling is a trampoline game. With adults participating a bit too, this game will keep the kids at the ceremonies engaged and have fun at the same time.

trampoline for wedding guests

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21. Musical Chairs

This is one of those games which never gets old. A game that’ll keep you running and active all through is this one. Run around and sit on the chairs as fast as you can, and win lovely prizes for yourself.

22. Paper Dance

A romantic game which should be enlisted because the other couples out there would like to try some quirky stuff too. The game demands the participants to get in a pair of two and dance together in a full-sized newspaper. The catch of the game is that, with every stoppage of music, the paper will be folded once. The couple who survives till the last without stepping on the ground wins the game!

23. Identify your bride

For all the men who brag about loving their wives, this game could be a perfect test for them. In this game, wives have a ghunghat (veil) on their faces, and husbands have to identify which lady is his wife.

24. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a game that we have been playing since childhood. Having this game on your wedding will surely give the guests a rush through the memory lane and make them live their childhood memories! Moreover, having prizes for the winners will surely keep them all motivated and curious.

25. Gunny Sack Race

Another game from childhood is the gunny sack race! All you’ve got to do is hop into your sack and start running to win the race. Moreover, another customization you can have is to personalize the sacks with your name initials.

gunny sack race for families and guests

26. Tambola

Every family function is incomplete without a game of Tambola! So, this one game has to be on your list no matter what. Strike off the numbers and win amazing prizes. This one is quite an engaging game and will keep all your guests ready to win.

tambola for wedding guests

27. Golgappa Challenge

Golgappa is an essential fast food for the Indians, so why not keep competition regarding it. For all the golgappa lovers, this game is perfect, and also keeping prizes for the winners will just add more fun to it.

golgappa challenge for all

28. Beer Chug Challenge

A fun drinking game for all the beer-lovers out there! Perfect for an after sangeet party or pool party, gather your guests and have a face-off on who chugs the beer faster. Also, to spice it up a little bit, have some funny punishments for the losers.

beer chug challenge for bride and groom


29. Ring Toss

Another game that we used to play in our childhood days is ring toss. Keep gifts on the table, and the participant has to toss the ring and make it land on the favorite gift. You can also keep bottles instead of gifts. Aim and toss!

ring toss for wedding guests


I’m pretty sure you might have prepared your list of wedding games already. So how many ideas did you steal from this?

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