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It Is Okay To Hire A Makeup Artist Post-COVID - Here is why

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 24 July, 2020

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If your wedding date is to arrive soon and you are still worried about whether or not to hire a makeup artist, then the answer to your question is in this blog. We know that the novel coronavirus outspread has changed our lifestyles, but it is still possible to stay safe with a couple of hygienic practices. Similarly, the makeup artists are now fully equipped with sanitisers, disinfectants, masks and PPE kits to provide you with healthy services. So panic no more and book your makeup artists with confidence. With the listed precautions, explore what a safe experience looks like through our blog, Hiring A Makeup Artist Post-COVID - What To Expect?

1. Dressed in a PPE Kit


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For mutual safety of both client and the makeup artist, most salons and freelancers can provide services wearing a PPE Kit. They shall fully shield themselves with gloves, face mask, covered suit and covered shoes. The personal protection equipment kit will prevent direct contact and avoid any virus from spreading.

2. Masked Up Face


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Contactless services are required to keep a barrier between the client and the service provider. So, your makeup artist must wear a mask at all times and follow the safety measures for standardised customer service.

3. Fully Sanitised Makeup Kit


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The makeup kits should be sanitised before and after every use. Including brushes, palettes, spatulas, and almost everything that has been used on the clients. Sanitisation is one of the practices of the new normalisation. Keep a close watch!

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4. Disposable Mascara And Lip Wands


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We know that most of the eye and lip products are applied directly to the client, and that may not be a hygienic approach. Therefore, makeup artist must use disposable mascara and lip wands for each application to prevent bacterias from entering the body.

5. No Direct Application From The Cosmetic Packaging


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In order to avoid direct application straight from the packaging, products can be poured out on a palette. This technique will make sure that makeup is applied in a contactless manner. You do not want germs to be transferred to your skin, and it is a clean process.

6. Does Not Double Dip


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A highly professional makeup artist will not double-dip any product. Instead, they will spare lipstick or any product they are working with on a palette. To ensure safety standards, the artist will use disposable tools or sanitise them before reusing. Double-dips may turn out to be dangerous during the outspread of the virus or be prone to it.

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7. Uses Fresh Set Of False Eyelashes


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In the past, we may have observed the reusing trend of false lashes, but in the present scenario, it is a big no-no! It is essential to check the seal before getting falsies applied to your lids. Brides would not want themselves to be contaminated, so always ask for fresh eyelashes during a makeup session.

8. Disinfects Makeup Tools Before Each Appointment


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In the present time, sanitisation is everything, and you must watch your makeup artist disinfecting their tools before and after the appointment. Be it makeup brushes, beauty blenders or the palette they work with as every step of hygiene counts!

9. Keeps A Sanitiser Handy


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Lastly, a makeup artist must keep a sanitiser handy and use it from time to time during the sitting. Nowadays, this is one of the best ways of building trust between clients and service providers. This method will ensure consumer satisfaction, so make it a point!

Would you be hiring a makeup artist for your wedding ceremony? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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