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37 Designs For Kundan Jewellery Bucket List

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 19 April, 2021

Image Source: Rent Jewels

As the wedding season and occasions pass by where ethnic outfits are just the attire to be in, we realise that our wardrobe needs minor changes that could be anything, even jewellery for that matter. If you are a fashionista who looks up to fashion and styles to follow then this blog of “37 Designs For Kundan Jewellery Bucket List” is for you as it features Kundan jewellery that ladies mostly wish to have. If your lonely outfits are searching for some great Kundan jewellery pieces, then you could scroll through to find your favourites. Let us follow the latest Kundan Jewellery styles and grab what is trending.

Spellbinding Necklaces To Hook At The Nape

Unleash the trendy neckpieces that you could jam with multiple ethnic attires. Maybe your next occasion look will derive from our creative list. Hook to your name these heavy to light and of various styles with shapes of some neck worthy jewellery. You may choose to buy and keep it for your rainy day or just wear it to keep your fashion game strong.

Extended Choker Necklace with Kundan work and pearls.


Image Source: Shades Photography

Broad Green Droplet Choker necklace in clear Kundan.


Image Source: Naman Verma Photography

Magenta Kundan double-layered necklace in floral motifs.


Image Source: Khanna Jewellers

Kundan studded V-Shaped Necklace With cream coloured pearls.


Image Source: Etsy

Contemporary earthy green tweaked Choker in Kundan.


Image Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik

Heavy bridal necklace locked in the big square-shaped Kundan pieces.


Image Source: Khurana Jewellers

Bewitching Earrings To Capsule

There is no such thing as enough earrings! Because we know that ladies love to stock up jewellery and keep ample of options for future or daily needs. These fashion-forward earrings can be mixed and matched with various other jewellery sets or worn plainly with outfits. Traditional earrings like Jhumkas, drop-downs, ear cuffs and entire covered cuff could be viewed in these images. The first and last one are my personal favourites.

Drop earring in floral Kundan motifs lined with turquoise shade. 


Image Source: Noorie Jewels

Golden Leafy Ear Cuffs in deep red Kundan work.


Image Source: Jumkey

Gold Kundan Jhumka with coin-sized flower motif.


Image Source: Amaris Jewels

White and Gold pearl Jhumka binding the entire ear.


Image Source: Khanna Jewellers

Multicoloured Kundan drops down earring with dotted pearls detail.


Image Source: Errikos Andreou

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Adorn Your Temples With Magnetic Matha-Patti Designs

These Matha-Patti design inspirations are setting trends with their unique styles that will leave you lovestruck. On the events where you wish to do a little extra or maybe need to dress up more than usual then try wearing this Matha-Patti as single pieces and create a trend that people would want to steal.

Sophisticated Minimal Kundan Work Matha-Patti.


Image Source: Blacktie Photography

Pearl Drop Matha-Patti with Kundan studded flower detail.


Image Source: Moving Pictures

Moon Shaped Kundan motif with a broad band of Matha-Patti.


Image Source: Through The Barrel

Tucked back Rajputi inspired Matha-Patti with Kundan.


Image Source: Cam Catches

Heavy Rajsthani Ghungroo band Matha-Patti with clear and pink Kundan.


Image Source: Hazira Makeup Artist, Goa

Emphasize Your Wrists With Jingling Bangles

Kundan bangles that may be in your bucket list to complement your ethnic attire. Fill in your forearm twitch the beautiful bangle sets that are in fashion for your occasional needs. These product images feature absolutely mind-blowing bangle designs which can be fused with other jewellery as well. From Gold to bold, there is everything for your wishlist here.

Multicoloured Six-piece bangle set with Ruby and Kundan.


Image Source: Hema Khasturi

Textured gold bangle set with clear Kundan droplets.


Image Source: Auraa Trends

Thick bangles of Kundan mixed with Royal blue and Gold.


Image Source: Just Jewellery

Kundan bangle set with red rubies and pearl detail in gold.


Image Source: Auraa Trends

Kundan bangles that can be matched along with golden bracelets.


Image Source: Khush Mag

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Enthralling Variety Of Royal Nose-Rings 

Royal nose-rings that are the must-haves of 2020 because of the enthralling design element that is added in their details. The listed images of products appear as bold Maharani fashion that can be followed by wearing these regal nose-rings. Psst... You can wear it with jeans and slay a contemporary look!  

Epic nose-ring composed of Kundan and beads in gold.


Image Source: Stuti & The Gang

Kundan nose ring with bird figure detailed in the centre.


Image Source: Mortantra

Diamond-shaped Kundan studded in an enormous traditional nose-ring.


Image Source: The Indie Electric

Timeless nose-ring with single Kundan and pearls suitable for all garments.


Image Source: Femina Weddings India

Soft Kundan detailed nose-ring paired with green and white beads.


Image Source: Sabyasachi Jewellery

Gently Lay Hands Wearing Captivative Rings

This might just give you the reason to get a manicure so you could gently lay those delicate hands of yours wearing some magnificent Kundan Rings and be a little sassy. These well finished intricately designed rings with exceptional motifs will get you to fall in love with Kundan jewellery.

Floral Kundan ring to suit the shimmery clothing.


Image Source: Crosscraft

Ring cum bracelet also called as Haath-Phool, with Kundan droplet detail work.


Image Source: Shreya Juneja

A leaf-shaped Ruby and Kundan ring to complement champagne-coloured outfits.


Image Source: Morvi Images

Clear pink Kundan studded in this floral ring with a golden base and beads.


Image Source: Anuraag Rathi

Beautiful ring with lotus detail rounded in Kundan.


Image Source: Cupcake Productions

Dazzling Payal For Ankle Length Bottom Lovers

Ankle length Flared Pants, Anarkalis, Kurtas or you name any ethnic bottom because Payal is just the piece that will not keep your ankles looking lonely. Our Kundan Payal inspirations might strike you with ideas for your next shopping trip. You will come across with Golden, Silver, Colourful and multilayered payals in different widths to get ideas from.

Single Studded Bright Red Ruby in a double-banded Kundan Payal.


Image Source: The Cheesecake Project

Triple-layered Kundan Payal with tiny Ghungroo.


Image Source: Artify India

Exclusive broad golden Payal with Kundan studded in square frames.


Image Source: Khush Mag

Light sleek Payal of Kundan works with red droplets and a slight touch of green.


Image Source: Ajit High-Tech Photo

Rajasthani Silver Kundan Payal with added ghungroo.


Image Source: Mujahid Hussain

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Tell us in the comment section about your favourite picks from this Kundan Jewellery Blog.