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Amazing Lehenga tips to look taller & slimmer for brides | Bridal Hacks

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Updated on 19 May, 2020

There have been studies which prove that the people who are a bit chubby are more likely to be happier and content than the ones who are thin. Unfollowing any standard beauty stereotypes lets propagate the idea of loving your real self. So why to worry about the desire to look your best? With this blog, I bring to you the best styling hacks to look badass in your lehenga! Take a read to the below-mentioned tips which are pretty easy and impactful too. 

So, dear soon-to-be-brides, when you go shopping, walk-in confidently and give the salesman exact instructions of what you’re looking for and look the best version of yourself!

At present, we are here to ask the question that bothers all the pretty girls who are currently having a rough time dodging those yum doughnuts and picking healthy food as a substitute. Jogging 2 km every day just to take a pit-stop at McDonald’s on the way back home, you are doing everything but alas!

Run all those kilometres, do yoga, do Zumba, but not just under the pressure of looking perfect on your wedding day, but to stay healthy, because we have some excellent ideas to help you rock your wedding woes. Do as we say, take our tips on lehenga designs for fit brides, and you would want to thank us so badly. 

If you are the kind of girl who does not like to go on a diet, she appreciates the skin she is in and needs easy yet useful cracks to nail the ideal bridal outfit, here, read on.

With the thin belt and a high waist lehenga knotted above your navel, you will be concealing your tummy. Plus, you can then try out a crop top as the area around your rib cage is the slimmest part for anyone. If you are wearing a regular lehenga, then the blouse should end just a centimetre above the lehenga.

Do you have bulk issues around your arms? Get semi-sheer sleeves in georgette and net and have them close-fitting till the elbow. They look stylish, and the tight fit guarantees your arms look slimmer. However, selection of a bulky fabric in full sleeves can only increase even more weight. Snug fitted, three-quarter length, semi-sheer sleeves do the trick.

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Fabric Selection


No matter how much you are in love with raw silk, avoid it as they will make you look heavier than you actually because these fabrics aren’t too flowy and pick materials that give you an A-line figure. Choose chiffon, crepes or georgettes. Flowy fabrics hide the unwanted and make you look more synchronized and well fitted.




Pick Small Prints and Fine Patterns  

Small prints will merge with the base colour of your lehenga instead of going for bold floral prints which will just make it messier. Go for vertical prints which will serve your purpose to look well done. Also if you are getting embroidered motifs on your lehenga then even choose smaller topics spread evenly as compared to more significant motifs placed meagerly.



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The Kanjivarams for Short Brides

The trick is to ensure your pleats don’t create mass in just one place. By spreading those out only a millimetre away from each other, and making sure that they stay pressed down, you can reduce on that clustered up look heavy silk sarees give. The other way to cut down on the fabric’s bulkiness is to ensure the pleats on your shoulder are pressed down neatly, and your saree drape cuts across your creases right at the perfect angle.



Go Monotone

If you try out three different colours for your dupatta, blouse and lehenga then surely it is going to make the whole look bulkier, and it abstains the attire from complimenting the figure. So another great trick is to create an illusion with a monotone lehenga. Go for dark shades like browns, wines, and violets for both lehenga and choli which will help create an uninterrupted vertical line making you look desirable. Also, you may use a contrasting dupatta to add a different shade.





 Dupatta Draping Style for Curvy Brides

Clad in your lehenga from above your low waist, on navel point or even higher to highlight on a slim waistline and the lower torso will look slimmer. Put your dupatta narrow pleated drape from the bodice. If you hang it in a saree style, then it will prove a decent cut and shape to your figure. Also, it will cover up all the significant areas like belly and lower back. Make sure you do not take a one-sided or completely open shoulder to shoulder dupatta as it will add a lot of bulk to the look.



Bridal Lehenga Color Hacks for Short & Chubby Brides

It’ll give you a slimmer effect when you’re heavy on the top. You may also play a contrast instead of wearing the same shade. A break in colour will make you look thin. Recall the dialogue “Because black makes me look thin, and green makes you look fat!” by Kareena Kapoor Khan’s in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 😉


Sleeve Hacks for Curvy Brides

Go sheer mid-length instead of going short or puffy with your sleeves as this just highlight the extra bulkiness you have around your sleeves. Also, avoid heavily embroidered or designer sleeves. It’s better to keep it simple and let the fabric add to the classiness of the look.





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Say No to High Neckline

A heavy neckline with closed or collared one – will be a bad idea. Let it be simple to have a seamless effect. You may choose a boat neck or a round neck. Also, a sweetheart neckline would look great too. No high necks. 


Never go bold with Design

Embroidery is a must-have in your wedding lehenga, right? It’s just as what butter is to bread. So we definitely can’t avoid it. But be careful while selecting it because it will definitely transform your look. So Go for intricate, delicate and ornate embroidery rather than big, shiny, jarring ones. Choose small motifs, thin belts and simple designs rather than big, bold motifs and gap works, as it highlights more spaces and attracts attention to the bulkier areas.



Lehenga with Kalis or Panels for Short Brides

Choose vertical line rule to pick your Lehenga styles. Your lehenga will look lengthened with multiple kali styles which will give your lower torso look sleek. Also, select the verticle embroidery or growing motifs in the outfit or small motifs spread all over to add balance. A big no to broad borders and fish-cut styles.




Go for slim Borders

 Don’t even dare to go for those big bold and double aligned borders. Instead, keep your dupatta and lehenga borders petty and stylish. Or opt for smaller motifs (which we mentioned earlier) and let them flow from top to bottom of your lehenga design. 


Length Matters

Avoid the lehenga trail. Yes, we know it’s on-trend, but this will only add a lot more weight to your attire and make you look bulkier.



Fits and Drape

Avoid bridal lehenga cholis that fall loose on your waist this will only highlight your more full hips. Instead, go for a corset blouse, which is not too tight and fits well. How you drape your dupatta can also pretty much hide your flaws. A tight saree style dupatta draping works well to cover those little skin show and creates a neat look.



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Keep Your Standard and Heels High

Once you are sorted with your sleek, lean and envious bridal lehenga, put the pretty high heels on and stay confident and let your smile twinkle.




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Right Choli pattern and Style

Select a longer choli or midriff style that hides the waistline, giving you an even tone helps you look slimmer. You can even go for peplum cholis or a blouse with mid-waist and not an upper waistline. Choose long sleeves or elbow sleeves patterns.







A Double Dupatta Idea for Curvy Brides

A double dupatta can be a lovely camouflage idea! With a two dupatta look, just make sure that at least one of the dupattas is light sheer colour so that it doesn’t attract too much attention and yet does the job.





Reduce the Skin Show

Skip the idea to flaunt your midriff. Skin show isn’t that needed also. Instead, use tricky ways to cover up without being cluttered. You can put sheer fabrics where a regular blouse would bare some skin or even use skin-coloured fabric to give it a seamless touch.



A smart selection of Accessories

Just play around with the accessories, highlight them. If the eyes find something attractive to focus then the flaws are almost forgotten. Also be sure that you don’t overdo, since excessive clutter might make you look broader.



Focus on other areas

Focus on your best features and try to highlight them. Gorgeous makeup, a drop-dead gorgeous hairdo can shift the focus from the problem areas. If you have got toned arms, show them with a lovely sleeveless choli. You may also go for statement jewellery pieces.




Wearing a Shapewear

Shapewear is called shapewear for a reason. It’s a good trick to set that extra bulge right and look as desirable in pictures. You may opt for a low waist tummy tucker and get a fine fit on the hips.

The right hairdo and makeup!

A right combo of hair and makeup can just reduce a few kilos from your face, yeah! that’s right. So the trick is to keep your makeup subtle but highlight your face well enough to get that sleek look. And with the hair – let the cascade fall down, or you may opt for a really simple hairstyle.







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No slouching, please!

Please Stand tall. Believe me, your complete look is governed by your body posture which may make or break your entire look. Not that you have to stand still all the time, just make sure to keep your back erect and your shoulders back.


Whoever told you to go on those crash diets right before your wedding, can now shut up!

I hope that with these smart tips, you will leave everyone stunned with your looks on your D-day. Having said that, brides, you’ll rock always. The most important styling tip I can give to the brides is to wear a smile with your lehenga. It will make you look a million times beautiful!

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