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31 Different Ways to Wear your Maang Tikka in Weddings

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Updated on 13 April, 2020

Over time, maang tikka has become one of the favourite jewellery pieces of any bride! Varying from oversized Kundan to the delicate ones, we’ve covered it all for you!


There are many ornaments which are an essential part of wedding jewellery, and one such item is the maang tikka. As a bride, you must get everything right. So if you are looking for different and unique maang tikka designs, you can put an end to your hunt now.  

Maang tikka was a simple basic ornament earlier, but now it has taken a 180° turn in regards with the designs. Gorgeous maang tikka designs go well with a middle-parted hairstyle or a high bun. While the over-sized ones look absolutely beautiful, the delicate ones give you an ease to dance around. You might be wondering where will you find all these different designs? Worry not, we have curated a list of all styles, right from the elaborate ones to the most simplistic ones. Check them below.


1. Borla Maang Tikka

A statement style of Haryana and Rajasthan, which was something used even by queens and princes. It has a very peculiar shape studded with beads and precious stones.


Borla Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Bridal Maang Tikka Design  

 2. One Tier Maang Tikka

A very elegant design, which also holds the central tikka in place. The tier can be a simple chain or have elegant designs along with it.


One-Tier-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


3. Multi-Layer Maang Tikka

If you are going for a more elegant look, you can use a multi-layered maang tikka which completely covers your head. You may want to choose Kundan work or pearl for enhancement of the look.



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4. Paasa Maang Tikka

This is a style which is used exclusively by Muslim brides. A unique design which falls on the left side of the head. Kundan work and ghunghroo attachments enhance its beauty to a new level.


Paasa-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

5. Multi-layered Side Tikka

In this style, you have a centrally located tikka while the layers are situated at the side, which gives you a side-swept look.




6. Chaand Bali Maang Tikka

An old design, there is something inherently beautiful about it. The chain connecting it can be simple or something more elaborate, both the kinds look lovely.


Chaand-Bali-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Chaand-Bali-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


7. Oversized Maang Tikkas

If you want an impressive look, have an oversized maang tikka in a round or oval-shaped, decorated in stones, crystals and pearls.


Oversized-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


8. Minimal Maang Tikkas

If you do not want to wear massive jewellery weighing you down on your wedding day, then go for these simple, lightweight designer maang tikka.


Minimal-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Minimal-Bridal Maang Tikka Design  

9. Crescent Shaped Maang Tikkas

For those of you are who are looking for the latest trends, we would like to tell you that these crescent/ sickle-shaped tikkas are the trend this season. These kinds come in Kundan or meenakari and look magnificent.


Crescent-Shaped-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Crescent-Shaped-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

10. Kundan Maang Tikkas

An evergreen choice, you can never go wrong with Kundan work. Try out this Kundan maang tikka for your wedding day to make a statement look.


Kundan-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


11. Polki Maang Tikkas

This design can be dated back to the Mughals as it features beautiful uncut diamonds. The diamonds are studded closely together, forming a water-drop shape. 

Polki-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Polki-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


12. All in White

If you are looking for a clean yet elegant design, use a maang tikka inlaid only with white stones or diamonds. The chain attached on the sides beautifies the ornament even more.  


All-in-White Bridal Maang Tikka Design

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13. Borla With A Twist

A combination of the traditional Borla design with a crescent pattern gives an edgy look to the conventional Borla design.

 Borla-With-A-Twist Bridal Maang Tikka Design


14. Circular Designs

Something is satisfying about the symmetrical designs and radial patterns in a circular maang tikka. Also, the pearl cluster around the maang tikka gives a ravishing feel to the jewellery. 


Circular-Designs Bridal Maang Tikka Design


15. Dangling Designs

Having dangling designs playing on your forehead, and it could be pearls, beads or uncut stones. The diamond studs complement the tassels in a dreamy manner.


Dangling-Designs-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Dangling-Designs-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


16. Stones and Diamond Combo

Bring in different precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and diamonds on a base of white gold. The maang tikka looks minimal and will be perfect for your sangeet outfit. 


Stones-and-Diamond-Combo Bridal Maang Tikka Design


17. Pure Gold Maang Tikka

If you are wearing a Kanjivaram sari for your big day, then a pure gold maang tikka will sit beautifully with it.


Pure-Gold-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


18. Hugging The Hairline

By choosing a single-tier maang tikka which frames your face, you highlight your facial features and draw attention. 



19. Detailed Matha Patti 

If you are going for simple neck jewellery, then you can compensate by wearing a detailed matha Patti. It highlights the features of the face and makes it look more beautiful. 


Elaborate-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


20. Mughal Style Maang Tikka

You may like this style if you are going for a heavily worked dupatta to cover the head. This style has a patterned chain and a tikka with intricate design and tassel details. 

Mughal-Style Bridal Maang Tikka Design


21. South Indian Style

South Indian brides usually wear a silk sari at their wedding. A gold matha patti which is embedded with red, green and white stones goes perfectly with this attire. 

South-Indian-Style Bridal Maang Tikka Design


22. Tear Drop Maang Tikka

If you have a small face with close-set features, then a simple teardrop maang tikka will surely help highlight your features. 



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23. Wear It Like A Crown

Wear a multi-layered maang tikka to add a little drama and flair to your look. Wearing it high will make it look like a beautiful crown. 


Wear-It-Like-A-Crown Bridal Maang Tikka Design

24. Charm Maang Tikkas

By adding multiple lightweight charms to your maang tikka, you can give a boho twist to your maang tikka. 


Charm Bridal Maang Tikka Design


25. Combination of Styles

If you are going for an extravagant look, then you may want to combine styles. Here the side maang tikka combined with Chaand Bali to gives an exquisite look to the bride.


Combination-of-Styles Bridal Maang Tikka Design


26. Punjabi Style Maang Tikka

Punjabi maang tikkas mainly feature huge designs which cover most of the forehead. These maang tikkas are oversized and barely leave space for a bindi. 


Punjabi-Style-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


27. Multi Chain Maang Tikkas

 As this design covers the entire top half of your head, use these only if you will not be required to cover your head with a dupatta. Every layer features Kundan work and stones, which makes it more beautiful. 


Multi-Chain-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


28. Maharashtrian Maang Tikka

Maharashtrian brides generally wear their tikkas accompanied with another ornament called the moriyo and usually use pearl maang tikkas.


Maharashtrian-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


29. Purely Pearl

White pearls look resplendent on dark hair, especially on a night function. Layers of pearls attached with a maang tikka make gorgeous bridal jewellery 




30. With A Floral Twist

Floral maang tikkas are highly uncommon and for that very reason help you stand apart from the crowd. However, floral maang tikkas are usually worn in mehndi or haldi ceremony. 


With-A-Floral-Twist-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

With-A-Floral-Twist-Bridal Maang Tikka Design


31. Unique Shapes

Maang tikkas are usually associated with round or pendant shapes, but you can play around with other shapes also. Like here, the bride uses a square-shaped tikka which helps her face look more angular.




32. Jhumka Style Maang Tikka

Because of their smaller size, these are usually favoured by bridesmaids and close relatives of the couple.


Jhumka-Style-Bridal Maang Tikka Design

After going through all these maang tikka designs, we hope that you were able to find a style of your choice for both you and your bridesmaids!

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