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Makeup Kit Essentials For Summer 2021

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 19 April, 2021

Image Source: Iconic London Makeup

Summer as a new season each year gives everyone a chance to make room for fashion and beauty necessities. Ladies get to toss away their old makeup and restock on the new ones to stay in trend. If you are Makeupoholic, then it is just the blog for you, feeding you in on current summer essentials. Check out these Updated Summer Makeup Kit Inclusions For 2021

1. Facial Mist


Image Source: Camille Styles

Facial Mists can be very refreshing for hot summer days. They really do the job of keeping makeup looking fresh all day. Celebrities like to grab them based on fragrance, finish and quality. If you are someone who wants to look as fresh as a daisy all day long, then a facial mist is a must this season.

2. Long-Wear Foundation


Image Source: Kosas

Heat sums up the runniness of a foundation due to oil and sweat. It is important to keep a long-wear foundation handy in the summer season to avoid all the smudging. Matte foundations are majorly recommended as they cut out the facial luminosity. However, for a dewy look, you may go for a lightweight creme or silicone-based foundation. Do test your product before buying!

3. BB Creams


Image Source: Style Caster

BB creams support sheer coverage look due to its thin consistency. It works as a sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation altogether. So if you are not a full coverage lover or simply want to keep it light and durable on working days, then this can be your summer choice. You must always check for the ingredients that suit you and SPF level to protect your skin from sunlight.

4. CC Creams


Image Source: The Body Shop

CC creams are colour correcting creams and must be used as a base of the makeup. To keep your skin looking healthy, you may start your makeup with a base of the same. On summery days it can work wonders when worn under a BB cream. You will forget about foundations all at once. This product is recommended for women dealing with acne as well.

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5. SPF 30+ Beauty Products


Image Source: Banana Boat

Beauty products now offer more than SPF in foundations, lotions, sunscreens, BB creams and much more so why go for anything less than that. It is for the protection from exposed sunlight which may cause uneven tan and pigmentation. So the more is merrier here!

6. Tinted Sunblock


Image Source: Medium

A tinted sunblock can be seen being sold online in a spray or cream form. Get your hands on it to make your life easy. We all go through busy days where last-minute creams and lotions become the game-changer.

7. Sunscreen Spray


Image Source: Bare Republic

Pumping bottles are no more exciting, and packaging plays an extreme role in the beauty industry. Therefore, spray sunscreen is the future holy grail as the fabulous bottles will keep its utility generous for sure. True innovations!

8. Summer Colour Eye and Blush Palette


Image Source: Pop Sugar

Well, it is time to get these summer-friendly colours out and slay wearing them. Stock up your palettes with pastels, lilac, peachy, tangerine and all the pink tones. Aqua and whites are playing a big role this summer. So spread the word and upgrade your blush along with eyeshadow palettes.

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9. Smudge-proof Mascara and Eyeliner


Image Source: Hajjar Photography

We know that a drippy and smudgy mascara is not flattering, but neither is a smudgy eyeliner, so why keep them when you can replace your mascara and eyeliner with smudge-proof options. Maybelline and L'oreal infallible have a great range of lasting products. We hear Sugar is the brand for one of the best pen eyeliners. These brands are affordable and worth the quality.

10. Lip Gloss


Image Source: Lips By Guerlain

Lip gloss is a holy grail for women who love the plump and pout. It is in fashion this season, so do not resist buying some apricot tones as it will make your dewy look pop. Touch up in intervals while wearing a gloss to keep it looking fresh.

11. Peachy, Nude And Coral Matte Lipsticks


Image Source:

There is nothing such as too many lipsticks, so here we give you a reason to shop for more and restock your makeup kit. The trend of matte lip colours is inclining as they tend to stay on for long. Therefore, get the hot shades of Peach, Nude and Corals to follow up on the glam-game.

12. Dewy and Matte Makeup Setting-Spray


Image Source: Pink Peonies

If you wonder why your makeup gets off quickly, then it is time to apply the makeup setting spray. It will help you in keeping your fabulous look in place for the entire day. The best part is that setting sprays vary in finishes to suit matte or dewy looks, so go and bring yours home.

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What are you restocking this summer? Tell us the comment section below.