35+ Trending Bridal Matha Patti Designs for Every Face Type


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35+ Trending Bridal Matha Patti Designs for Every Face Type

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Updated on 18 April, 2020

Are you baffling around for the right kind of Matha Patti design which would suit your face? 

Derived from two words, 'Matha' means forehead and 'Patti' means a band or a strap, the traditional head jewellery Matha Patti is an integral part of the Bridal look completing the Solah Srinagar. It is an elaborated version of a maang tikka, worn along the forehead. Although it is a piece of traditional jewellery, it has become a style statement now.

From the sea of beautiful designs available, from the gorgeous oversized ones & multi-layered to the lightweight ones, it is quite a task to pick one. Let's get happy as I have complied some stunning designs which will certainly match your face type.

Faces types can be broadly categorised into six types- Round, Oval, Diamond, Square, Heart, and Long. Just figure out your face type and good if you know it already! Go, get enticed and look bewitching with these fancy baubles!

Here’s my curated list of trendy Matha-Patti designs which will steal the hearts of soon-to-be-brides

1. Round Face Type

The length and width of your face will be same almost and will be widest at the cheeks. You may opt for something which has a big round pendant and may also go for the designs with angles and corners. Just avoid very oversized Mathapattis which will hide a lot of the forehead which will cut down the length of the face, that's why opt small and dainty ones. Do pull back the matha Patti so that it doesn't cut short the height from the front.

A lotus headband matha Patti with pristine maroon and white pearls & meenakari work.

lotus headband matha patti deisgn with meenakari work

A gorgeous matha Patti with Chaand Bali tikka and elegant motifs.

gorgeous matha patti deisgn with chaand bal tikka

An alluring Chaand Bali Matha Patti with pearl falling down

beautiful chaand matha patti deisgn with pearls

A Kundan -stranded matha Patti with pretty pearl.


An elegant Matha Patti with Chaandbaali Tika and blush pink pearls embellishments.

matha patti deisgn with chaandbaali tikka and blush pink pearls

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2. Oval Face Type

The face has length towards chin with a broader forehead and prominent cheekbones and widest at temples. Blessed with the impressive features you can try from anything to everything as all the stuff suits you. So a lot of styles are there that you can experiment with! from oversized to a dainty one, everything will suit your face.

An oversized Kundan matha Patti with leaf motifs and a touch of green.

kundan matha patti deisgn with leaf motifs

An engaging matha Patti with natural pearls and classy emerald studded in a unique floral design with Chandbaali Tikka.

engaging matha patti deisgn with natural pearls

An edgy matha Patti with square-shaped motifs and pink drops.

beautiful matha patti deisgn with square shaped motifs

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3. Diamond Face Type

The face is little angular and slightly bony. The cheekbone is the prominent feature to make people jealous. You may opt for one-sided Mathapattis to look just adorable!

A glimmering Polki matha Patti with emerald dropping.

glimmering polki matha patti deisgn with emerald dropping


An elaborated matha Patti headband with round-shaped tikka.



A perfect combo of pearls and polki work with stunning Chaanbali tika.

perfect combo of perals and polki work matha patti deisgn

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4. Square Face Type

Cheekbones, forehead and jawline have probably the same width, but bony and square jawline is the main feature. This is what stands out on the face. Select a matha Patti which can define the elements. Go for one-sided Matha Patti, and groomers look fantastic.

An ethereal matha Patti design with gold and pearls embellishments.

matha patti deisgn with gold and pearls emblisshement

A relatively heavy matha Patti for a Queen like a look

a heavy matha patti deisgn for a queen look

A drop-dead gorgeous matha Patti for the contemporary brides.


A Tripple layer Matha Patti


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5. Heart Face Type

The face has length towards chin which is pointy with a broad forehead. Pick a matha Patti which highlights your jawline. You may choose among matha Patti with intricate designs, multilayer Matha Patti and draped chains.

A royal statement piece done with polki, crystals and pearls.

royal matha patti deisgn for heart shaped face

A new-age matha Patti bejewelled with pretty pink pearls and polki with a chaand tika.

matha patti deisgn with preety pink pearls and polki

A multi-stranded matha Patti with pearls and meenakari work

multi stranded matha patti deisgn with pearls and meenakari work

An elegant matha Patti adorned with elaborated guttapusalu work.

elegant matha patti deisgn with guttapusalu work

A stunning Chaand Bali matha Patti to die for with pink droppings.

stunning chaand balli matha patti deisgn

A killing matha Patti with broad bands and heavy embellishments and crescent-shaped hanging.

matha patti deisgn with broad bands and heavy embllishements

6. Long Face Type

The face has length towards chin with an elongated feature. Go audaciously for big, elaborated or bold matha Patti adding a style statement looking appealing on you. And for the pendant, choose something in the round and refrain from anything angular.

A scintillating matha Patti with intricate embellishments.

beautiful matha patti deisgn for long face type

An envious matha Patti with pearls and Polki embellishments.

beautiful matha patti deisgn with pearls and polki embellishment

A fancy yet traditional-looking Polki matha Patti with pearls.


A matha Patti with a lovely combo of polki and pearls.

matha patti deisgn with combo of polki and pearls

A matha Patti with Borla and crescent-shaped tikka with a flowery, beautiful headband.

matha patti deisgn with borla and tikka with headband

An irresistible Polki matha Patti with a touch of green.

polki matha patti deisgn with touch of green

So which one are you going to style with your wedding attire? Do let me know by dropping a comment below.

Just do not forget to wear a killing smile before anything!

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