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7 Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring Wedding Photographers

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Updated on 16 September, 2021

Choosing the right photographer is as essential as the wedding décor and the dress. After all, he/she is the one who will capture D-day beautifully!!

Hence, it’s essential to choose the right photographer, because we can tell you there are wrong photographers too. You must be wondering how could there be right/wrong photographers? Well, that depends on their personality and bonding with you. So, it’s better to discuss everything before than to wish later to have chosen someone else.  

Know the style of photography you want 

Do you want the posed, the candid or the documentary-style pictures? Do you want images to be edited and filled with special effects or natural clicks? Every photographer has its style. It’s better to know before whether that’s the kind of style you’d want for your wedding.

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Portfolio and Sample Album

Ask for his/her collection before giving him/her the contract. It’s essential to see what kind of photography he/she does, to get an idea of the type of photography he/she will do at your wedding. Their portfolio is an essential piece of this puzzle because if you wish to have similar photos on your wedding day, then you have found your guy/gal for the day. Also, the sample album will tell you about the kind of work he/she had done in the past. Take a look at it, no rush!

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The right time to book your photographer

Every wedding needs a photographer. So, it’s better to book them early. Many of us things think that photographer should be the last step of the process, but chances are if you wait till the end, you’ll have to choose the available ones, not the ones which could have been possible if you’d had started early. I’d say no later than 6 months from the date of the wedding.

Personality and Attitude

Look for the person who understands what you want and how you want on your wedding day. A person who is easy to talk to, since communication is the key and you will need to tell him/her what exactly your wants are for the D-day! What kind of wedding deliverable do you want? Do you want drone photography or a traditional one? Ask what’s the latest? Figure out what you want from the available options, but that could only happen when the person of interest has the right attitude. Also, ask if they are the one who will be taking pictures or their associates because in that case, look at their work too.


Always check their online reviews before hiring a photographer. You can know about the individual more about what kind of reviews they have. Most of them are usually positive, so look for if they ever got any negative review, if yes then what was the reason? Is there a chance for something like to happen again?

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Most important of all-BUDGET!!

If only we could live in a world without money. Well, that dream is still a dream. So, let’s roll with the reality with, shall we? Make sure to ask about the expenses, additional expenses, hidden charges if any, complimentary engagement shoots etc. How much deposit will they take? What about cancellation and refund policy? Choosing a photographer is itself a hurdle, but selecting the one who fits in the budget is like a dream come true! So, book early!

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What kind of Prints and albums?

If they shoot film, then is it in black & white or only colour? If both, then what percentage of colour and black & white will be there? Will they be selecting pictures on their own or will they need assistance? When will they deliver the prints and albums? Is there an option to download the images? 

If you want, ask them to stick to the dressing code to be a part of the wedding, instead of looking like a guest with a camera!

A shout-out to these people as they are ones who capture those beautiful moments of your wedding so that you can cherish them forever! *Drum roll!!*

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