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10 Ways a bride can pamper herself during Quarantine period

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Updated on 17 April, 2020

A bride-to-be whose wedding was around the corner and got postponed because of the COVID-19 lockdown has to stay at her home during the quarantine period keeping the wedding preparations on. But keeping yourself in self-quarantine can also work as a blessing for you. This is the time you can spend on yourself. Self-pampering is the perfect way to utilise this quarantine period and reward yourself with the best. Say no to compromising your skincare routine, eating habits because of lack of time. So, keeping all these things in mind, here we have for you some of the best ways you can pamper yourself during the quarantine period. 

1. Spend Time With Your Family

Spend Time With Your Family During Quarantine

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The best way to make use of your self-quarantine period is to be with your family. Count this as a blessing, for you will get married at some time and will not be able to meet your parents often. This is the perfect time to have all the fun with your family. You can play some indoor games together, watch a movie, have some fun moments. Make memories! 

2. Bake Something Delicious

You must be craving something sweet and now is the time to brush up your baking skills. All of us love baking, and if you’re sitting idle, then go for this self-pamper way to utilize your time.  

Bake Something Delicious During Quarantine

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3. Start a Skincare Routine

It’s time to clean your skin, remove all the dust and dirt that your face has absorbed during the time you went out before the quarantine period. Start with a fixed skincare routine for your daytime and night-time. If you are not going out of your house, this doesn’t mean you do not require skincare, and you have to take care of your skin in the house also. 

Start a Skincare Routine During Quarantine

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4. Celebrate Through An Online Party with Friends

Celebrate with your girl gang and party online with them. Set up a group video call and there is so much you can do like gossip, have few drinks, play some quirky games, dance to some good music and make your day special. 

Celebrate Through An Online Party with Friends During Quarantine

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5. Dance to Keep Yourself Fit

Keep yourself fit even if you have been locked down at your home is very important. Check out and save some fantastic dance or workout videos and join them. You can practice your wedding dance with your family or your partner also. Keeping your body fit will help in keeping your mood fresh, and your skin will glow too. Have a dance session for one hour a day, be fit, be healthy.  

Dance to Keep Yourself Fit During Quarantine

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6. DIY Masks for Face Masking

When you are inside your house during the quarantine period, you will be protected from the pollution. So, use this time to add that glow to your face by trying some DIY masks for your face. You can wear a face mask twice a week for a natural glow. Make your face mask by using all the natural ingredients at your home rather than store-bought masks.  

DIY Masks for Face Masking During Quarantine

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7. Listen to Your Favourite Music

If you are a person who loves to hear music in their free time, then this can also be a way to utilize your self-quarantine time wisely. You can light up some scented candles in your room and relax while listening to your favourite music. Add something healthy food to eat while listening to music. 

Listen to Your Favourite Music During Quarantine

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8. Make Your Skin Glow Through Facials

Glowing skin with a small facial session will work for the next few weeks till the lockdown ends. Just because your favourite salon is closed, this doesn’t mean you will not clean your face to look like the perfect bride for your wedding day. So, get a cleanser, face cream and scrub to try a DIY facial for your face.   

Make Your Skin Glow Through Facials During Quarantine

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9. Get Some Cooking Classes From Your Mother

For a bride-to-be who loves to cook yummy food for her family, then getting some cooking classes from your mom is the best way to make use of the quarantine period. Help your mother in the kitchen and ask her to teach you the best dish she makes or the dish that your partner loves. 

Get Some Cooking Classes From Your Mother During Quarantine

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10. Video Call Your Partner and Spend Some Quality Time

We know that because of this COVID-19 lockdown, you are also not able to meet your partner and spend the perfect time with him. Need not to worry, say thanks to the technology. Video call your partner and spend some quality virtual time with them.  

Video Call Your Partner and Spend Some Quality Time During Quarantine

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So, these are the best ways you can self-pamper yourself in the quarantine period. Don’t forget to stay at home and stay safe!