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15 Most Delicious Punjabi Wedding Food To Try / 15 Food Items to Try At a Punjabi Wedding

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Updated on 14 April, 2020

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If you are a foodie person then attending a Punjabi Weddings should be If you do not know where to start the feast from at a Punjabi Wedding, then let us introduce you to the delightful selection at the buffet which you might come across for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. As warm-hearted as Punjabis are, so is their flavourful food. So get ready to be welcomed with Appetizers and Beverages followed by the main course but in the Punjabi Style. Scroll through our list of 15 Most Delicious Punjabi Wedding Food that will make your mouth water.

1. Paneer/Chicken Tikka



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The zesty paneer and chicken tikka is a chargrilled dish that is mainly found in the appetizer counters. It is marinated with a mix of spicy and tangy flavours before grilling and has a smoky aroma to it. The tikkas are generally served with mint chutney that is worth a dip!

2. Tandoori Chicken


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The lip-smacking taste of Tandoori chicken will make you drool as they are the Punjabi version of chicken wings. They are prepared using hung yoghurt that is blended with all Indian spices that get barbecued before served in the plates. 

3. Amritsari Fish Tikka


Image Source: Maunika Gowardhan

Amritsari Fish Tikka melts in the mouth with each bite, putting you through a food coma that you will never want to get away from. It is marinated with salty and spicy flavours to get your fingers licking. The fish tikka is accompanied by chutney as a dressing or separately. 

4. Palak Paneer


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Palak paneer is cooked with garlic, tomatoes, onion and spinach into a wholesome thick creamy gravy. The cottage cheese cubes are roasted before being an addition to this sumptuous recipe. This dish is one of the curries from the main course so you can dig in the next time you spot it on the menu. 

5. Butter Paneer/Chicken


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Image Source: Second Recipe

A famous Punjabi curry that is a must-have, Butter Paneer or Chicken cannot be avoided because it is a real temptation. Its buttery texture mixed with onions, tomatoes, garlic, green chilli and dried herbs is pureed and cooked to perfection. It is generally eaten with a Naan bread or Rice. With a typical curry, you may choose to have paneer (Cottage Cheese) or Chicken based on your preference but do not miss it for anything!

6. Dal Makhani


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The relishing flavours of Dal Makhani will make you go Nom-Nom! This lentil dish is the pride of a Punjabi Menu and is everything that a dish requires, from taste to texture and succulent flavours that are blended together with this dish. Dal Makhani is cooked overnight to bring out the best taste and is commonly accompanied by Jeera Rice or Naan. For the good grace, attack it blindly because it is a winner!

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7. Chana Masala


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Chana, which is also known as Chickpea, is prepped with lots of tomatoes that are roasted along with different pepper spices making it a hearty dish. You will mostly hear it being called as Choley too so do not hesitate to get a spoonful of it with rice or a fluffy Indian bread. The dish is finished with coriander leaves whose flavour is delicious, so get your hands on it when you visit the food station at a Punjabi Wedding.

8. Sarson Da Saag With Makki Roti


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Sarson Saag and Makkai Roti is a great meal made with Mustard leaves and cornflour bread. With a blend of great Indian spices, this mini-meal keeps you warm in winters with the natural food properties. This savoury tastes best when served fresh and warm as it comforts you big time. Make your winter wedding food worthy and do not worry about the temperature because this dish will melt your heart.

9. Amritsari Kulcha


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Amritsari Kulcha is a stuffed Indian wheat bread that is cooked in a Tandoor. The stuffing is mostly of onions, potatoes, chillis and coriander with subtle flavours. It can be partnered with Raita, Chutney, Curry or Pickle. The best part of this dish is the tongue-tickling flavours so do give it a try when you see it available at a wedding.

10. Dahi Bhalla


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The sweet and spicy accompaniment of Dahi Bhalla is a must with a meal, to tender the flavours of rest of the dishes. It is cold in temperature as it is a combination of curd and spongy lentil batter’s balls. They are dressed with mint and tamarind chutney for flavours. 

11. Missi Roti


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Missi Roti is prepared with a lentil and wheat dough mixed together with a splash of powdered spices. It is a flatbread which is consumed with tasteful curries and creates a heavenly combination with raita too. A lot of desi ghee (Clarified butter) goes in to roast this bread and completes the meal.

12. Lachha Parantha


Image Source: Ratlamee

What makes Lachha Parantha so unique is that the layers that are beneath it. It is cooked in a special way and is the soft bread that goes well with all the masala curries. Typically eaten with Dal Makhani, this wheat bread fills the heart of an Indian soul. 

13. Lassi


Image Source: Blend With Spices

Lassi is a cold and sweet beverage that is made with thick fresh yoghurt. It is topped with churned cream and dry fruits, that can quench your thirst for a soft beverage. It instantly boosts one up with the sweetness and creaminess that lies in the drink so missing it may be regretful for you in the summertime.

14. Jalebi and Rabri


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Relive that sweet-tooth of yours with many bites of Jalebi and Rabri since they are the god of desserts. The round-shaped Jalebi are dipped into the sweetness of sugar and are best to eat when warm. Whereas, cold Rabri is prepared with milk, cream and dry fruits which is served with Jalebi for some spectacular taste. 

15. Atta Halwa


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Swirl in with the taste of warm Atta Halwa that is also known as Kada Prasad served in Gurudwaras. This dessert is cooked with roasted wheat flour mixed with sugar syrup and warm water. Once the texture is thickened into a delight, it is then served with dry fruits on top. Its undeniable sweetness will make you want it more after each serving.

If your taste buds cannot rest after reading this blog, then share with us your current cravings and the dishes you will be digging spoons in the comment section below.