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Beautiful Red & Black Decoration Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 15 April, 2020

Are you willing to have wedding decor in some cool colour shades?

We’ve got you covered with this glamourous red and black wedding decor which will leave you floored with its beauty!


entrance decoration with red and black floral

 The entrance will get you hooked with its beautiful heart-shaped entrance arch along-with with the tiny yellow LED lights attached to it. Moreover, the red-lighted chandelier in multiple numbers looks fab at the entrance. 


red and black wedding decor on entrance with spotlight

Another reason why the entrance arch looks gorgeous is the use of red blooms and tightly embedding them to the arch. Also, the spotlights on the bottom provide the entry with the perfect lighting. 

beautiful halfway decoration with red and black florals

The hallway features this substantial decorative element in the shape of a sand clock. What enhances the element are red and black tissue flowers wrapped around it, also complementing the red and black wedding decor. 


floral lamp decoration on a halfway in weddings

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 As you will move ahead, you will find a walking aisle with floral lamp-like figures. Firstly, the pole of the lamp covered with white flowers and foot covered with red roses looks phenomenal. Moreover, the significantly beautiful part of the element is the white floral web hanging from the edge making it look like a chandelier. 


placed red and black flowers on decorative spots

I’ve always chanted the fact that decorative spots are very important in any wedding decor. Likewise, this spot looks great too. The area features a fountain with a humanly figure in the centre. Moreover, surrounding the same are white substantial vases that feature various kinds of red flowers. 


best wedding stage decoration with red and black flowers


The stage has to be fabulous because of the fact that it drives all the eyes and attention towards it at some point in time. This stage

features a huge silver arch showcasing a material which is similar to crepe paper. Also, not missing out on the background, the patterned frame in red and golden adds beauty to the stage. Huge vases on either side of the sofa contain white carnations and purple dendrobiums. 



The lounge area featuring some white material glued to the roof of the canopy and shining in the fluorescent pink colour because of the spotlights. Moreover, the roof also features white crystal chandeliers. 


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Another lounge area with proper flooring is this one. While the centre features drooping white threaded blooms, surrounding the same are the draperies in silver. Also, the corner feet of the canopy consists of big rectangular vases with red blooms. 




Another decorative element in the lounge is the white stand featuring stuffed red garden roses. This centrepiece of the area looks gorgeous because of the proper lighting. 




Inside the lounge area, we have a decorated corner with a white bricked wall. This place is apt for all the adults who wanna sit and have some hookah and chat with each other. Moreover, the wall looks unique because of the monochrome frames put up on it. 



 Tables and chairs can be set-up outside in the open for your guests who would not like to sit under a canopy. Also, the chairs look elegant with the white tissue covers. 


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The dining area looks royal because of the bright lighting. Also, the chandeliers used in the same are in white, red and black, perfectly complementing the red and black wedding decor. The roof drapes in blood red and golden shades go well with each other. 


decorated dining area with red and black colour combination



One unique addition to the decor are these floral centrepieces. The centrepiece in the shape of a long rectangular stand, closely wrapped with into white flowers on the vertical pole and red garden roses on the horizontal top of the same. 

This red and black wedding decor is my personal favourite one! Check out other wedding decors to make a choice!