11 Innovative Ways To Reuse Saree As A Lehenga Dupatta


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11 Innovative Ways To Reuse Saree As A Lehenga Dupatta

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Updated on 16 April, 2020

Let’s put a situation on the table – You have a beautiful saree catching dust in your cupboard. You want to wear it again but you have already worn it for an event where all your friends and family saw you and you have photos posted across all social media platforms! So you are apprehensive about wearing it again… Ever faced this dilemma?

Well, worry not! Because a saree is versatile and can be put it to multiple uses. One of those ways is to reuse saree as a lehenga dupatta. And because of the large expanse of material gives you a plethora of options for styling. Here we have compiled many of the popular and not so well known styles on how you can reuse your favourite saree. Scroll through, get inspired and use these to stand out in the next event that you attend.

Half Saree Style

The easiest style is to drape the sari in a traditional half saree drape. By using a sari, you have the liberty to play around with the width and number of pleats as you see fit. You can pair it with a contrasting blouse and skirt to curate a vibrant look.

Best Ways To Reuse Saree

Half Saree With A Twist

If you do not want the traditional half saree and are someone looking for a modern twist you can try out this style. Here the sari is pleated in the front and then brought over the back and the shoulder. Then you can either leave it floating, to show off the sari or have it pleated. This style also helps you to show off your blouse.

Amazing way to reuse saree

Cancan Style Wrap

In this traditional draping style, there are half pleats in the front, which is a unique feature of the drape and using a sari helps you have more pleats which add to the flair. This is then brought to the front over the shoulder in thin pleats. Creating a perfect cancan look requires a bit of practice but there is a multitude of tutorials out there to help you out.

Cancan Style Wrap

Double Draping

Double draping is one of them in styles now but buying two good shawls can be quite a drain on your pocket and this is where an old, elegant sari comes into play. The sari can be draped elaborately with pleats whereas the actual shawl can be used for covering the head.


Back Pleats

Having pleats at the back may sound a little eccentric but works out very well in reality and you may need the help of a friend in working this out.

Best way to reuse saree

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Warrior Drape

If you are looking for a boho-chic look then this one is for you. It has an easy and fun look to it. This is also a very simple method where you just criss-cross it across the neck and then pleat it on either half and pin it to the back. Here you also get back pleats and you get to show off your sari in all its glory. If you do not want to go over the top, you can pair it with a simple blouse and skirt.

unique way to drap saree

Saree Style

Here the saree is more or less worn in as such, just that there is a flair to it because of the presence of a skirt and also you can adjust the draping according to how much of the skirt you want to make visible.

lehenga dupatta wedding style

Gujarati Style

Another traditional style where the front pleats are brought over the shoulder and are flared and pinned at the front. By using a sari you also have the liberty to amp up the look by adding pleats around the waist.

gujarti saree drape style

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Floating In The Front

A slight twist on both the Cancan style and Gujarati style wrap, here the sari is left floating and pinned at the waist to hold it in position. The only drawback here is that this covers the skirt, so use this style if you are going for a simple skirt.

reuse saree as dupatta

Loose Drape

This loosey-goosey style has a very effortless and casual look to it. This is a sort of half saree drape, but the pleats are taken very loosely and not conformed to the body. In this way, you can also make sure that the designs on your skirt are displayed well.

trending saree drape styles

Front and Back Pleats

If you want to go all out, then you can have full pleats both across the waist and also at the back. This adds a layer fluffiness to the attire and hence suits people with a petite frame more. You may want to pair it with a plain blouse and skirt so that it does not become a visionary overload.


We are sure that the above styles have given you plenty of ideas for your next wedding outfit. We are sure you are going to rock it.

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