Sabyasachi Launches New Flagship Store in Delhi | Delhi Brides Rejoice!
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Sabyasachi Launches New Flagship Store in Delhi | Delhi Brides Rejoice!

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Updated on 17 April, 2020


New Flagship Sabyasachi Store in Delhi

Sabyasachi’s flagship store has recently opened in Delhi and carries with it, his stunning wedding wear, accessories, menswear, and ready-to-wear lines. Set in a luxuriant location that does justice to the designer’s artistic tastes, you must take a tour of this new store to soak it entirely in. India’s most well-known signature brand in bridal couture, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has modified the way history will treasure magnificence.

Sabyasachi’s flagship store

Where is the Sabyasachi Store in Delhi?

Sabyasachi has launched his new flagship store in near Qutub Minar, at One Style Mile, Mehrauli, New Delhi. The designer did the store interiors himself, his outlet spans beyond a whopping 13,500 sq. ft. area making it the biggest bridal store to shop from. From their bridal clothing and jewellery, all under one roof.

new flagship store in near Qutub Minar


Visit Sabyasachi’s store to get an insight into the designer’s realm and learn why is he the most sought-after for Indian brides-to-be. True to his name, Sabyasachi has outlived expectations and created masterpieces diverse from the conventional trends of fashion and art check More

 Why did Sabyasachi open a new flagship store in Delhi? 

Sabyasachi quotes “I had a flagship store in Delhi earlier as well, but it was a small space. The other flagship store had a location constraint, and here I could do what I had imagined of. I wanted to do a store which is reflective of Calcutta, its heritage, bylines of Lucknow, where you can do music programs at night, people can just sip a cup of tea and get lost in the atmosphere. It is a beautiful space, and I hope people will enjoy it,” 


Beautiful Sabyasachi bridal lehenga

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Formulating a store that only gives vibrations of pure charm and instilling his colonial inclination in art, Sabyasachi’s store is a depiction of Kolkata, it’s legacy and bylanes of Lucknow that brides will absolutely sink in while shopping in repose for their bridal couture, precisely what he intends to offer each client. 

Beautiful sabyasachi store in delhi


What’s new at the new Sabyasachi store?

Now that Sabyasachi’s flagship store was inaugurated in Delhi it brings with it his strikingly beautiful and admirable wedding wear, accessories, menswear, and ready-to-wear lines which are so aesthetically pleasing, and it will make you fall in love with it. 


As you enter Mehrauli and walk at its Delhi’s One Style Mile, the storehouse is a treasury in its own that welcomes the visitors with a grand staircase separating the store into two sections. The place is a visual treat for each person who enters the store, with furniture that has been bought at auctions and collected piece by piece to create the best setting and vibe to compliment the collection.It won’t be surprising if the store takes the place of a museum, as it has extremely rare artistic elements. 

Trending sabyaschi stores in delhi

In-display at the New Sabyasachi Flagship Store

The first wing displays all of Sabyasachi’s signature bridal works that are stunningly beautiful and worth taking a look at. Besides the wedding attires, there is a collection of fine jewellery designed by Kishandas & Co to match with the selected outfit. The store also has a collection of the bespoke trunks by Trunks Company, Jaipur for the most stylish wedding trousseau.

new sabyaschi store in delhi

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As one enters the second wing, one can easily spot a mesmerising display of readymade sarees and kurtas, each one appearing more delicate intricacies and more rich embroidery than the other. For this type of collection, Sabyasachi has also provided with exceptional assortments of accessories so that the attire looks and feels complete. A separate floor has been designated to accommodate Sabyasachi’s creation of smart menswear. Recently there has also been a reintroduction of Chota Sabya, a cultural clothing line for children, which is bliss as there aren’t many ethnic designer clothing brands for children.



It is not necessary that one has to buy something to admire its beauty. To our surprise, the store is free for all to visit. The environment is breathtaking, and one can simply relax and breathe in the ambience of the store. One can admire the art, walk by the ‘love garden’ and drink on steaming Darjeeling tea while you window-shop and contemplate to buy his designs because that is exactly what Mukherjee planned while designing the art-filled store displaying his creations. When you visit his retail locations, you’re expected to do more than just select and buy his creations; you’re expected to engage and immerse yourself entirely in the exotic wonderland that Sabyasachi has created for us.

Sabyasachi New Flagship Store in Delhi

As one can take the cue of Mukherjee’s design aesthetic, the resonance is old-world hybridised with Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, harking back to imperial times when fashion and art were the same. One can find unconventional things at the store, such as hand-fired Portuguese tiles and antique mirrors. Lovely vintage photographs beautify the walls, while one can also notice a scattering of old curios and French furniture from the end of the centenary. This is sure to create an air of luxe peculiarity. The reason why we are able to witness all these admirable works of art amidst his store is that this designer has given ten entire months of his life to get this storehouse together, and each and every piece of artwork that one will observe in the store is exclusively hand-picked. 



His hard work in creating his design for the shop and working upon making his dream a reality has been commendable, no wonder he is one of the biggest fashion designers admired by the nation, be it us or the celebrities he exclusively designs for and gets loads of praises for the amazing colour coordination and style creations. To add to all of this, we would like to tell some more astounding data about this majestic store. The interior decoration which has been raved about earlier actually comprises of sixty-three pieces of art by Sabyasachi Art Foundation, which includes five sparse paintings by Tanjore, one hundred and twelve antique carpets, two hundred and fourteen vintage Dutch plates, three hundred and eighteen studio portraits, forty-two pieces of calendar art and French period all selected personally by Sabyasachi. The store will astound you with its well thought and well-planned decor. From ancient furniture, carvings, art and Indian miniatures from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation, to ittar vials from different parts of the country, the result is a compelling space, created fulfilling a desire of the cognisance of the regal picture of the designer. The designer worked his signature vibe into the store and made it his own. For Delhiites, it’s a boon to have the opportunity of having a store in their reach to come across and experience the vintage creations of the renowned designer himself. If you’re a bride to be, or even if you’re not, this place is a must-visit for those who are impressed by such creations. 

Call at Sabyasachi New Flagship Store in Delhi 098103 111553

Address of the Sabyasachi Store : Kutub Serai No. 6-8 One Style Mile, Kalka Das Marg, Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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