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Catchy Sanitizer Station Ideas For Weddings

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 04 June, 2021

Image Source: Pomp & Revel

Wedding celebrations are back on track, but hold your horses because it is essential to prioritize safety and hygiene. As the novel coronavirus is yet to pass, the government advises social distancing and intimate ceremonies in order to control the infection. You can take the first step of safety by installing sanitizer stations at your wedding events in interesting ways since it is the holy grail of the new normal. We have prepared a list of Catchy Sanitizer Station Ideas For Weddings, so you could put together a great show without having to worry about little decorative elements. Scroll to explore!

1. Sanitizer Cart

Offer the sanitizing supplies by placing them in a beautiful cart. You can decorate it in the sync of your theme and have it stand out. We suggest that you keep it in accessible spaces so your guests could save the little trip.


Image Source: Arli Quinn Photography

Arrange a bunch of flowers to adorn the sanitizer cart. This golden cart with peachy floral hues is the cutest.


Image Source: Sheyanne Lyn Photography

Something for the eco-friendly themed wedding, a wooden cart and leaf signage. This idea can blend well with a Boho ambience so well!

2. Sanitizing Signage

Signage makes directions easier for guests, so how about you utilise them to direct your guests to the sanitizer stations? Keep it quirky or simple as per your liking but do not forget to be unique. ‘Spread Love Not Germs’ is the trendiest slogan currently.


Image Source: Etsy

Gold-framed signage with a slogan is what needs to be at the sanitizer station.


Image Source: The Knot

Glass frames with customisable text can suit a sophisticated wedding event.


Image Source: Etsy

A wooden holder with the translucent glass looks like a statement artefact. 

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3. Sanitizer Wedding Favours

You can have wedding favours in tiny and cute packaging filled with sanitizer. Guests love freebies and this is the most hygienic choice that might fall right in your budget. Wedding favour selection will no more be a hassle!


Image Source: Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Add colourful ribbons to the little sanitizer bottles to make the favours look funky.


Image Source: Beginnings For You

Have a basket filled with sanitizer miniatures for guests to help themselves with.


Image Source: Blooming Dreams Photo

Leave a table offering the wedding favours as you see above. These sanitizers are placed around candles and vases.

4. Contactless Sanitization

Contactless sanitization will double-check the safety factor and ensure that the virus comes nowhere close to you. So you can pick the suitable equipment for your wedding ceremonies. It could be the peddle stand or sensor-based automatic sanitizer dispenser. Get innovative when you install them!


Image Source: Mulberry Market Designs

This easel with a wreath has an automatic sensor sanitizer dispenser that is ready to kill some germs!


Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

A budget-friendly paddle-stand to install a sanitizer dispenser in.

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5. Sanitizer Table Counters

Add a couple of sanitizer table counters on the welcome point so germs can be killed at the entry point of the ceremony. If you like, then you may even keep masks for guests in case anyone has it missing. This is practically the safest choice for a sanitizer station.


Image Source: With Love Nilma

Offer garlands, facemasks and sanitizer upon the arrival of guests.


Image Source: Simply Lace Photography

DIY table set up with tissue boxes, sanitizers and a trash bin.


Image Source: Ann Kathrin Koch

Paint a little vintage table with racks and make it a sanitizer station.

6. Sanitizer Washroom Set up

Try to offer sanitizers in most of the spaces, from food tables to the handwashing area where a minimal yet pretty set up could work its magic. As a host, it is a great way to ensure the safety of attendees by keeping hygienic supplies handy.


Image Source: Mulberry Market Designs

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Which sanitizer station did you like the most? Please share in the comments below.