25 Trending Tassels For Lehengas to Amp up the wedding look
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25 Trending Tassels For Lehengas to Amp up the wedding look

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Updated on 14 April, 2020

When it comes to your wedding outfit, then every detail is of utmost importance. Tassels tie up the whole outfit together, and we will show you how to do it in style. From simple pom-poms and funnel-shaped designs, multicoloured to a monochrome one. We have gotten all the latest trends in lehenga tassels right here for you.


Unique Tassels Designs for Every Lehenga Type!

Flower Balls

The extra cloth from the lehenga and dupatta can be used to make these cute little flower balls. You can use flowers of different sizes and combine with pom-poms for effect. 



Cutout Tassels

Tassels need not always be in spherical or funnel shapes. You can make cutwork tassels of your desired shapes- be it circular, rectangular or triangular. 


Cutout-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Net Tassels

Net tassels will be a lightweight and refreshing addition to those heavy, embellished wedding lehengas. You can add a couple of pom-poms to keep them in place. 


Net-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Personalised Bride Tassels

The latest trend in tassels is undoubtedly personalisation. This is the easiest way in which you can personalise your attire. You can either have your names, a chant or any symbol or message which is unique to you. 





Personalised Bridesmaid Tassels

Personalisation is not just for the brides but also their gorgeous bridesmaids and lovely siblings. The personalised tassels can be something that your loved ones can always keep in memory of your D-day.


Personalised Tassels For Bridal Lehenga

Personalised-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga

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 Simple Pom Pom Latkans

If you are looking for something simple, then this one is for you. Try using pom-poms in contrasting colours for maximum effect. 


Simple-Pom-Pom-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga

Simple-Pom-Pom Tassels For Bridal Lehenga

 Multicoloured Pom Pom Latkans

Go all out by adding many pom-poms in multiple colours. Just handle it with grace like her.


Multicoloured-Pom-Pom-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Bangle Latkan

Here, bangles are attached to threads and then covered with a gota or coloured threads. Attach some fringes to add a playful element. 


Bangle-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


These stunning lehenga options from Bollywood Lehenga Inspirations will catch your eye. Check out if you find a fantastic lehenga inspiration for your favourite tassels.


Quirky Tassels

Add different designs on multicoloured tassels. For example, golden thread work is used on some, whereas pearls are used on others. 


Quirky-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


With Bicycle Charms

For some reason, vehicle charms have caught on. Use bicycles, cars or even trucks, the choice is yours!




 With Unique Charms

Metallic charms have a unique rustic appeal to them. And by adding unusual designs like lotuses and pitchers, you add a Turkish twist to the Indian outfit.



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 Elaborate Tassels

If you want to make it ornate, then go for intricate patterns such as these by mixing up several designs. Here, cascading pom-poms along with pearl rings and beads are used to give a regal look. 




 Fringe Tassels

Simple fringe tassels in a contrasting colour to the lehenga for a casual look. 


Fringe-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Elephants & Lotuses Tassels

These elephant and lotus designs on tassels will be perfect for a Rajasthani wedding. 


Elephants-_-Lotuses-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Gota Patti Latkans

Gota pattis are a traditional design which can be incorporated in any element of your attire. 


Gota-Patti-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Gota-Patti-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Tassels That Blend In

Use the same material as the lehenga to create tassels which blend in. 




Winters are approaching. Would you want to look for classy collection of Dark Color Bridal Lehenga?


Mirror Latkans

Mirror latkans will add extra bling and shine to your outfit. 

Mirror-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Potli Style Tassels

These potli latkans embellished with golden beads amp up the charm of your outfit. 




 Bell-Shaped Tassels

These bell-shaped tassels have been painstakingly worked with decorative motifs look gorgeous. 


Bell-Shaped-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Lotus Tassels

If you are wearing lotus themed jewellery or if lotuses are a part of your wedding decor, then you can match it up with these charms. 


Beaded Tassels

The addition of beads to the palace motifs and then at the edges come together to make a beautiful design like Taj Mahal. 


Beaded-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Pearl Tassels

Using clusters of pearls on threads add a bright charm to those vividly coloured lehengas.


Pearl-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga


Ghungroo Tassels

Flaunt your ghungroo tassels with unique designs and your attire is sure to look quite pretty. 




Heavy Tassels

If you want something more substantial, then go for heavily embellished designs like this. 




 Big Katputli Tassels

These unique, big katputli tassels have a boho-chic charm.


Big-Katputli-Tassels For Bridal Lehenga

We hope that we have introduced to some designs that you haven’t seen before.