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Tip 101: How To Get Your Wedding Featured On WeddingsOnly?

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By Meenal Modi

Updated on 04 June, 2021

Woohoo! Congratulations to all the couples who finally got hitched. We know how exciting and enthusiastic you all must be, weddings bring with them an aura of cheerfulness and inspiration. You must still be feeling that breath-taking excitement after receiving all those souvenirs, blessings, beautiful wedding photographs from your dreamy nuptial and all those dinner invites from loved ones. But do you know that you can grab even more limelight and your wedding can become an inspo for the other millennial couples out there? You can get a chance to get your wedding featured on our website or social media channels.

Show us your whimsical love story, the eye-popping hues of the decor, and all the wedding madness. Share your wedding story & pictures to 'social@weddingsonly.in' to be reviewed by our content team. We can’t think of a better way to rouse future brides and grooms so that they can also have their fairytale wedding. Follow these secret tips spilled by our editorial team to get your wedding featured on Weddingsonly.

Check out the Real Wedding Section On Our Website  

You will need to do some research work on our portal to see what kind of photographs are we seeking. Give us a glimpse of your outfit, couple chemistry, amazing decor, and DIYs that you included. 

Note: Prepare a document on google drive and save all the images there. Share the link with us at the email address. Don’t forget that image size shouldn’t exceed than 2Mb.

 Give us something magical that gets our attention, something that we wouldn’t be able to resist posting. Scroll down and see some of the remarkable portraits we couldn’t resist. 




Not The Usual Love Story

You can also get a chance to get featured on one of our blogs. All you need to do is give us a crisp story. We are always in search of hot gossips. If you think that your love story has the charisma to influence our readers, give it a shot. Write about your love story, how you met, fell in love, the silly quirks you both have, the proposal, write about your wedding theme, tell us how you customized your decor, give us all the details. Use the words to recreate the magic at that moment. You may get a chance to be on our blog and Instagram handles too.



Appreciate Everyone Who Made Your Day Possible

Give the appropriate credits to all the people who made your big day happen. From the wedding planners to the venue and photographers, we need to give them their due attention. Our editors need that too due to copyright reasons. From where are they gonna find the sources, so this is very crucial. Editors have to dismiss some of the real weddings with amazing potential due to such reasons so don’t forget to mention them.


Image Source: Entertales

Select good pictures

Your pictures should highlight every detail of your event. Don’t send us the whole album. These pictures should be an amalgamation of your pre-wedding shoot, Haldi, Mehendi, Chaak-Bhaat, cocktail night, reception, and your gracious wedding, whichever ceremonies you hosted. 

Handpick the images carefully. Choose the photographs that narrate us the story of how your wedding was from start to finish.

If you know that you want your pictures to get featured before the wedding, brief your photographer about what kind of pictures are you seeking and for what purpose? He might help you well in that process.

 Be sure to include plenty of detailed photos of your carefully prepared dresses, decorations, invitations, and other beautiful wedding items.






Be Patient

We are sure you must be excited to have your fairytale wedding published. Well, we would be too had we been at your place. We receive dozens of such requests daily so you have to be patient. Hence, we expect you to be patient, if you have followed all our tips and tricks, you will surely get your column too on our website. Once featured, you will be notified by one of our team members. 



Share your thoughts with us about getting featured in the comments section below!

Share your wedding story & pictures to 'social@weddingsonly.in

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