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Traditional Wedding Decor Ideas for Indian Weddings

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Updated on 18 April, 2020

Are you looking for some traditional wedding decor inspiration?

Don't worry! Here we have a beautiful traditional decor theme that will give all the Indian feels.

Our elders have always asked us to go with the "tradition", so here I present you with a theme which will look unique as well as keep the traditions going. Traditional wedding decor will mostly feature elephants, domes, and most shades of red, white and yellow! Keep scrolling to explore our mesmerising decor gallery.  

I have mentioned this a lot of times that the entrance is supposed to be the most eye-catchy one. Here we can see that the door features three beautiful entrance frames which are lighted up by spotlights installation at their bottoms. Also, complementing the traditional structures are elephant figures on either side along with some red florals on their trunk to give it a perfect look. Vases on either side of the main entrance frame with red and pink florals look fabulous. 

beautiful traditional wedding decor ideas

The elephant figures installed are in white with golden coloured details done on it for complementing the traditional decor. 

colourfl vases and elephant structure on entrance

The black vases on either side feature beautiful red chrysanthemums flowers. Moreover, the white dome-shaped setups have beautifully designed tops with golden damask detailing. 

black vases with red flowers on pathways

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The dome-shaped setups also have a chandelier light which brightens up the whole area. 

dome shaped halfway with lighting chandliers in it

More detail is given to the dome figures by beautifully draping the roof by the maroon cloth, which gives the whole decor an eye-pleasing contrast effect. 

maroon roof cloth draping under the dome structure

On the sides of the walkway, we have decorations made of floral and mud bowls filled with water and floating rose petals as well as candles. 

floral bowled decoration on the side of the way

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Moving ahead, we have a small lounge area with silver sofas. The maroon drapery on the roof of the domes looks stunning. Although, in the centre, we have a vase with red roses, even spread around the jar.

lighting decoration is according to the traditional wedding decor

The most beautiful spot of this wedding decor is this mandap. This dome is unique from other vaults because of its pillars enhanced by the roses wrapped around it. The centre of the dome has a small chandelier with white and red flowers which gives a perfect finishing the mandap.  

beautiful dome like structure with traditional decoration

Here, on perfect intervals have short installations with beautiful red flowers stuffed which nicely complementing the white and golden decor giving it a traditional look. Also, don't miss out on the small spotlights pointing towards the installations giving it a tinge of pink as well.

exterior traditional decoration in wedding function

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The dining area looks phenomenal with perfect lighting and different coloured draping. The roof of the city has maroon drapes on the centre and mustard drapes on the borders. Also, the chairs have golden tissue fabric covers along with maroon frills. The centrepieces of the tables feature a standing installation with red roses, again complementing the golden all around

.beautiful stage decorated with traditional lighting and flower






The stage completely goes according to the theme, which is traditional decor. The background presents golden arch structures installed on the wall with pink spotlights giving the whole decor a touch of pink colour as well. Along the arches, we have golden pillars for complementing them. 

exterior area is fully decorated with traditional decor

The traditional decor looks great even when you look at it from outside. The white pillars check designs carved in them look unbelievable and goes with the golden decor as well.  

dining area id decorated with red roses centerpieces

I'm sure this traditional wedding decor has stolen your heart already! Don't wait anymore and save the ideas you loved.