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29+ Unique Bride & Groom Outfit Combination | Couple Outfit Inspiration

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Updated on 08 June, 2020

I’m sure twinning with your favourite person on earth would be fun, that too on your big day! When the bride and groom share the same combination of outfits, the aesthetics which occur are just so mesmerising. As the trends are renewing now and then, one of the latest trends is the combination of the bride and groom’s dress.  

Twinning your outfits will be a treat to watch and quite picture-friendly. Nowadays, couples decide among themselves on how to buy their outfits and whether it should be matching or not. Enough said, here we have handpicked and enlisted a few combinations of bride & groom’s dress to give you an idea on how to go about it on your special day!

Coordinating Bride Groom Outfit Combination


1. Stunning Printed Maroon Outfit Combination

Going for simple outfits can also do wonders, just like this one. You can choose to go for an outfit with golden booti printed on a maroon lehenga and the same patterned long blouse, whereas your handsome hunk can wear a Nehru coat in the same pattern. Perfect for a photoshoot, this outfit looks stunning. 

maroon outfit combination for bride and groom 

2. Emerald Green at its best

As brides these days are going for unique colours more than the traditional ones, this emerald green combination will honestly do wonders. Just like this bride, you will look gorgeous in intact mirror work lehenga and emerald green blouse with similar mirror work while the groom can choose to go for a sherwani with green floral prints.

 bride-groom outfit combination

3. Same Colour Combo Western Outfits

Everything is not about traditional attire. As a couple, you can also go for coordinated coloured western outfits wherein the bride is wearing a beautiful brown gown, and the groom wears a black kurta-pyjama with brown Nehru coat above it.

  brown outfit combinatio for bride-groom

4. Gorgeous Abstract Art Printed Outfits

Sometimes when floral doesn’t work, abstract takes an entry. You can choose to go for a multi-coloured printed blouse and coordinated lehenga, whereas the groom wears a Sadri in the same pattern.

 combo Outfit ideas for bride-groom

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5. Peach Coordinated Outfit Combination 

If you do not want to have the same patterns on your outfits, then instead of that, go for the same colour shades. Like this couple, the bride can wear an off-white lehenga with orange booti embroidery and the groom can go for peach coloured kurta. 

outfit ideas for bride-groom


6. Aqua Blue never goes out of trend

Blue is a very eye-pleasing colour; hence choosing the same can be the right decision. While the bride wears an aqua blue lehenga with intrigue heavy and glittery embroidery, the groom can have an off-white sherwani with blue floral print on it. 

 bride-groom aqua blue and golden outfit combination

7. Golden will make you shine

Golden is a traditional as well as an attention-grabbing colour, choosing it would be the right thing. The bride can wear a rose-gold heavy lehenga, and the groom can wear a golden kurta-pyjama with turquoise Sadri on it to add a little contrast.

bride-groom outfit combination

8. Grey Coordinated Bride Groom Outfit Combination

If bold colours are not your thing, going for a gentle grey outfit can surely be the right choice. The bride can wear a blush pink lehenga with heavy embellished work, and the groom can go for a grey sherwani which gives an impression of off-white.

outfit ideas for bride-groom 

9. Champagne is a pretty colour

Hot pink is a beautiful colour, but the champagne colour is no less. The bride can wear a heavily embroidered champagne lehenga, and the groom can wear a light champagne sherwani.

 champagne outfit combination for wedding couple

10. Blush Pink is going to make you blush

Blush Pink is a colour that reflects innocence; therefore choosing it for your couple outfit combination will give an impression of simplicity. While the bride can wear a blush pink lehenga with upper sheer, the groom can slay in the same print sherwani.

 blush pink couple outfit combination

11. Yellow Outfit Combination for Wedding Couple

As I always say, yellow is a happy colour, hence wearing it with your partner will reflect your happiness. You, as a couple, can choose to wear yellow at your haldi ceremony. While the bride can wear silver tassel details sleeveless blouse paired with sheer top lehenga, the groom can pair a yellow kurta with grey Sadri to have a contrast.


Haldi outfit combination for wedding couple

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12. Wear yellow and shine brighter than the sun

Yellow is a pretty colour, twinning with your person in that colour will make you guys look like showstoppers. This couple outfit combination idea will leave you amazed.

bride-groom outfit combination for wedding

13. Turquoise at its best

Turquoise is a shade of blue, and it reflects all the psychological factors associated with blue. One of them being innocence, hence you should go for this one. A perfect outfit combination for a wedding couple, you should surely go for it!

turquoise blue outfit combination, bride-groom outfit combination, outfit combo, outfit ideas for bride-groom 

14. Dark Turquoise with a touch of golden

Dark blue looks like a royal colour and the colour which you should try only to fall in love with it. Also, to add a little contrast, the addition of golden embroidery can be done which will glorify the whole outfit. 


dark blue outtfit combination, bride-groom outfit combination, outfit combo, outfit ideas for bride-groom

Floral Bride Groom Outfit Combination 


1. Bright Yellow Floral Outfit Combination 

Yellow is a bright and happy colour! You can go for this combination where the bride wears a bright yellow lehenga with contrasting hot pink floral embroidery on it, and the groom wears a similar bright yellow Sadri (Nehru Coat) with floral embroidery. I think this outfit can be perfectly suitable for the haldi ceremony. 


yellow outfit combination for haldi ceremony for bride and groom

2. Florals never go out of style

The best thing about floral prints is the fact that they never go out of style! Just like this couple, you can choose to go for the bride wearing a dhoti style suit with printed dhoti and the groom can wear a floral embroidered Sadri.

 floral outfit combination for bride groom outfit

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3. Love for Florals

Some couples love florals and will never get over it. Perfect for the mehndi function, the bride can go for versatile floral embroidered on the royal blue lehenga. In that outfit combination, the groom can go for a beige Nehru jacket with floral prints to look similar.

 bride-groom outfit combination

4. Beautiful floral off-white outfit combination

This couple looks lovely in Off-white floral printed outfits. While the bride is wearing a lehenga with floral print, the groom chooses to go for a similarly patterned sherwani. 


Combined outfit ideas for bride-groom

5. Romantic Pink Bride Groom Outfit Combination 

Pink always symbolises romance, so a wedding outfit in the same colour is a yes! The bride can wear a gorgeous hot pink lehenga with blush pink net dupatta, and the groom can wear a champagne colour sherwani with tropical pink floral print.

 Romantic Pink Bride Groom Outfit Combination

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6. Light green colour outfit combination for the bridegroom

These days shades of green are included in the trendy colours list, why not give it a try! While the bride looks gorgeous in her embroidered green floral lehenga, the groom can compliment her in a green Jodhpuri suit.

 light green outfit combination for bride-groom 

Contrasting Bride and Groom Outfit Combination


1. Sticking with Orange and traditional colour

Orange is quite a unique colour to go for while choosing amongst a wide range of colours. You can have your blouse in orange whereas the groom can decide to go for an orange kurta. I think this can also be a perfect couple outfit combination for the sangeet function. 

orange outfit combination for mehndi 

2. Opposites Attract!

If the same pattern is not your thing, then you as a couple can choose to go for contrasting colours instead. Like this couple, the bride can wear her traditional blood-red bridal lehenga, and the groom can go for a dark blue sherwani contrasting the red.

bride-groom outfit combination


3. Light Turquoise and brown Couple outfit combination

Some couples find the traditional colours as too cliche, so for spicing things a little bit, you can choose to go for light turquoise outfits. While the bride wants a bright turquoise lehenga with very heavy golden embroidery, the groom can go for the same colour combination sherwani.

 outfit combo for couple 

4. An outfit combination of hot colours

As it is rightly said, try something different! You can go for outfits in the combination of royal blue and fuschia pink colour. The bride can wear a dhoti style suit with dhoti in hot pink and blue combo and the groom can go for a hot pink kurta with royal blue patterned Nehru coat on it.


outfit ideas for bride-groom

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5. Emerald Green adds a little twist

With new colours adding up to the trendy list, emerald green is above all. As the bride and groom, choose a beautiful emerald outfit combination for wedding where the bride can wear an all green booti printed lehenga, and the groom can wear an off-white sherwani with emerald green dupatta.

 emerald green outfit combination for wedding 

bride-groom outfit combination, outfit combo, outfit ideas for bride-groom, emerald green outfit 

6. Seagreen can do wonders too 

We have talked enough about emerald green, but sea green has its charm. You two will look lovely in this colour combo. The bride can wear a light sea green lehenga and contrasting yellow blouse. Besides, the groom can wear a dull sea-green, Sadri.

seagreen outfit combination, bride-groom outfit combination, outfit combo, outfit ideas for bride-groom 

7. Traditional Colours always take over

Wearing a combination of red at your wedding will never get old, just like this one. The groom looks ravishing in the intricately embroidered sherwani, and the bride slays in her blood-red lehenga.

bride-groom outfit combination for wedding 

8. Dark Maroon to the rescue 

If you don’t want to go for the ordinary red coloured outfits, then why not try for dark-maroon. It’s a solid colour that will grab attention in a go. Moreover, for contrasting it a little bit, pair it with off-white.

dark maroon outfit combination for bride-groom 

9. Winning at contrasting

Just like twinning, contrasting can do wonders too. The bride can go for a lehenga in an off-white shade, and the groom can look bravo in a dark blue or royal blue sherwani.

Contrasting outfit combination for bride-groom  

10. Hot pink for the hot couple

There is a reason why its called hot pink, its because it automatically makes you look sexier. The outfit combination in this colour would be perfect for a mehndi function.

bride-groom outfit combination for mehndi  

Get going and select the best bride and groom outfit combination for D-day and slay together!

So, you have selected the coolest outfit combination for your wedding day. Find some cool and Trending Couple Entry Ideas for the same.

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