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49 Unique Matha Patti Designs for Every Bride to be

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Updated on 15 April, 2020


Matha Patti is a more elaborate version of the Maang Tikka, and it has evolved from traditional jewellery to a sort of fashion statement now. Any style that you can think of, be it layered, tiara style or sideways style, anything can be incorporated in these Matha Pattis. This also explains why their usage has been steadily rising. We are sure that you have even considered wearing one for the upcoming wedding. Knowing this, we have curated an extensive list of Matha Patti styles for you. 


Minimal Matha Patti

A single string of jewellery which beautifully frames your face.


Minimal Bridal Matha Patti Design


Lightweight Matha Patti

If you do not want to be weighed down, then go for something classy yet straightforward like this basic design here. 


Lightweight Bridal Matha Patti Design


Quirky Styles in Matha Patti

This out of the box design with floral and leaf motifs will make you look exquisite.


Quirky Style Bridal Matha Patti Design


With Goddess Laxmi Motifs

If you want to honour a particular deity, then you can do so by incorporating their motifs.


Bridal Matha Patti Design with Goddess Laxmi Motifs

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One-Sided Matha Patti

If you want to do something unconventional and modern, then this may be the one for you.


One Sides Bridal Matha Patti Design


Gota Style Matha Patti

The gota style layered chains at the side add a bohemian air to the bride.




Traditional Borla Matha Patti

You can never go wrong with the traditional pattern of the matha Patti. 



Kundan Matha Patti

An exquisite Kundan Matha Patti that makes you look radiant.


Kundan Bridal Matha Patti Design


Double Layered Matha Patti

This sophisticated double layered Polki matha Patti will go well with any outfit.




Polki Stringed Matha Patti

If you want an elaborate chain design, then use polkis. 


Polki Stringed Bridal Matha Patti Design


Elaborately Layered Matha Patti

A multilayered design that covers your head gives you a luxurious and refined look.




Differently Layered Matha Patti

This combination of thick and thin layers looks quite alluring. 


Differently Layered Bridal Matha Patti Design


Of Eccentric Layers

Mix it all up and bring in all the designs you want in separate layers. 


Off Ecentric Layered Bridal Matha Patti Design


Diamond Matha Patti

Let the diamonds sparkle and make you look ethereal!


Diamond Bridal Matha Patti Design


Ornate Kundan Matha Patti

Even a single-tier matha Patti can be made to look ornate with intense work as seen in this one. 


ornate kundan Bridal Matha Patti Design


Jhoomar Style Matha Patti

This is both elaborate yet lightweight, and hence you can carry it off with ease.


Jhoomer Style Bridal Matha Patti Design


Chaand Bali Matha Patti

An alluring Chaand Bali matha Patti paired with some elegant motifs which match the rest of your jewellery is just what you need on your big day. 


Chaand Bali Bridal Matha Patti Design


Double Chaand Bali Tikkas

If you feel that one is too less, then go for two or even more. It is your big day, after all.


Double Chaand Bali Bridal Matha Patti Design


Polki Matha Patti

Doesn’t this polki matha Patti with emerald droppings look just magnificent?



Guttapusalu Worked Matha Patti

This intricately worked matha Patti adorned with guttapusalu work is a sight to behold. 


Guttupusalu Worked Bridal Matha Patti Design


Ghungroo Embellished Matha Patti

A captivating marriage of ghungroo embellishments and meenakari work.


Ghungroo Emblisshed Bridal Matha Patti Design


Of Pearls And Polki

Polki and pearls are, indeed a lovely combination.


Of Pearls and Polki Bridal Matha Patti Design


Of Crystals And Pearls

Crystals and pearls to bring out the inner glow. 


Of Crystals and Pearls Bridal Matha Patti Design


Borla Plus Crescent Tikka

If you want something a little more extra than a plain Borla, then you can combine that with a crescent-shaped tikka. 


Borla Plus Cresent Tikka Bridal Matha Patti Design


Floral Matha Patti

Bring out your fun side with these funky floral matha pattis.


Floral Bridal Matha Patti Design

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South-Indian Matha Patti

The ruby and pearl-studded matha Patti go perfectly with your Kanjivarams and Banarasis. 




Golden Matha Patti

If you want some extra bling, then go for this. It goes well with Kanjivarams and golden lehengas. 


Golden Bridal Matha Patti Design


Pearl Matha Patti

This pearl matha Patti combined with a diamond and ruby centre design looks divine!




With Emerald Embellishments

 A delicate Chaand Bali with large emerald droppings.


Bridal Matha Patti Design With-Emerald-Embellishments

Tiara Style Matha Patti

If you are going to leave your hair open and also do not have to cover your head with a shawl, then go for this decorated look. 




Oversized Matha Patti

This looks especially good for those with a broad forehead. 


Oversized Bridal Matha Patti Designs

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Teardrop-Shaped Matha Patti

An elegant teardrop-shaped centre design makes your face look more angular and symmetrical. 


Teardrop Sized Bridal Matha Patti Designs


Crescent Shaped Matha Patti

A crescent-shaped tikka design is a standard style and can be done in any size that you want.


Crescent Shaped Bridal Matha Patti Designs


Square Shaped Motifs

Tired of all the teardrops and sickle shapes? Well then, why don’t you take a look at this?


Square Shaped Motifs Bridal Matha Patti Designs


With Cute Drops

These cutesy second layer of polki drops to frame your face. 




Simple Headband Style

Here, the matha Patti is positioned farther from your hairline, which makes it look like a headband and helps keep your hair in place. 


Simple Headband Bridal Matha Patti Designs


Pearl Stranded Headband

An unusual pearl stranded headband style matha Patti for your haldi or mehndi. 


pearl stranded Bridal Matha Patti Designs


Elaborate Headband Style

This detailed work of meenakari and pearls looks just stunning.


Elaborated Headband Bridal Matha Patti Designs


With A Plus Sized Tikka

Here, an oversized tikka is combined with a simple headband to curate a look which will also suit South Indian brides. 


Bridal Matha Patti Designs with Plus Sized Tikka


Hey Brides-to-be! Just check out stunning Gota Patti Jewellery Designs and choose your pick!


With Overlapping Layers

These bewitching pearl designs make you want them to stare at them forever. 


Bridal Matha Patti Design with Overlapping layers


With Jhumki Adornments

Match the jhumkas in your ears with tiny ones on the matha Patti chains. 


Bridal Matha Patti Design with Jhumki Adornments


With A Statement Centre Design

You cannot take your eyes away from the centre design of this matha Patti.


Bridal Matha Patti Design with Centre Design


In Pastel Shades

If you want to add some soft hues, then add light droppings of the chosen colour at the end.


Pastel Shades Bridal Matha Patti Design


All In White

The white stones, beads and pearls come together to create an attractive look.


White Bridal Matha Patti Design


For A Royal Look

A relatively heavy matha Patti with pearl and Kundan work to give you the maharani look. 


Royal Look Bridal Matha Patti Design


For A Bohemian Look

Try out this style to achieve a boho-chic look. 


Bohemian Look Bridal Matha Patti Design


Sabyasachi Style Matha Patti

This is what a signature Sabyasachi matha Patti looks like. Like all his designs, it exudes exuberance and royalty. 




Temple Matha Patti

This is another inspiring style for you if you are going for a golden look. 


Temple Bridal Matha Patti Design


A Combination Of Styles

Two or more styles of blended artistically may sometimes be better than the individual methods themselves.


Combination of Styles Bridal Matha Patti Design


Edgy Designs

This matha Patti with radial chains to make you look radiant. 




We are sure that you have found the design of your choice in this extensive collection!

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