35+ Gorgeous Wedding Invites that will leave the guests stunned


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35+ Gorgeous Wedding Invites that will leave the guests stunned

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Updated on 14 April, 2020

Are you willing to take a unique approach for your wedding invite templates?


Finally, you can give up upon your endless searches, as we’ve got you covered with some gorgeous wedding invites designs for the big day!


Gone are the days when there were simple wedding invites with a Ganesh motif was sent out to people. The bride and the groom are putting up ideas on how do they make their wedding invites unique and catchy. Along with the millennial bride & groom, even the Indian designers are getting creative with the designs, and we cannot stop crushing over these designs.


Designs are so unique and different these days, starting from fabrics used or watercolours or some majestic art and so on. Having said that, let’s jump on to this fantastic list of some breathtaking wedding invites which you are going to absolutely love


1. Play around with colours


Watercolours look fantastic when used artistically, and this wedding invite proves that. A simple wedding invite with a gorgeous colour palette makes an excellent design.


 Best Wedding Invites


2. A quirky theme


A beautiful combination of peach and dark shade looks fabulous on this wedding invite. Also, for the quirkiness, the bulb designs on the cards are a great addition.


Wedding Invites quirky theme


3. Floral Impressions


Floral Wedding Invites have a separate fan base, and I’m sure nobody can deny this. Gorgeous floral patterns make the invites look more appealing and phenomenal.


Floral Wedding Invites


4. The glittery effect


Dark coloured cards with the golden glittery effect look great for a wedding invite. Moreover, the royal palace impressions as backgrounds make it look more graceful.


Invites for the weddings

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5. A Minimal Design


Other than the extraordinary designs, the minimal designs look beautiful as well. This wedding invite features golden borders and some dreamcatcher & chandelier motifs which look lovely with the border.


 Minimal Wedding-Invites


6. The traditional touch


Marigolds are considered to be traditional flowers and are used in all the wedding functions. Likewise, the marigold motifs used in this wedding invite has a beautiful conventional touch to it.


Traditional Wedding-Invites


7. A colourful wedding invite

A wedding invite full of beautiful colours looks fantastic, and your guests are going to love it. Also, the watercolour effect on the cards has a fancy effect.


Colorful Wedding Invites


8. The gadget look


A unique wedding invite in the look of a gadget is perfect for the millennial bride and groom. Have you wedding details printed on a mobile template and watch your guests adoring it.


gadget look Wedding Invites


9. Simplistic and minimal


A minimal wedding invite with tiny motifs looks very dreamy because of the white colour background and the combination of other colours used in it. If you are willing to stick to the basics, go for this!


 Simplistic and minimal Wedding Invites

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10. The boho design


A wedding invite featuring traditional motifs like marigold garlands and Swastik designs looks excellent if you want to go for a conventional yet modern wedding invite.


The boho design  Invites


11. The Elephant Motifs


A minimal wedding invite with elephant motifs looks very pretty. Go for this design if you are looking for a simple yet classy wedding invite design.


The Elephant motifs wedding Invites


12. A Touch of Jewellery


A unique approach for a wedding invite can be this one, wherein you attach a bit of jewellery with cards like bangles, earrings or a ring. Also, to beautify it more, you can add floral patterns on the borders.


Best Wedding-Invites


13. Quirky Lift-the-flap Wedding Invite


To add some fun element to your wedding invitations, you can go for some lift-the-flap cards as your approach. Also, it’ll act a surprise for the guests while they reveal what’s inside.


Lift-the-flap Wedding-Invites


14. The Bridegroom Motifs


The dulha-dulhan motifs look amazing on the mehndi design, then why not on your invite? A wedding invite with the face of the bride and the groom looks fascinating and appealing.


Unique Wedding-Invites


15. Natural Watercolour Effect


If you love nature, then mountains and natural elements made of watercolours look like a great approach to the wedding invitation design.


Watercolour Effect Wedding-Invites


16. The leafy business


An overdose of leaves designs around the wedding invites look gorgeous with the mustard background. Also, to enhance it more, you tie some real leaves along with it.


The leafy Wedding-Invites


17. The desi bridegroom motifs


A wedding invites full of bridegroom cartoons gives a quirky effect to the design. Also, the text and border can be kept simple ass the pictures have their fun add-on to the invite design.


bride groom motifs Wedding-Invites


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18. One with the peacock motifs


Peacocks are beautiful birds, so having peacock motifs on the wedding invites makes it look gorgeous. Also, to make it look more attractive by adding colourful branches of flowers along with the peacock motifs.


peacock motifs wedding-Invites


19. A beautiful painting background


A wedding invite featuring beautiful paintings along with the function name makes a great artistic wedding invite. Pictures have a charming effect and will make your wedding invite design look out of the world.


 painting background Wedding-Invites


20. The green leafy borders


Green leaves with the off-white background make a great combination which is quite prominently visible in this wedding invite.


leafy border Wedding-Invites


21. The dark pastel shades


A minimalistic wedding invite in the dark pastel shades looks very classy and charming. So, if you want your invites to look heavenly and pretty with minimal designs, then this is the one for you!


pastel shades Wedding-Invites


22. A combination of green and red


A beautiful wedding invite with parrot motifs and red background looks very unusual. Also, to top it up, the golden motifs on the red background add a fab impression on the invite design.


Trending Wedding-Invites


23. The turquoise Wedding Invite


Turquoise is a bright, charming colour, so a wedding invite in this hue would look very glamorous. Also, the golden font and borders gel well with the base colour.


Amazing Wedding-Invites


24. One with the couple motifs


It your wedding day, so having a couple of motif on the wedding invite would look amazing and quite explainable. Also, to enhance it more you can go for adding a few flower motifs around the text.

couple motifs Wedding-Invites


25. Forever & Ever for romantic couples


As the romantic saying goes, ‘lovers are meant to be forever and ever’, so why not feature it in the wedding invite? Moreover, to top it up, add a couple of motifs.


 romantic couples Wedding-Invites


26. Minimalism at its best


Minimalist designs have their charm, and this wedding invite proves this fact. Moreover, the addition of lilac flowers on the corners makes the whole design look stunning.


Best Wedding-Invites


27. The watercolour effect


A wedding invite with the background painted with watercolours looks beautiful and natural. Also, you can choose to send flowers along with the invite and see that smile on your guest’s face.


watercolour effect Wedding-Invites


28. Simplicity with a touch of complexity


Many couples love simplicity, and for them this wedding invite is perfect. However, the floral envelope adds a bit of complexity to the design and makes it look fab.


Top Trending Wedding-Invites


29. For the nature lovers


A wedding invite full of leaves looks lovely and perfect for the couples who love nature — also, green hue and off white blend well with each other.


nature lovers Wedding-Invites


30. Shades of Pastels


Paint your wedding invites with pastel shades and see the design turn dreamy. Also, the golden lettering on the card goes well with the whole design.


Pastel Shade Wedding-Invites


31. The vintage theme


The couples who love heritage and vintages themes, for them this wedding invite looks fantastic. Additionally, the golden metallic background of the envelope gives a vintage look.


vintage theme Wedding-Invites

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32. One with full of colours


A wedding invite that features multiple colours and makes the invite look very quirky — moreover, the florals on the envelope also an add-on to shades of the invite.


full of colours Wedding-Invites


33. With the flower centre


A wedding invite with the centres of flowers looks fab. Also, the background filled with solid colours seems pretty appealing.


flower centre Wedding-Invites


34. A combo of bells and garlands


Bells and garlands give a traditional look to the wedding invites. Moreover, the use of horse and swan motifs enhances the design to a new level.




35. With the fountain centre


A leaves in the centre with the white background gel well with each other. Also, the flow of water reflects the flow of love in the lovers’ life, which is unstoppable.


  I’m sure these fabulous designs would have given a lot of ideas, and you are going to love it!