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Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Want your wedding decor to be in some vibrant colour?


Blue theme is the answer for you! An aqua blue wedding decor would be a perfect fit for you, believe me. 


While the bride and the groom want to keep up with the trends, they are willing to move away from the traditional wedding decor themes as well. If you are one of those couples, then trust me, this is the perfect theme for you. Blue wedding decor is a bright theme and can do wonders to your wedding. 


Aqua blue colour is a bright colour which comes out really well when teamed up with off-white. Here we have a mesmerising blue wedding decor theme for you which will help have that modern touch to your wedding and off-white at the same time will make it look traditional. I personally love this theme as to how the blue colour used in the draperies seems so beautiful. A floral touch to the decorations is a must because no event is complete without a bit of flower.


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The entrances are supposed to create the first impression for any decoration. Hence, I  always consider the entry to be the catchiest one. In this decor, the door looks beautiful with aqua blue coloured drapes which are closely pleated and starting from the top touch the floor on the same spot. Giving a natural feel to the entrance is the use of florals and blooms, mostly including roses. 


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As you ahead through the entrance, we have the walkway. The colour combinations used here are blue, off-white, pink and maroon, which looks gorgeous. The light chandelier under every canopy looks very pretty and gives the perfect brightness to the walkway as well. On either side of the sidewalk, we have big vases stuffed with pink and white roses, which looks drool-worthy.


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The detailed floral work will entirely captivate your attention. The floral arches on either side feature some hydrangeas, orchids and some roses as well. The vases on the side, have a swan made on them with the help of the white flowers, which looks beautiful. 


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The lounge area, supposedly, the most happening spot of the wedding is made in the form of a room. Draperies in the swagged panel style make space look royal. The floral touch to the decor is mandatory, just like this, the blooms used in the borders look fabulous. 


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The lounge area has white lawson sofas with maroon tufted centre tables. The light chandeliers add a glow to the lounge area. 


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The stage area consists of the wedding couch, which is an absolute stunner. Besides, we have two single velvet covering sofas for friends and family photography. In the background, we have arch-shaped wall instalments which look pretty with blooms put together in the shape of a big rose. Also, not missing out the ceiling, we have drooping pink, red and white roses. 



I’m sure this beautiful gallery of blue wedding decor theme would have left you with an aww. Don’t hold back and save some ideas!


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